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Apr. 21st, 2019 10:19 pm
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Here's an interesting link about student loan debt: Why Do Women Have More Student Loan Debt

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Apr. 18th, 2019 09:40 am
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Oh man, the Magicians season final. I am curious to see if they can get another season after that.

Also, damn but War of the Realms is trying to suck me in. Marvel finally got a cross over event right, imho. A villain is making a power grab and no heroes fighting heroes! Though I am displeased with the first well know hero to fall. At this point I am just going ot collect the main title and not bother with the tie ins, even if they do include characters from Champions. I just don't have the cash for 5-6 titles a week.

Grumping at myself

Apr. 17th, 2019 02:09 pm
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Writing is just not happening and it is getting frustrating. I just tried to sit and write for 15 minutes and could get past the second sentence. I'm beginning to wonder if I need to set aside my story and do fanfic or something. Mix things up.

I also realizing I need to establish the habit of writing, more than I did before. Now that I am on a medication that stabilizes my mood and lifts me from the dreaded depressions I sit in, writing and other creative things aren't the lifeline giving me little jolts of joy. Which means I don't reach for them to lift my mood like I used to do. So now I need to figure out how to write are writing itself and not cheap therapy.

Fun times. I really need to try writing first thing in the morning or as near to it as I can. At the end of the day my creative spoons seem spent, so that's not working.

I should also tag out. Maybe that will knock words loose.

I'm really enjoying Ashes of the Tyrant, book five of the Brimstone Angel series. Some great world building in the form of a non human races culture. Also I am loving the characters so much, as I've said before. I'm getting tempted to do a reread once I get book six, which is the end of the series. I'm also struck all over again how interesting one of main characters, Farideh, could be to play. The challenge, at least as far as icons go, is I'd only have book covers for official depictions of her, which is hit or miss tbh. Nothing wrong with the art, but the expressions are very dramatic, given it's the book covers, and very limited. I do have a few fancast ideas, but I'd need to photoshop in some horns as Farideh is a tiefling. If my drawing skills we up to snuff, i could just draw icons as I need them, but drawing isn't working for me either.

Help me Carry Fisher, you're my only hope.

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Darran just wants to study demonology and make a life for himself in the big city, away from the overbearing influence of his uncle and the demands of the family business. He gets what he wants, and even makes a friend in the only other person studying a restricted subject (necromancy in her case). Things are going great until they discover someone in the city is savaging dead spirits, for which Darran becomes a person of interest by the police, as well as putting his field of study in danger of being revoked.

And if that weren’t enough, he’s developing strong feelings for his necromanctic friend, feelings that would screw up their friendship considering she’s a lesbian. Who would have ever thought balancing the suspicions of the police, academic politics, and stopping the attacks on the city’s dead would be the least of his worries as he tries desperately to sort his feelings without screwing up his friendship.

More life

Apr. 11th, 2019 04:24 pm
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The lawn:
Belovedest has selected a vendor to address Lake Redacted on the lawn. It's the same vendor that did the basement moat. Today they came out to mark the intended dig line. They'll do the work while belovedest is off at a work thing.

The history as I understand it:
* There was once a line to direct the roof runoff to the street gutter, involving 3" perforated pipe to partly diffuse it into the lawn
* The original sump pump installation was ... flawed
* Belovedest and Evil Ex bought the house
* In getting the sump pump up to code, the work crew hooked it into the roof runoff line
* Evil Ex kicked to the curb
* Moat installed in basement
* More water going through line
* Line clogged
* Water comes out of perforated pipe to form Lake Redacted
* Everyone is peeved

Dentist again today for the crown. Yay. Read more... )

Next visit will be some work on the lower right.

Between the annoyed teeth and the cold or flu that belovedest brought home from work, it's been a miserable week. I picked up a box of instant breakfast powder packets on last week's shopping trip, and they have kept me fed when everything else sounded like it would hurt or be too much for my apathetic and wheezing self.

The cats still hate each other. (This, at least, is expected.)

Skating the calm waters of life

Apr. 10th, 2019 12:30 pm
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Sorry for riffing off of Pink Floyd there.

Things have been moving forward. I'm still writing here and there. My moods have been pretty stable, i.e. my temper is not a wild hyena I'm holding onto with a leash, and I'm doing pretty well. I would like to draw some, but that seems to have taken a back seat to the writing.

Writing is still an interesting ride. I keep figuring out new things, and getting inspirations for how to run the plot or scenes. I think the biggest difference between writing and just imaging plots is that the thing always goes to places I didn't expect in my head. Which is a very good thing. Keeps me entertained.

I have noticed I seem to put limits on myself. I can never seem to write more than 500 to 1000 words in one sitting or one day. It's like I'm either burning out the fuel I have or am worried I am going to burn out. Or I am worried about wasting effort, since why on Earth would anyone want to read something I've written? I'm mostly joking in that last sentence, though I do wonder if that fear is what's holding back the word flow.

I've also been thinking a lot about what my book actually entails, or what genre it's covering. I know I've been calling it a Not!romance, but after being challenged on that by [personal profile] misslucyjane  (and sincerely, thank you for doing that), my brain and muse have been worrying at the idea and seriously, there are several romances occurring in this book, one of which involves the male protag. It's just not the one he spends the most worry on.

I've also figured out a fun way to introduce the detective for the mystery side of the story.

I do seem to have some world building to do, though. Or at least decisions. Since the first scene, I knew Native peoples and PoC would be dominating what we call the Western US and San Francisco. I had it in my head that the Native peoples did not lose political power and were never conquered. I still haven't decided if the Southwest and Western states are part of a unified USA, or if they are a new nation, loosely following the Centralist Republic of Mexico (circa 1836), but I don't want to get into details because the story isn't about politics or how the world is different than our own.

Still, things would be different. Like would SF be designed around street cars and automobiles, or would it be designed around foot traffic and the like? Would there be more parks? I want SF to feel like the SF of the 90s, but different. Like I plan on people using pagers and these pagers have technology that allows text messaging.

Funny how living in a world with instant communication makes me want to not write people not being able to get in immediate touch with others. Funny enough, this is plot driven as I know at the final confrontation with the antagonist, my two protags will be not talking with each other and so one will need to be called in cause they wouldn't be part of the plan.

Onto other things....started reading book five in Erin M. Evans' Brimstone Angel series. Returning to Farideh and the world of D&D's Forgotten Realms. I love this character so much and the author is so good at writing, she immediately draws me in. Resisting the urge to play Farideh somewhere, but I am failing at not looking at possible PBs. The problem with any PB is that I would need to do some Photoshop work since Farideh is a tiefling, and thus has horns, a silver eye, a gold eye, and bronze colored skin. Not sure if that is metallic bronze of more human, but it's tempting to take it literal. ; ) I'm also not 100% sure how her warlock pact would work within Milliways. Inclined to say it works until it doesn't, but she can't summon her devil (unless I or someone else apps him).

Future Fight is fun but I need to stop trying to crunch mechanics to get the best bonuses and just play the teams that are fun for me to play. Like, yes Steve, Sam, and Bucky give wicked bonuses, but I'd rather run with Thor (Jane Foster), Sif, and Angela, and just because they get a third of the bonuses won't take away any of the joy....right?

I also need to stop picking characters who's ranking materials aren't farmable.

seven minutes in purgatory

Apr. 10th, 2019 09:43 am
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I was sick right after Xmas and then I moved up here, where instead of biking to yoga and then to work I'm mostly sitting in my apartment. This is decidedly Bad News for my physical state. I currently weigh in at, um, about 5% over my previous maximum, which came in spring 2002 right before I got fired from a job where I was sitting around all day drinking Cokes and being depressed. (Long, long story.) Weight is just a convenient metric, though. More worryingly, I get out of breath climbing a flight of stairs. My lungs have always been crap but not usually /this/ much crap.

I was thinking about getting an exercise machine (probably a bike) and doing that in the mornings, maybe while watching an episode of my very large backlog of acquired TV shows. Problems there include cost of machine, time and effort in acquiring machine (might be able to find one in Vanderhoof an hour out; more likely I'd need to go to Prince George two hours out), and willingness to eat an hour out of my morning.

Then a few days ago I remembered something Jmac had posted awhile ago, about a seven-minute workout and how it (among other things) had improved his quality of life immensely. The basic idea is a highly compressed form of interval training: work a set of muscles for thirty seconds, rest for ten seconds, work a different set of muscles for thirty seconds, repeat. The app I'm using gives twelve different exercises.

Seven minutes (even accounting for his "Like all project estimates that cross my desk, I wish to double its budget, and then add a little extra time for slop") is doable much of the time. Perhaps more importantly, it's doable while I'm traveling.

I started yesterday. I collapsed halfway through "Plank". Today I made it through the whole sequence, more or less, despite severe stiffness in my pecs making it hard to keep raising my arms above my head during jumping jacks.

Here's hoping it does some good.

FFBE: Desert Despair

Apr. 9th, 2019 12:00 pm
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I miss my Bored icon.

First, a mini pulling party on Friday. We have a new King Mog event this week. Those are farming events where you collect currency for completing a series of battles. There are bonus units released that give you extra currency! I was rather loathe to pull this week as rumor is Akstar is coming, and I want him badly... but I needed some bonus units for efficient farming. So I decided to pull five regular tickets and two 4* tickets:

Reg: Ryuka 3*
Reg: Arc 3*
Reg: Eight 3*
Reg: Reis 4* (banner)
Reg: Russell 3*
4*: Reis 4* (banner)
4*: Reis 4* (banner)

Eight and Russell are crap units, but hey, three bonus units in seven pulls is pretty darn good!

Now, Desert Despair. This is the trial that goes along with the second week of the Xenogears raid. I read the in-game mini strategy guide, but didn't view any videos of others. So I went in almost blind.

One word: Yawn.

This trial was a piece of cake. Not once did I get into any danger. It took me 19 turns because of lack of firepower, but still: easy win.

My party was Basch, Lunera, Sephiroth, Pure Summoner Rydia, and Ayaka (there was a mission for a 5-unit team). Basch kept up breaks, starting with rotating ATK/MAG breaks with physical cover. Later on I started adding in DEF/SPR breaks. Lunera sang. Sephiroth did Heaven's Light to start with, but I eventually switched to Supremacy as it ramps up in damage.

Pure Summoner Rydia was there to fill the esper gauge, as there was a mission to summon two or more espers. After summoning, she helped with damage by dualcasting Tornado.

Ayaka had Lakshmi as her esper, and did Unstoppable Protection, mostly. She didn't really need to heal at all thanks to Lunera's Elf Song. The party was taking minimal damage, even without Basch's cover up.

Everyone was immune to paralysis. Not once did we get hit with Stop, thanks to Ayaka being able to spam Unsstoppable Protection.

gear! )


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