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Welcome to [site community profile] dw_mobile . We're just getting this off the ground, here, so please be patient. 

Right now, we are very much in the brainstorming phase of giving Dreamwidth's mobile offering a makeover*. A few things have been discussed, however:
  • First of all, a major-ish change: move the mobile interface from www.dreamwidth.org/mobile to m.dreamwidth.org . (Or something similar; as I said, still brainstorming here...)
  • Adding and making more readily accessable features from the main site. Crossposting and Reading Filters are two items that come to mind immediately.
  • Quite a few teeny backend tweaks have been thrown out too, mostly geared to optimizing for mobile browsers and to make the site just a bit easier to deal with.

Yes, I'm being vague. I have a very good reason for being vague right now: I don't want to poison the well by pre-emptively laying out a bunch of ideas that start you thinking about what's already planned instead of what you would like to see.

So, here's your space to put up your ideas. Big, earth-shattering ideas, teensy tiny nit-picky ideas, ideas that you don't think anyone but you would like. Everything is going to be considered. Mobile is for us users who have to use it, and we should make it do what we want it to do.

So, Lay on, Dreamwidth....

~~[personal profile] dreamatdrew 

* Just to clarify, we're referring to the mobile version of the website. While mobile client developers/users are more than welcome, that is not the primary focus of this discussion. Feel free to offer up ideas or harvest ideas here for your own use, though


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