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May. 26th, 2015 02:06 pm
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Wow...Rollo is quite popular. = ]

Enough that I think he's the only pup I'm going to have time for today.

I'm prolific!

May. 26th, 2015 02:05 pm
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I reached 200 projects on Ravelry. WOW! Here are some stats:

* 60 BAMCAL squares
* 9 Ministry projects
* 13 doilies
* 41 dishcloths (wow, that many?)
* 2 garments
* 60 knitting projects
* 139 crochet projects

...which means that somewhere I have a project that's marked neither crochet or knitting. Hmm.

I finished the first set of ministry baby blankets. That used up 5 of the 39 skeins of yarn I got from [personal profile] goody_scrivener. I have a plan to use two skeins of One Pound yarn to make another gigantic 198 yards of heaven. Another skein is in use for a MCAL in the Mystery 220 group. And I'll be joining [personal profile] goody_scrivener for a KAL/CAL in the Red Heart Lovers group.

Recipe: Baba Ganhummous

May. 26th, 2015 08:27 pm
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My latest riff on hummous, which is unsurprisingly amazing:


  • 2 eggplants

  • 2 cans chickpeas

  • 2 wedges of preserved lemon

  • One head of garlic

  • Minced garlic from a jar

  • Couple of lemons worth of juice

  • Salt and pepper

  • Loads of olive oil



  1. Turn on big gas burner, sit eggplant on top until charred on that side, turn over and repeat on all sides of the eggplant

  2. Put on a baking pan and roast in 200 degree oven for 1 hour



  1. Chop the bottom off your whole head of garlic. Put the whole thing in a little tin foil parcel with a generous amount of olive oil.

  2. Roast for 1 hour

  3. Allow to cool!


  1. Chop tops off eggplant, squeeze roasted garlic out of skin, put in food processor with drained & rinsed chickpeas, roughly chopped preserved lemons (rinsed etc), lemon juice, salt and pepper and some olive oil

  2. Blitz until texture starts to look good. Add olive oil as you go to get the right consistency, could be heaps.

  3. Keep tasting as you go – add salt and pepper, minced garlic, olive oil and more preserved lemon to taste.

Makes a huge batch, enough to make all your coworkers try it as you eat it throughout the week, until they force you to write down this recipe.
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 I cannot wait until next Saturday when the new episode of Sidonia no Kishi is released so that the animated gif of Izana's spacesuit bursting into shreds because they've grown breasts can go away. Yes, it is canon but that's not what would happen. If any seams split, it would at the sides or the front zipper and it wouldn't be the entire suit bursting Chris Clairmont style. I do like that the anime is having the suit rejecting Izana as the wearer since the fit no longer falls within parameters--rather than the suit bursting cause breasts are super humanly resilient, as in the manga--but ejecting the wearer by shredding the suit doesn't make sense.

Yes, there is too much male gaze in my favorite.

I have news!

May. 25th, 2015 02:23 pm
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I've finally bought out a restaurant and leased the space!

My manager did his first interview with a local news blog last week. (I see someone named Frank is skeptical of us. We'll do our best to be neighborly and earn his trust.)

So excited that we can actually start building and creating!

We had our first party this weekend. I met some of our new neighbors and one of our future bartenders and showed my family around the place. It was a lot of fun. Especially seeing my nieces and nephews' enthusiasm.

We've registered our domain name and are beginning to set up some social media accounts. We've got plans to redecorate the place. We're looking for a chef. After two years of waiting and false starts, we're finally moving, and moving fast!

home! and cities

May. 25th, 2015 09:20 am
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I am home, after literally twelve hours travelling. It would have been less but Delta's checkin system is incapable of understanding the concept of "permanent resident," and wouldn't check me in for a flight to Canada unless I could tell them when I'd be leaving Canada. I figured I'd better get there early in case their desk staff were as incompetent as their computer system. They weren't, so yay, except for the part where I sat around BWI for two and a half hours to go with the three-hour layover at JFK.

It's rainy and grey and just a bit chilly here. Feels like home. We got the obligatory couple of nice weeks in early May to lull us into complacency, and now Vancouver has said "FOOLED YOU!" and gone back to being miserable until the first of July.

I'm finding it easier to read printed books than ebooks. Not sure what's going on there; the physical item is just more attractive to me somehow. I may be objecting to the bright white "page" background? I dunno. But I blasted through a reread of Kavalier & Clay on the trip out, and am halfway through Jane Jacobs's Death & Life of Great American Cities after starting it in BWI around noon.

I'm finally getting around to reading the Jacobs because if I'm going to keep ranting about Robert Fucking Moses and the terrible things urban planning has done, I should at least know a little of what I'm talking about. (At dinner with Megan I went on a bit of a tirade. Apparently I have Opinions about cities, and automobiles, and urban development in general. Who knew?) The book is really interesting, by which I mostly mean "confirms many of my prejudices and preferences," but also feels very dated in parts. Like the bit where she's horrified, and expects the reader to be horrified, by the woman who won't let her kids, between the ages of eight and fourteen, go down and play "in the street" (on the sidewalk) outside their New York apartment.

Reading the book makes me think that the living environment I want is "New York, specifically Greenwich Village, in the late fifties." Which is going to be difficult. I am pretty sure there are neighborhoods in Vancouver that can sort of replicate that feeling: Commercial, Mt Pleasant. They'll just take some effort to find.

Meanwhile I need to unpack and sort and generally fall back into a normal yet useful rhythm. Today, I think, is a wash as far as scheduling and Doing Things (other than viola practice, which Must Happen) go. Tomorrow will be better.


May. 23rd, 2015 11:03 pm
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Coming back from the beach we hit traffic on 95 north at about four o'clock, and I was just completely Done. I'd been planning on meeting up with Megan J-- and getting a lift to either the metro station or BWI, picking up a rental car at BWI, driving to Hunt Valley wherever that is, being wildly sociable for about four hours possibly more, then falling over on an air mattress in a hotel only to wake up the next morning and drive back to BWI to fly home. But I was exhausted, and headachey, and the prospect of fighting through DC traffic, even light DC traffic, seemed suddenly just too much to take.

So I hung out with Megan for a while and got dinner at a decent Mexican place near Springfield Mall Towne Centre, and now I'm at my parents' place for the night.

I have had a good-but-lonely time at the beach, playing games and seeing people I don't see nearly often enough. On Friday I went out and dozed in the sand for half an hour or so, because if you aren't sunburnt then no one will believe you were really at the beach. And talking with Megan was pleasant as always, and my folks and my niephlings are decent company, and I am very tired.

I am also very far behind on my internet reading. Anticipated catchup: mid next week, or possibly never.

(But probably mid next week.)

Media watch

May. 23rd, 2015 09:26 am
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 All caught up with Penny Dreadful and back to researching Ethan. Interesting article here suggests Ethan doesn't know what happens in his "black outs". Loved the day walker witch.

All caught up with The Flash and mostly loved it. Interesting how Eddie became the dramatic fuel for Iris.

Also started watching Steven Universe. Three episodes in and LOVING it.

Now to catch up with iZombie!

And tonight is a new episode of Sidonia no Kishi!

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May. 22nd, 2015 07:29 pm
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 Watch the second episode of season two of Penny Dreadful and Ethan flirting with Ferdinand is too cute.

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May. 22nd, 2015 06:11 pm
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 There is something very funny about starting the Zombies, Run training App to Taylor Swift's 1989.

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May. 22nd, 2015 07:21 am
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Woot, surprise vacation day for me as the daughter is sorta sick. \o/

In other news, one of the only other vocal Sidonia fans on Tumblr said, and I quote here, "I like their character better as a girl though, not only because of my shipping them and Nagate but also because it allows for greater character development." BLECK!

I haven't responded yet but will likely say something like, "I don't see how gender decides how great a character's development is and I think making them female erasing one of the most unique things about them."

scattered sunshine

May. 20th, 2015 10:02 am
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At the beach with boardgamers, like I do. It's been good for the most part: good games, decent company, sunshine, conditioned air. Feeling a bit more disconnected than usual this year. Partly this is because [personal profile] uilos isn't here, because "end of the school year" is a terrible time for an assistant instructor to try and take a week-long vacation. Other likely culprits include a sharp lack of time to introvert (the wifi downstairs is sketchy at best), and the fact that vacations feel less like vacations when they're a vacation from an unstructured life.

(The lack of structure is starting to seriously get to me, I think. When I get back I will have to a) restructure my life a bit more cleanly and, well, usefully, and b) start looking for work. These things are at least more or less complementary.)

For the first time in six years I'm not going to Wiscon. This is weird. I'm gonna miss the smart panels and conversations and the company, and downtown Madison. I am almost certainly going to stick my head in at Balticon, where I can at least get some of the smart conversations and good (if different) company.

Having writing thoughts, which is not at all the same as actually writing. Those ... may gel into a post later this week.

good weekend

May. 18th, 2015 01:22 pm
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Friday night was a meeting of the shawl ministry. I brought along the two shawls I crocheted last week, along with the Wailea shawl and 1600 yards of heaven. We only had six people at the meeting, though other members had dropped their shawls off earlier in the day. In total, we had 16 shawls, so a quarter of them were from me! One of the members oohed and ahhed over my shawls, and asked if the knit ones were hard to do. I said no, but I've been knitting for seven years. She's a newer knitter who is unsure of her skills, and I wasn't sure if my answer was encouraging or not.

The ministry recently got a donation of $150, so I got $25 of it in order to buy more yarn. We're in need of baby blankets for the local hospitals, so my plan was to buy white and pastel colors.

On Saturday [personal profile] goody_scrivener and her daughter came over! She inherited a TON of yarn recently, and brought me two large boxes. Look at it all!

pictures go behind a cut, always )

As you can see, it's mostly pastels and whites! There's the yarn for the baby blankets, then! I'll use the money from the ministry to buy some bold colors for shawls.

I wore my Orchid Top and Adirondack Socks and felt pretty all day. We had some nice conversation--she caught me up on news from friends. I could NOT believe that two of our friends had gotten married. I thought they never would, so that was a surprise! We also spent a good portion in companionable silence while we worked on projects, which was nice. I had a knitting mishap--there was a spider on a thread hanging next to me (yikes!) and I got up to get a paper towel to squish it, and my foot caught in a loop of yarn and I didn't realize it. So I dragged my project halfway to the kitchen. Alas, I ended up pulling out some stitches. I tried to fix it with a crochet hook, but eventually ran a lifeline a few rows back and ripped it out.

After Goody and her daughter left, I went to Culver's for dinner. Mmm, that was good. They have good hamburgers and french fries. I also got a concrete mixer with chocolate ice cream and Reese's peanut butter cups, yum! Then I came back home, played on the Internet for a bit, then made a baby blanket. The hospital wants them only 15x15, so it took just a few hours to finish.

Then I tried going to bed, but couldn't sleep.

I honestly think I went hypomanic last week. Between getting two shawls crocheted, and volunteering for captain, and getting money from the ministry, and visits from Goody and her daughter, I was wired. I was up until 5:30a.m. Saturday night. I spent the time cataloging the yarn I got (why, I don't know, because I don't really use the stash feature in Ravelry) and writing up Game of the Week posts I plan to make in Team Co-op's thread in Nerdopolis. I ended up writing 17 pages in my paper journal over the course of Saturday night and Sunday. I did finally drift off a bit around 5:30. It caught up with me Sunday night, and I flopped on the bed around 7:30pm and rested. I'm still feeling a bit tired today.

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May. 18th, 2015 11:02 am
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I've recently come to accept that I simply won't be able to "fit in threading" as often as I can; something always comes up. I also can't block out large chunks of time to play, and so I am going to try picking hours when I will at the very least tag in the threads I have going. I am think an hour in the morning, an hour in the afternoon, and then an hour in the evening. If I manage extra threading, awesome, but I can't bet myself up for not dedicating large chunks of time to goofing off. =)

I also fear I need to find a pup to give the axe too since I dropped Ethan to bring in Izana but now Ethan is making noises like he wasn't ready to be dropped. Likely candidates are either my Star Wars pups (since I have three) or my Toby Daye pups (two). Quin has too much history and millicanon built to drop and I have definite plans for Ahsoka. Asajj also has plans but I am waiting for her book to come out before moving forward. Luidaeg keeps giving me urges to tag other pups (especially gods for some reason). Tybalt seems to be the only one who hasn't been poking me to play him but I love him a lot. More things to about.

ETA: If I do shuffle the pup list again, I am calling a freeze on the roster for at least 90 days.

While exercise isn't paying off on my gravitational pull, I do feel it's affects in both my mood and spryness. Definitely encouraging.

Ok, back to work.
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I am pondering getting a new TV. The current one is fine on many levels... apart from one sound issue that there's no obvious way around.

I think I have a reasonable set of demands, but what I can't find is something somewhere that will let me specify that I want at least x HDMI connectors, CEC, an S-Video input etc and say 'here's the list of available possibilities'.

Anyone? Bonus points if I can say 'no "smart" TVs'...

Diet Stuff

May. 17th, 2015 08:56 am
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Food substituting:

So a while ago the idea of sunflower seed butter came up, and I was kind of curious so I decided to check it out, when I found something describing it self as "nut-free butter, made from sunflower seeds" at my supermarket. I actually quite like it.

Its... well ok, I can definitely tell it apart from raw peanut butter spreads.

But if you gave me like 20 jatz biscuits each with a different kind of peanut butter on it, and one of them contained the sunflower seed butter - I really don't think I could pick out which one was the nut free one. o___O It really tastes a lot like peanut butter. Cooks like it too!

(But I have proof that is nut free as my husband who is allergic to all nuts can definitely eat it. So there's that!)

Diet consequences on health.

The bad: I think I'm starting to get to the point where the downsides of the diet, with the nutrients I'm short on, are starting to kick in with their effects. Only mildly so at this point so I’ll stick out the last two weeks. (I was very careful to find a vitamin B substitute, and I've been trying to be good about calcium etc.) But I think I need more fiber. XP

The wth, that's good:

So as some of you might know, I cough a lot. It's not asthma, it comes and goes slightly; and I've seen various GP's over the years about it, nothing really happens. (Xray's, blood tests, yeah we dunno try drinking more water, seems to be the conclusion.)

Read more... )

I haven't been coughing. The only thing that’s really changed is the diet.

This is super weird to me but kinda excellent at the same time!

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May. 15th, 2015 11:02 am
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 Dear Pup, quite sulking and give me some words to work with here. Yes, you did a horrible thing but I can't very well have a thread with you just stoically accepting Ragnar's words. That would get boring pretty quick.

Thanks, Me.

moar travel

May. 14th, 2015 09:21 am
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(xposting here from elseweb, with expansions / clarifications)

I'll be in Seattle tomorrow (Friday) from roughly noon (train arrives in Chinatown) 'til nine (need to be at Seatac to catch a flight east). My current plan involves wandering Pike Place Market and environs while dragging a suitcase, and maybe finding a place to sit and write.

From there I fly to Norfolk for a week in the Outer Banks with the Arlington Board Gamers.

After that I'm in the DC area from about two pm Saturday (that's the 23rd) until oneish on Sunday, since I need to catch a flight from BWI at two. I have no real plans for that twenty-three-hour period.

However! I'd thought Balticon was the weekend after that but it turns out it's that weekend. So I may go up to Hunt Valley and hang out there for awhile? I dunno.