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Sep. 21st, 2014 11:17 am
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Saw The Mazerunner last night and I'd give it 3 out of five. The story had good potential, but I was more interested in what was happening then connected with the characters. The biggest flaw was the poor treatment of the sole female character. Her role could have been accomplished with a box as far as the plot was concerned. She had no story or agency.

It did leave me curious to read the book.

Her Ladyship wants her 2 hours back though.

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17:56 2013-11-29
It has come to my attention that people are woefully uninformed about certain episodes in the Thanksgiving narrative. For example, almost no one mentions the part where Squanto threatens to release a bioweapon buried under Plymouth Rock that will bring about the apocalypse.

Thanksgiving! (Thanksgayming)

As is becoming startlingly frequent for me, halfassed my Thanksgiving plans, but had a lovely time.

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Sep. 20th, 2014 01:56 pm
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I have been ruminating over sexuality a lot.

I keep coming back to my bisexuality. I've said on many occasions internally and externally that I'm not gay but I'm not straight. Idk why I keep using that to explain my bisexuality.

With my borderline I often find myself thinking in either/or situations. I am working on it but it is a mindset that is hard to break out of.

Though I identify as queer I tend to step back in conversations related to it. In example with the conversation with Deborahnell. I didn't identify myself a gay person. It feels like I'm on the outside looking in. Like I understand the struggle but at the same time I am not apart of it.

I think I rely on my straight passing privilege. Like I will mention my attraction to females but I never seem to directly comment on it on FB. A few years ago I was agonizing over whether to change my status as being interested in men and women. I wasn't ready to out myself as bisexual. But I did and nobody commented on it. I mean most people don't see that part of the profile unless they are specifically looking for it but it was a big deal for me. Perhaps my social media coming out?

In the same vein I am out to a few people in my real life. Ashleigh, Jessica (though idk where I stand with her. I was out to her but her Hallelujah years so I don't broach the topic with her), Martel, my mom and that's basically it. I'm not out to my grandma though I drop hints. I'm not out to my brother though he was there during my t.A.T.u. phase. He may have an inkling or he may not remember at all. I do admit I have a fear of him kicking me out if he found out though he's never indicated homophobia. (As a sidenote his in touch with his feminine side. He paints his nail and get foot massages which is quite a shock to me because I have an image of him being ultra masculine).

I don't mind outing myself but I am wary. A few years back I told a girl on a forum that I was bi and she blurted it out in an IRC chat. It was irritated but I was more irritated that she couldn't seem to get over the fact (And I will note that she came from a conservative background and was mentally challenged). But yeah.

Idk where I'm going with this. I guess what I'm trying to say is that while I identify as queer I sometimes don't feel like I fit into the label. I have similar experiences but I feel like a fake sometimes.

100 Poems: Poem 37

Sep. 20th, 2014 07:11 am
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Today's second poem is from Maya Angelou. This one is Woman Work. I initially clicked on it because of the title. It reminds me of the song This Woman's Work by Kate Bush. But what made me post it here is the end. Woman's work seems to be thankless. People take it for a given even me. I think it deserves more appreciation because if no one did it then we'd all be fucked.

100 Poems: Poem 36

Sep. 20th, 2014 07:05 am
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I will put up the graphic but I wanted to link to this. I have a few more to post for this challenge.

Today I start with another Plath poem. To say that she has had an influence on me is an understatement. After I read Metaphors and looked at the composition behind it it inspired me to try counting syllables. It lead directly to my poem Birthday Cake/Sweet Sixteen which I consider to be one of my best. I really enjoy this poem and I hope you guys will too.

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Sep. 19th, 2014 09:25 pm
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 Just watched the pilot of The Blacklist and loved it. I wish we had a Raymond Reddington to interact with Hannibal in Milliways.

Burning Tybalt questions...

Sep. 19th, 2014 02:06 pm
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 Which I hope get answered soon.

When did Tybalt move to America and SF? And did he move his court from London to SF or just start a new court?

Also, what does he think about musicals, and specifically Cats?

More Tybalt notes

Sep. 19th, 2014 12:18 pm
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Spoilers for several books from the October Daye series behind the cut.

Thoughts and notes on <i>Late Eclipses</i>... )

Other thoughts that aren't spoilers...
I'm half tempted to come up with a story that features fae of different cultures clashing. A lot of modern faerie books and stories feature class clashes and sometimes racial ones, but I always wonder what it would really be like to have Japanese kami interacting with fae of the British isles.

Seanan does a wonderful job of casting her fae net wide, but she really focuses only on European fae with sprinklings of non-European fae. She does a wonderful job of writing those fae with respect and they are their own characters, but I can't help feeling like they are shoved into a European box when their thoughts and cultural expectations should be different; Lily being an exception.

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Sep. 19th, 2014 08:20 am
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 And it's looking like work is being picky with its firewall and/or proxy server. Non work sites are taking forever to load.
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As part of the response to the 'no' vote in Scotland's independence referendum, various Tory MPs – from the Prime Minister downwards – have been talking about the answer to the West Lothian question* by having only people elected in England voting on matters that affect only England.

They want equality for England to the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and the Northern Ireland Assembly. Good.

The Scottish Parliament is elected by PR (under the additional member system). The Welsh Assembly is elected by PR (the additional member system again). The Northern Ireland Assembly is elected by PR (STV this time).

All these ensure that the relevant decision-making bodies actually reflect the wishes of the whole of electorate they are representing much more than a Parliament elected by 'first past the post'.

If it's to be "English votes for English laws", the votes who elect those representatives have to be fair ones. It would also be good to see some devolution within England and it's notable that when that was proposed in 2004, it involved regional assemblies elected via the Additional Member System.**

As well as ignoring the question of which members of the House of Lords would be entitled to vote, the 'grand committee' of the House of Commons consisting of all the MPs elected to English constituencies that various Tory MPs are proposing out of naked self-interest simply isn't good enough.

* It's a sign of my age that I would have been amongst the first to write about that in an O-Level exam in the following June…

** One area rejected a flawed proposal and two others were cancelled because of that and irregularities in an all-postal ballot election.

Mirrored from my website's blog, The deranged mad of a brain man.

the object of power is hot water

Sep. 18th, 2014 02:43 pm
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This morning I thought I woke up to some idiot's alarm going off at six.

Rreep, rreep, rreep.
Rreep, rreep, rreep.

I eventually figured out that it was actually the UPS, and we'd lost power. I had a brief few moments of terror at the thought of our electricity being cut off due to nonpayment, since we've been here over a month and they haven't sent me a bill yet, but none of the lights were on in the building next door either.

One of the exciting things about living in a hi-rise is that when you lose power, you also lose water, because there's no way for the water to get that high. Those dystopian cyberpunk arcologies packed full of people? Those are actually a triumph of civil engineering and municipal utility services.

[personal profile] uilos and I grumped at each other for a bit and then went down to have breakfast at the restaurant across the train tracks. Except that they'd lost power as well, so we grumped a bit more and hiked over to the nearby Burger King. (I really like Burger King breakfasts. I don't know why. I don't like other fast food breakfasts, and I don't like anything else Burger King does, but two egg and cheese croissants and french toast sticks and orange juice and tea that's not quite terrible makes for a decent breakfast.)

She headed off to work and I hung out at BK with my laptop, leaching internet off my phone, until sometime after nineish when the laptop battery started to run down. I wandered home and napped for a bit. I tried complaining to the cats about the lack of power but they were too busy complaining to me about the lack of warmth to do anything about it.

No water means no toilet, so at elevenish I went out for lunch despite not being very hungry.

The power finally came back on a little before one. The hot water is clear again after twenty minutes or so of running it.

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I really really needed a "white flowers and MURDER" perfume for work today. The J-Horror BPAL from [personal profile] synecdochic worked wonders today.

I woke up substantially before my alarm, and decided to say fuck it and get out of bed around 8:30 (only a half-hour early). Then I took a leisurely drive to work, chatting with Nora the whole way (well, post-coffee).

My Overlady popped over to see what was the matter, that I was in at the normal beginning of the engineering day. I explained. Her 12:00 was with someone I have dearly missed; I suggested some choice snippets to mention. Basically no sooner did she pop off to her own office than lb and the angry man with all the tattoos showed up. My cube was a distracting cave of wonders, but we went over the sortable chart of grouses (the wiki page with the timeline of the helldesk software, the sortable wikitable with requested improvements, the R&D end-user profile, and the picture of the ruffed grouse) and made a few edits and priority confirmations before marching off to the meeting itself. Beldorion was not in the office today, and Gramp had a conflicting meeting.

The meeting was on the ass-end of campus, in perhaps literally the furthest building from where lb sits: definitely the horizontally furthest, although there is a diagonal building which may have a little greater actual distance. Some people were at no pains to be friendly to engineering-land. We got there a minute after by my watch, while the people already in the room were giving it a few more minutes to see who else would be there and get the webex started.

I was correct in yesterday's assertion that today's meeting was unmissable. I believe I am recalling my manager verbatim when I relate that her instructions to me were: "Give 'em hell."

In the room: the aforementioned incomprehensible twerp, the highly placed dev running the demo, someone sitting quietly and shutting up, Too Much Eyeliner Lady (somewhere highly placed in local ownership of the helldesk software, but a consummate buck-passer), someone from IT, and then the engineering-land contingent. We were, in order: the Desert Islander, very chill; the Angry Tattooed Man, angry; lb, stern; Azz, by turns stern and earnestly, specifically, functionally constructive. Engineering-land contingent got printouts of the wiki page for reference. lb and I took notes (him every now and then on his phone, me with pen and paper).

The engineering contingent post-mortem lasted the twenty minutes back to engineering-land, with further follow-up to follow at some point I am sure.

Lunch was with Purple, and pleasant. He has an ambitious project to spearhead with the knowledge and blessing of his manager.

Wednesday is the day when the cafeteria does their hump day takeout program: place your order before early afternoon, and you too can take home a corporate cafeteria quality meal at takeout prices. It looked decent, so I ordered.

My Overlady came back from her 12:00 with many bits of information. She perched on my couch and shared the intelligence from this meeting. Oh, my.

My computer's been in need of a reboot for a bit, so I was chipping away at getting the things done that I needed to get done before that point. Eventually it hit mid-evening. I pinged Purple and (after flailing at [personal profile] sithjawa a bit) mentioned the concept of dinner, and did he want any. Which he did. We opted for my cube this time. I have a guest couch! He said he'd be over in a bit, and to feel free to start without him (always a dangerous statement from an engineer). I was just separating the plates when he arrived. It's nice to have guests in my cube! I began to tell him some of the highlight from my Overlady's 12:00.

I heard Designer Sparkles coming out of an office. "There's nobody here at this hour!" she said. "No," my Overlady agreed, "except maybe Azure." Designer Sparkles wandered out of the office in search of places more like home. And as my Overlady came around the corner, there I was! With a Purple in my cube.

Then followed a delightful conversation wherein my Overlady shared intelligence from her 12:00 with Purple, we compared some experiences raising hell in school, and all in all a great time was had. My Overlady headed off in search of her own dinner, and we finished ours. Then Purple went back to his desk, and I had the joy of a very crashed computer in need of some Windows updates. My next task: install Notepad++, because I do much better about autosaving in that than in Windows Notepad. (Which I just typed as Nopetad.)

Parking lot conversation was largely fishbrick. Also puddinghandle, toiletjello, blenderpoop, shortsheet, notebolt, and other mostly theoretical forms of mayhem. To be clear: very few of these are actually good ideas to do! Puddinghandle: mix up some very, very chocolatey chocolate pudding. Put a roll of toilet paper on top of someone's car, to catch their attention. Spread the pudding under the door handle. Toiletjello: this is a Shawn stunt. Mix clear gelatin with the boiling water. Pour into the cold water of the toilet bowls at school. (This works best in a cold climate.) Allow enough time to set before the students come in. Shawn was disappointed in the janitors in that they did not think of the hot water (add more hot water, perhaps from the coffee pot, to dissolve the jello safely) and instead removed it by hand. (Purple: "That would be an unforgettable parfait.") Blenderpoop: targeting the Insufferable Smoothie person, either by actually doing it (ideally with multiple DNA sources) or just leaving a note with a crude depiction of a stick figure pooping in their blender. Shortsheet: this is the classic prank. Notebolt: leave a few spare bolts on somebody's desk with a note saying something like "I think you'll need these." The bolts are not actually from anything they own, but they spend some time looking fruitlessly. (Sort of like releasing the five pigs, numbered 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, into a sufficiently large building.)

Beardwatch 2014: still on.

At the end of the day, I still smell faintly of white flowers, although less like murder.

100 Poems: Poem 35

Sep. 17th, 2014 06:34 pm
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{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

So I've been looking at erotica these past few days. One of the names that keeps coming up is Anais Nin. I had heard of before but for her diaries. I've only found this poem by her but I feel like it speaks to me and my sexuality.


100 Poems: Poem 34

Sep. 17th, 2014 06:23 pm
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{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

I'm posting some poems today and this is a disclaimer: These poems are erotic They might not be explicit but they are definitely erotic. If you do not like these then please feel free to ignore these posts.

The first I want to post is by Lucille Clifton. I've posted a few of her poems before. I feel like Lucille speaks to me. I guess I would call her a poetic foremother. I feel like her poems are good for the soul. This particular poem speaks to me a midst my totally unadulterated love for my man.

Dark Moses

A tale of one bet 2

Sep. 17th, 2014 05:51 pm
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Ah ha, Jens Voigt is having a go at the Hour Record tomorrow.

I've used another free bet to say that he won't break it tomorrow. He certainly wouldn't do so if he had to use a Merckx-style bike, and quite a lot can go wrong. He's also not a great time-trial rider - his speciality was long breakaways and that's a very different style of riding (you have hills and things..) My prediction is that he'll be on schedule to do it for quite a while, but drop off the pace in the last 15 minutes.

But if he does manage it, it just makes it harder for Wiggins to get it = the main bet looks better.

The footballer has finally scored too, so that's another free bet available.

Update: he did make it. I'm very happy for him, even though I would have preferred it was postponed for a day :)


Sep. 17th, 2014 01:11 am
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Discussions with [personal profile] norabombay about various items including Original Male Dog? Always in order. Discussions with [personal profile] sithjawa about the most random stuff? Also always in order.

Came in to an amazing slice of blackly hilarious helpdesk software trivia that made my Overlady start swearing (louder) and made our manager laugh, say something bleak, and then shake her fists.

Received an invitation to sit down in my place amongst the yelliest of the people giving helpdesk software feedback, tomorrow. They will demonstrate to us some things which they think will fix some of the worst of the issues. I will, of course, be taking notes.

There was a pleasant interlude involving a bunch of 45+-year-old dudes talking about the future of mobile security, to a crowd who appreciates the ability to break shit. After both Purple and Mr. Zune said that they couldn't go but were interested in hearing about it, I took notes. My contribution to the evening involved the question: So when your mobile phone, which is basically the key to your entire life at this point in the future, gets pickpocketed off you on BART -- and your data is fine, it's all locked up -- how screwed are you, exactly? I asked this because there had been a lot of focus on how to secure various things and when to distrust more than you already distrusted, and yes those things are important, but a lot of people overlook the fact that any small, portable, and valuable item can and will disappear in the presence of a trained pickpocket.

I came back to find that:

a) the clueless wonder who seems to be the forward-facing face of the Let's Fix This Helpdesk Product had managed to do it again


b) crisis involving my Overlady's travel.

Both of those were straightened out. The hold music for the travel place was not bad, my cube was in need of some straightening, I got my notebook set up for tomorrow's meeting, and (once I got through to a real human) the source of the problem was one of those minor typos which can result in general catastrophic but ultimately temporary failure. I had been worried that it was the sort of thing which would ultimately require my Overlady's personal intervention, but it was all good.

The helpdesk, on the other hand!

The ticket I had filed was because of an error in their notification emails. This is one of the ones where my age and experience are a distinct advantage. I remember reading multipart emails in a text-only email reader. I was on mailing lists in those days. I am familiar with the way these things look, and the way they are supposed to look. So when the Sortable Chart of Grouse was being compiled, I chose one of the items I thought more low-hanging to make sure was formally filed.

The basic concept is this:

In the context of emails from the helpdesk software, links are not intended to be optional extras. Links are intended to be, among other things, tools for resetting one's password, tools for re-opening tickets which have been closed before their time, and tools for reading and interacting with the entire ticket and all its gods-given comments. While you probably could read the contents of the email, and then go to the website and hunt down the ticket based on the information in the email, that is not actually the recommended workflow. The links are intended to be integral.

Once you agree that the link is integral to the experience of this notification, the second part begins.

Some people, whether by virtue of them being a technological monk having taken a vow of poverty, or on a mobile device, or some other reason, have mail readers which only give them the text/plain part of a multipart message. further explication, and ranting, ensues. )

So after that, I washed my coffee mug, Purple wrapped up what he was working on, and we headed out to the parking lot. As we chatted about this and that (including security, and how sometimes people who are not entirely clueless about security will go for a less-secure choice to make sure that they're not permanently locked out of their shit, when the consequences of a bad guy getting into their shit are less terrible than the consequences of them getting locked out of their shit) and watched the night. Purple remarked that the security cart was moving sort of like a wooden duck in a shooting gallery. I wasn't sure if this security guy was That Security Guy. I mentioned that if he was, I kind of hoped he was getting the wrong idea, even blah blah blah. Purple pointed out, quite astutely, that people are kind of bad at the "maybe they like me?!?!?" perception check. He had a story (an ex was into him when he wasn't sure she was, and it was good). I had a story: Fencing-Dave. (And my scary, scary father.)

I will be back at bad hours of the morning. Because tomorrow's meeting is unmissable.

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Sep. 16th, 2014 02:34 pm
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 I love Avatar recaps, especially the Mary Sue's Newby Recap. Warning for a recap of the Tales of Ba Sing Sa with stunning gif usage.

More Tybalt

Sep. 16th, 2014 01:31 pm
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Random head canons that I keep meaning to write into fics but work is not cooperating and giving me the time to do. Spoilers abound.

Read more... )

Also, I finished An Artificial Night and am now onto Late Eclipses. It is very interesting to be reading the series like this as the first three books are definitely the first act and now we are moving into the second.

Just something I need to say

Sep. 16th, 2014 10:37 am
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 My mood is lost in the dark woods and that is okay. Maybe it needs to wander dark paths for a bit. I'll go for my lunch walk and then good food, avoiding comfort or junk food. I'll be here when my mood decides to turn.

Lemon-flavored cheer

Sep. 16th, 2014 02:36 am
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Work involved minimal direct fuckery, although I anticipate a debriefing which may be *epic* from some of my colleagues in the project of Keeping Shit Less Fucked. There was also a really delicious lemon and raspberry cupcake on my desk, which was good because the ones on the collaboration table had nearly all vanished by the time I came in, and the last few evaporated by mid-afternoon to many exclamations of delight from the team. "These muffins are REALLY GOOD!" -Researcher Carmageddon's ex-officemate

I need to start pinging Purple before wandering over, in case there's just a little bit more to do before it's possible to head out. Heh. Although we fairly well erased the advantages of getting out at the time we did by accidentally spending two and a half hours talking in the parking lot. Oops. (There was a lot to talk about.)

In the portion of the discussion about childhood adventures with names (and how my wallet name really isn't the one I answer to), he mentioned that one of the lovely fun things his elementary schoolmates had tried was calling him by the feminine equivalent of his name. I cocked my head at him. "You've always looked more like a [different name] to me," I said.

So then we had to get into *why*. Back in February, Purple had occasion to check the office mailbox, and saw my name on a couple envelopes. This resulted in the use of the phrase "mail fairy." Which got hilarious. In the intervening months, the costume in my head went from a not particularly flattering purple getup to a really rather nice green satin bustier with a dense netting skirt, with the obligatory matching wings and toe shoes with long, long ribbons. From there we got onto the topic of Second Life...

There was a certain amount of security presence in the parking lot. If That Security Guard was among them, I hope he came to the entirely wrong conclusion about the nature of my relationship with Purple. While it is shitty and patriarchal if a guy attributes more weight to "woops, she is the property of some other guy" than to "actually she doesn't seem that into me", if That Security Guard decides to drop the matter with no further conversation, then we will not have an awkward conversation about the matter. And while he has brought the awkward to the conversation and all I would be doing is hanging a lampshade on it, it is still not an exchange that I relish. (I do thrive on a certain kind of Potential High Drama, but thaaaaat's not one of the ones I signed up for.)

Purple and I compared some scars. I didn't pull down my shirt to show him the scar from the hot soup. It's not really a great one to show in a work parking lot, even if it's something I'd show in a tank top.

We got on to the topic of lettuce. Purple is adamantly against iceberg lettuce in nearly every particular. I believe that it has a place, and in addition to the wrapping-for-real-food that Purple allots it, it is decent in burritos, where it is less wilty and also less strongly flavored than some other lettuces. This resulted in some happy chatter about delicious, delicious salads, and the party broke up in favor of dinner.