2014 VIFF Day 1

Oct. 1st, 2014 11:57 am
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Vancouver International Film Festival time again.

Based on an unscientific and statistically insignificant random sample, film is unsurprisingly terrible at women. Also at making movies I like.

Black Fly, Rekorder, The Fool )

Both Black Fly and Rekorder have, as their last scene, a backstory revelation that is supposed to cause one to Finally Understand the characters' torment and See The Film In A New Light. This lazy O.Henry crap is something newbie writers are warned against, and now I understand why.
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Title: They Grew Up Young
Fandom: Gotham (TV)
Rating: PG-13
Length: around 5,000 words
Characters: Bruce Wayne and Gordon, a little Alfred, Cat on the periphery
Warnings/additional tags: this is gen, but there are sexual overtones that involve an underaged person. There is nothing explicit, and I assume you could read it and not see any of that, but I put it there purposely, so there you go.
Summary: Snapshots of Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne as they get older. Bruce fucks up a lot and Gordon wonders what the hell to do about it.

Link: They Grew Up Young

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Sep. 30th, 2014 05:30 pm
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 Odd urge for the night...I think I might be a jedi for Halloween. Time to look into patterns and the like to see what I can come up with.

I'm also tempted to hit the hardware store to make my own lightsaber and tools. They can be good places to stash glowsticks for visibility while I escort Her Ladyship about.

One more thing about Gotham

Sep. 30th, 2014 11:18 am
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 I love their Penguin. It's nice to see the character as an actual threat rather than a joke.

Alfred is not working for me though. This is horribly classist of me but he seems too working class and not polished enough. He's also awkward with Bruce, but that could be the adjustment to being a guardian. I am willing to give it the benefit of doubt for now.


Sep. 30th, 2014 08:03 pm
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The bad:
- goddamn email.
- I discovered that my coworker who I was counting on to assist with some complicated jobs... was in Japan.
- My personal laptop which I brought in to achieve work goals while the new work laptop is on order crashed, restarted, and failed to boot as it couldn't find any bootable drive.
- I slipped down the stairs, and hit my head. Hard.
- I burnt my hand while cooking.
- I am still feeling stressed about my upcoming holiday with the in-laws. =/

- My husband's main car is under repairs, so he's been driving "Precious" which is my first car. Technically Precious is meant to be sold right now, since I have upgraded ("Shiny") but we hadn't gotten around to it yet due to 7 months of car woes with my husband's official car and having a spare car is very useful especially to some of our friends/family.

P.S my husband is a qualified mechanic...


Anyways. My poor baby. D: I suppose I feel sorry for the husband too with the whip lash he got, after being rammed hard from behind... >.<;

As I said to my husband "this is why I told you to sell it somewhere far away where I wouldn't know who had it, or what they did to it."

... it isn't pretty. /o\

The good:
- I have chocolate.
- Insurance. |o/
- the frying pan of love arrived and it does a perfect fried egg. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Heart-Shaped-Egg-Fry-Frying-Cook-Pan-Cooker-Non-Stick-Pot-BBQ-Sandwiches-Tool-/310851969251?pt=AU_Cookware_Bakeware&hash=item486038a0e3
- Today was better than yesterday.

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Sep. 30th, 2014 12:06 am
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Purple's lunch call has gone out of sync with his old group's lunch schedule. This occasioned a bit of hilarity when Lennon Glasses Guy said an apparently-sincere thank-you to Purple for making the lunch call -- except that the old group was just finishing up as he and I were just sitting down.

We both got the grill special, which was a very sauce-covered sandwich. I had mine wrapped in a napkin. His dripped sauce all over his plate. Hilarity ensued.

The replacement headset arrived. This was good.

My Overlady made delicious cookies. They were shortbread and preserves and very good. I gave one of mine to Purple, who went into raptures. Apparently jam is good and baked jam is better.

I forgot caffeine, and was exhausted until I remembered it.

I forgot my headset at my desk. I realized in the parking lot. We turned around so I could get it. Purple teased me about it. Purple and I talked cats. Gabrielle became Hellion; Shammash became Mosh.


* There's some stuff in the fridge.
* Flu shot early.

Notes for Gotham 1.02: Selina Kyle

Sep. 29th, 2014 09:05 pm
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Damn you Gotham! You give me just enough information to get me in trouble and then close the episode?

Spoilers behind the cut )

In closing, still loving this show!

my home is my own again

Sep. 27th, 2014 04:26 pm
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The in-laws left shortly before six this morning. They caught a taxi to the airport and from there are flying to Portland, O'Hare, and then Richmond VA. At least I hope they are, O'Hare had some fire-related shenanigans yesterday that have almost certainly spilled over into today. Last report was they'd made it as far as Portland and had a flight to Chicago for, mm, probably about nowish.

They're not bad people, but they're not people I would normally associate with, and certainly not for a week at a time. In addition they're not *my* parents, so a lot of the stress [personal profile] uilos has been under is absent for me.

I don't really feel drained. (There's an argument to be made that after the past couple of years I don't really have the perspective to say.) I just... don't have any interest in doing any number of things I'd like to do. A shame since the sun is out.

Since writing the above we've seen a tugboat parade down on the Fraser River, including several bored tugboats doing donuts while waiting their turn and a couple of them getting into a shoving match. We've also gone down and wandered around the Riverfest celebration a bit, and taken a brief tour of the Fraser harbour on a paddlewheeler.

So that was fun but now I feel even more like staring at the wall for a few hours. Hoping I'll have the oompf to get up and go out to see people this evening...

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Sep. 27th, 2014 01:40 pm
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 ...thought myself yet young and all the world meant to be my stage...

And with thirteen words, Seanan breaks my heart.

In other words, I have A Fantasy Medley 2 in my hands and have started Rat-Catcher! Funny enough I feel a Milliways connection since the book originally came from the New York Public Library system and so many Milliways muns come from the East Coast.

Also, I am beginning to think Tybalt vexes and harrasses people he cares about. It's a sign of affection, really.

ETA: A thought just occurred to me...lost places and things are given to the cait sidhe and their Courts. I wonder if that could mean that the Lost and Found box could be an entry point for Tybalt. If I do run with that, it will only work for him and not him with someone else.

150 is a lot of miles.

Sep. 27th, 2014 06:28 am
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Today's shenanigans with the helpdesk software at work require a lot of swearing to describe. Suffice to say that I found that something that I thought was a bug was in fact some Broken As Designed, in a way that the main helpdesk people were functionally unable to effectively even help diagnose. (And cue the very loud argument over the phone where I attempt to get the guy from helpdesk on the same page as me.) I bemoan the state of my inbox.

I woke up before my alarm. Something recently had reminded me of "Jenny Says", so I played it, and now a mix tape of the LJ years wants to assemble itself in my brain.

I went and refueled Vash, then merrily went off to work. I had my pick of parking spaces. Upon entering, I lit the "$NAME Beacon"Read more... )

I found myself replacing the cyan toner in the laser printer, which was not on fire.

Lunch involved conversation about police brutality, dashcams and body cams, and guns vs. tasers. Read more... )

I was looking with an eye towards wrapping up around 3, because beer bash started at 4. I had very definite ideas about even having the draft of my timesheet in by 4, and ready to submit after the beer bash. And that's when I ran into that problem with the helpdesk. By 4, I had just about wrapped up the yelling-with-helpdesk sections. And that's when I poured myself a helpdesk-software sized slug of some file cabinet vodka, dumped in ice, grabbed a 7-up, and stomped off to the beer bash.

phone: oktoberfest? it's september
Mr. Zune: It's almost oktober.

lb had staked out a table. When I came back with some sausage and potatoes to buffer the vodka-and-soda, Not Mr. Rainbow had joined the table, and another guy from lb's team soon joined as well. (It may have been Mr. Netflix.) Purple followed, along with phone, Mr. Zune, and eventually R and the Other Guy. Not Mr. Rainbow and Mr. Supposedly-Netflix wandered off, as the table didn't necessarily support that count of people. Chatter was good! I was quite efficient in my getting-tipsy, and soon found myself smiling foolishly (particularly at Purple). There were tales of insufficient cooling and chip woe; Purple and Not Mr. Rainbow compared notes. The IP-over-Bears thing had to be re-explained to those who had not been there, as did the stopped-innovating-on-war-crimes drone shenanigans ideas. Hilarity ensued. I did not have seconds on the vodka.

Since it was an Oktoberfest-themed beer bash, there was a band in! They had the outfits! One of them produced a great big alpenhorn. He played it outside. lb started giggling, and found it harder to stop when the player explained how they used to be made out of wood, but that was too stiff and heavy, so now it was carbon fiber, and he could collapse it to a fraction of its length -- see! Only two feet long! And it only weighs less than three pounds! You can bring it on airplanes! And it has a protective cap!

R had brought pulled pork for those of us who had chimed in. This did result in some tomfoolery with bags of meat, particularly as the phrase "a bag of meat" can be put to so many bad uses.

Dinner, as a topic, was broached (it being about two hours after bash had started). We had already lost Mr. Zune; we shortly lost phone, and then in the discussion of possible venues, we lost the Other Guy. That left four of us. By the time I re-emerged from the bathroom, the debate raged on, nearly an hour after it had first been proposed. lb pitched the idea of going to downtown Campbell in the particular several blocks, and making up our minds there; I was in favor as long as there was an address that I could navigate to, rather than last time's general disaster. This was done, and we agreed to met up there. Read more... )

I discovered, upon hopping into Vash, that I'd lost my headset. I know how it must have happened -- I stuffed it into an insecure pocket -- but alas.

I have been yelling (much more cheerfully than about helpdesk) in Steph's general direction about Purple's beard. At this point it is ensuing much hilarity.

The helpful electronics department guy at a nearby Target said their offerings probably did not meet my headset needs. So I drove off.

I stopped back in at work because I wanted to wrap up before Monday. The PM who had been in the cube down the block from me in the old building cruised through. We commiserated about the helpdesk software. She had a great idea, and I wikified the beginnings and gave her mad propz in a format that would come to the attention of her manager. Then I promptly forgot my wallet, a fact which I only discovered upon reaching home. I debated the situation for a few minutes, but ultimately decided that I would be so much less happy getting it tomorrow. So I drove all the way back to work to grab it. Dammit.

And now I am home and it's a terrible hour of the morning, but I had a really lovely Friday night.

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Sep. 26th, 2014 09:00 pm
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 Feeling icky and so I am rewatching Penny Dreadful, reminding myself why I love Ethan so much. I've also noticed a few new details and as often is the case, things which come up later once the story truly unfolds.

I think this coming App_this_please I will make a Penny Dreadful ad for at least Vanessa, though Victor would be good as well.

Oh Proteus, you lovely butterfly you....

Glares at self

Sep. 26th, 2014 12:15 pm
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 You know you want to play these characters. You know you have their voice down, as well as their history; or at least enough of it for an application. So set your watch for 15 minutes and start writing. These guys are fun and those apps are not going to write themselves. You are on vacation during the open app cycle, so now is the best time to get a first draft down. Just set your timer and get something on the virtual page. You can always rewrite and edit.

Don't make me invoke Big Barda on your ass.

In other news, my Selina Kyle playlist now has 20 songs. I've just been throwing song in and plan on going back and culling, but that is still a lot of songs.

link the right one in

Sep. 25th, 2014 08:31 pm
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James Nicoll ([livejournal.com profile] james_nicoll) writes really good book reviews. If you throw money at him he will write more of them.

I Am More Than OK With Not "Having It All": there is so much in this column that is exactly what I believe, from 'pick a dog [or other critter] that fits with how you expect your life to be for the next N years' to "I couldn't imagine inflicting childhood on my own child" to "even if I did miss out on the greatest love you can possibly know as a human being, I was actually just fine with the amount I already had." SO VERY MUCH THIS.

This Is Katie F-​-​-ing Ledecky: A Thesis About Kicking Ass: "This summer, wearing slow swimsuits, and without really being in major-competition shape, she broke every world record in her discipline, long-distance freestyle, over the course of a month and a half. Then she was like, ha! just kidding, so she broke a couple of them again."

The otherworldly and utterly Portland Ursula K. Le Guin: "We have to operate within capitalism, because at this point it's all there is. But if our minds aren’t controlled by it, if we think like free people, writers will figure out how to do our job: To write, get our writing to our readers, and maybe make a living from it."

The Purpose of Kata, which reminds me of nothing so much as the story of the journalist and Pau Casals. The journalist asked, "You're seventy years old and you've been playing the cello all your life, why do you still practice six, eight, ten hours a day?" and Casals answered, "Because I think I'm finally starting to get good at it."

For London's Cabbies, Job Entails World's Hardest Geography Test: a fantastic article on the Knowledge, the London cab drivers' exam and "a real-time, street-level test of memorization skills so intense that it physically alters the brains of those who pass it."

And finally, two essays that, separately and together, are making me rethink the whole idea of what I'm even doing with myself these days:

Avoidance. Oh, and getting out of it. This is perhaps the most useful thing I have read in a very long time. "You're avoiding the thing that’s holding all your dreams? Good grief! Of course you are! That symbolic weight? It's that much potential for hurt and disappointment."

Breaking The Low Mood Cycle, in which it is revealed that the point of breaking the low mood cycle is not to Do Things (though that is a likely side effect), it's to Break The Low Mood Cycle and feel better about being you.

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Sep. 25th, 2014 06:12 pm
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 And thanks to Camren Bicondova's (Selina's actress) background in dancing and this video (warning for NSFW language), I'm tempted to have a head canon that Selina used to study dance until her parent(s?) died. 

This might be an excuse to bring back the dance studio in Milliways that was mentioned Monday or Tuesday.

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Sep. 25th, 2014 12:02 pm
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 Still feeling a little off but I am at work, doing my best to make a dent in my in box. I am still feeling sick but since most of the symptoms are occurring at night and I have next week off, I decided to come in. I know, I know, bad way to keep the germes to myself but I am staying in my cube and using antibacterial lotion before I touch anything that I am passing to another.

Selina still is proving a draw so I contacted other live action Gothamites to give a heads up. On the fence as to if I should bother with the comic Gothamites since the canon is so different. I know Gotham isn't officially part of any other canon, but I thought it'd be a nice thing to do.

Kind of working on a play list for her but I keep running into songs that don't fit her age. Why do all the woman living free and wild songs have to have strong sexual tones to them? So far I have Ayria's cover of Pat Benatar's Invincible, Alien Ant Farm's cover of Smooth Criminal, Joan Jett's Bad Reputation, Woodkin's Run Boy Run, and Imagine Dragon's Warrior. I'm on the fence about Jane's Addiction's Been Caught Stealing and Guns N Roses' Welcome to the Jungle (though the 2 Cellos cover is pretty sweet with the added benefit of no questionable lyrics).

Any suggestions are welcome but please keep in mind Selina is only 12 or 13 in this canon, though she is living on the streets of Gotham so she is likely a lot less innocent than my parental brain is allowing. ; p

A fly on the wall of that meeting...

Sep. 25th, 2014 01:01 am
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I didn't have to be in the office at fuck o'clock this morning. I got there early anyway, though not as early as I was hoping. Purple was not yet there when I arrived. I went through my inbox. There were certainly some things in it, all right. Purple arrived. Purple got a load of *his* inbox. Purple looked rather incredulously at some fucked-up shit done with numbers in his inbox. Purple sent me a private message asking for minor Excel help, at which point --

-- look. People, if you're dating a geekfolk, and you encounter a PowerPoint which contains a useless image of the contents of a spreadsheet, the topic of which you yourself are not super into, but perhaps your partner is into? If you arrange that this spreadshit be saved as an actual spreadsheet, your partner may feel ~*so loved*~.

Purple and I are not dating. Nonetheless, I felt ~*so loved*~, and basically danced through the rest of my morning. The fact that he *also* said pointed things about not misrepresenting the results of surveys, was bonus.

Had lunch with Purple and crew. Discussion involved the ineffectiveness of abstinence-only sex-ed in preventing unwanted teen pregnancy. (Also the way that the reality of life with an infant can convince teenagers that actually they may not want a child at this stage in their life.)

It turns out that the meeting that I could not miss was for another department; I arranged to be a fly on the wall via having just set up my laptop to work quietly, and then a meeting broke out around me! The Angry Man introduced me to the guy who isn't Mr. Rainbow. Any time someone who isn't someone I know says, "Oh, you're *the* Azure?" except with my wallet name, I know something's been up.

The purpose of my attendance at the meeting proceeded. lb was coherent. The laptop was recalcitrant.

I have *no idea* where the fuck the cards that I am looking for wound up going. I looked many places. I discovered that at some point since the epic feedback marathon in I think June, someone had slipped a white jellybean into the anonymous feedback box. So I had to email the management team to tell them about it. I was pretty sure it was just wacky, but you never know, maybe there was some secret message.

I discovered two really awesome new bugs in my database! Hooray! The first one: we can't sort the user grid by anything other than names. The other controls don't actually work, they just toggle the names. The second one: Locations that don't contain a state don't display in the user grid. Clearly this means that I get to go back and enter null states for any address that doesn't have a state. I am overjoyed.

Since it was Wednesday, I reckoned the meatloaf looked all right. I went and picked it up at the appointed time, and then pinged Purple: "What are your thoughts on meatloaf?" (This time I did not need any prompting to get the fuck over myself, though I did still aaaa at Steph a bit.)

Purple is picky about his meatloaf, but upon learning that it was less academic, and more about actual meatloaf with no known weird inclusions, he was willing to come on over. If this becomes a tradition, he may pick up dinner next time. :)

I said something about video tapes, which caused Purple to mock me gently; he does in fact still own a VCR (I don't), but he has taken his out of the entertainment system. I started giggling, and then had to tell him about that time when Darkside and Sis were dating. It was Valentine's day, and for reasons which made sense at the time, Sis and I both showed up at Darkside's house. Read more... )

I mentioned the jellybean in the feedback box offhandedly to Purple, who promptly busted up laughing. "You don't remember?" he gasped.

I did not, in fact, have the foggiest what he was on about.

It seems that late one night when I was very punchy, I discovered a buttered popcorn jellybean, and thought it would be a great idea to drop it in the feedback box. I do not remember having done this, but Purple assures me that not only did I do it, but he was there for it. It sounds like a thing that I would have done, and I'm very pleased to discover that I am the one who did it, but I still have no memory of the event.

It was good to be able to productively yell at my own tools for the rest of the evening, instead of helldesk.

Fishie is back in IRC, which is good.

I deployed the candy corn. I felt that I had to label it: in addition to the regular candy corn, which is a staple of the season and I do not try to argue with it, I had also seen pumpkin spice candy corn.

I have always disliked pumpkin pie. When I think about it, I associate it with not just an unpleasant tongue-and-nose sensation, but also with scary shortness of breath, just like with shrimp. And getting pumpkin guts on my delicate skin parts burns like the touch of cold iron copper and probably nickel. So I'm probably allergic to pumpkin, and the spice has always been associated with that.

The first time I heard "pumpkin spice FOO", I parsed it not as (pumpkin spice), the spice mix that are typically used in pumpkin pies, but (pumpkin) + (spice), the vegetable plus its usual spices. So I assumed that I couldn't have it. (This was also before I started investigating my various food aversions and found that a number of them are based on physical issues.) Even after learning that there is generally no actual pumpkin in these, I decided not to.

But I got these. And I figured that I should warn my co-workers about this thing, since candy corn is one of those things which is A Certain Way, and that way is not something that should be trifled with lightly. So I drew the outline of a candy corn on a post-it, at which point I discovered that I have no whiteout. Fortunately, I do have a label-maker, the label-maker uses white tape, and in fact I did legitimately have to print a label to update the label-maker's labeling about the move to the new wing. So I was able to use the loose end to put on my warning sign.

Purple and I took our leave relatively quickly.


Sep. 24th, 2014 11:14 am
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 October looks to be the month of cats for me. I plan on apping Tybalt, of course, and I had planned on taking the plunge and apping Yang Xiao Long but now I am thinking I am going to be apping Selina from Gotham instead.

I love Yang. She is very straight forward and truly happy and balanced. She has a great world to play in and I love her abilities and personality. However, I've yet to picture any interactions with her. And, to be honest, figuring out her world is intimidating me. I understand it enough to enjoy watching it but having to explain it to another character? Don't know that I am up for that. I would worry that I would come up with something that contradicts canon at a later date.

Selina on the other hand seems to be a character that survives by her wits. She is a rogue and I do have a softspot for that kind of character, especially the ones with a heart of gold, as she does. I know Gotham and this Gotham seems even easier since it is such a young Gotham. I needn't worry about the rest of the world as it's the US and not too much is different. Exactly what year it is is somewhat vague but despite the noir feel, cellphones and other modern inventions are present.

In regards to who she is, I don't have much to go on. In the pilot episode, she didn't say anything but by her actions and facial expressions, she seems to care about victims, especially kids and cats. The next episode does bear the title of her name, so one would assume we'll get a better feel for her character. There is also this promo clip to go by and so far, I've not seen anything to dissuade me from liking the character.

Best part is, I'm imagining all sorts of interactions with established Milliways characters. I can see Selina easily adapting to other worlds as well, something I never quite got with Yang either. I'm even coming up with head canons about her past.

Also, Agents of SHIELD is looking pretty good. Not happy with them killing off another female character, though.

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Sep. 24th, 2014 09:04 pm
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*waves at inter high writer*

I'm super excited to see what you come up with for this challenge! I have a long list of likes/dislikes over here: http://qem-chibati.dreamwidth.org/10861.html#cutid1 but the key things to avoid are character bashing and uh, I'd prefer no shipping with the characters younger than their current ages in their respective canons, and aging up is a plus if you decide to go explicit.

I prefer my writer to have fun while their writing so don't worry about having to be faithful to the prompts - feel free to follow your inner muse!

If you're looking for a new canon to pick up, these are all excellent fandoms, although most are on the longer side! 15 Rugby is quite short though, and Free has the two 13 episode series. Hikaru no Go, Whistle and Kuroko are much longer but well worth while.

Whistle is an older classic full of hard work, and building success. Hikaru no Go has amazing plotting, and will make you laugh and possibly cry as it carries on, Free it's easy to get carried away with either the silliness or the potential angst (but mostly the boys splashing in the water is A++), 15 Rugby is short but makes me feel full of gleeful feelings) and Kuroko no Basuke is silly good fun. :D

I'm reposting my prompts below so that their available easily for reference, as well.

[archiveofourown.org profile] Qem

Read more... )
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11:27 Tuesday, 23 September, 2014
Woke up this morning well before my alarm, which was in accordance with the plan. Promptly went downstairs with the laundry, since the bra situation had already passed super-critical, and I was feeling too lazy to find another cardigan in the closet (the one in current rotation was in critical need of a wash after having both been washed by Sharkface and had a close encounter with butter chicken -- butter chicken can be rinsed off, but Purple is allergic to dogs).

While waiting for the laundry, I have attended to dishes and done some cleaning of my inbox.

Last night I was glancing at the subject lines of my work emails just to make sure that there was nothing that urgently needed my attention before I went to bed, and I saw something from not!Facebook which involved the incomprehensible twit. I immediately started to panic about having said the Wrong Thing In Public, and how I was Hopeless and Horrible and someone should really tell me this every time I opened my mouth and something terrible came out In Public.

... And then I realized that there is such a person. When I start making a fool out of myself at work in a bad way, not a class-clown way, Purple will say the equivalent of "Azure Jane Lunatic, you are making less sense than a kilogram of bee dick!" And then I felt better. Also my Overlady would say something tactful if I went way too far, but generally she does feel like there are some mistakes I should make for myself.

(There is no reason whatsoever for anyone outside of specialized types of biology and friends to have a kilogram of refined bee dick. That said, my friends will probably proceed to give me reasons.)

00:33 Wednesday, 24 September, 2014
Post-dentist Purple and "Sleep schedule? What sleep schedule?" Azz made a coherent duo at lunch.

There were two things on not!Facebook from the incoherent twit. One was actually pretty nice, as she was thanking me for my helpfulness and going on at a bit more precision about how things were. The other was ... less explicable. A few people and I have subscribed to every new update on the Page about helldesk. And there was a new update from her, detailing some of Friday's release and the docs on same. Said post quietly went away. A few of the usual suspects and I -- well. Gramp forwarded it to the cousin-team including the great-grandmanager and his right hand assistant. I quietly documented on the wiki. The Angry Man linked it from not!Facebook. :D

I have identified the person connected to the helldesk who I least enjoy dealing with. It's not the buck-passer-in-chief or the incoherent twit, it's High-Priv McMansplain (distinct from Racist McMansplain). This is the guy who has previously come to the negative attention of me and everyone within yelling distance for assuming that everyone else has the same privileges within the system that he does. (To the best of my knowledge, his privs are actually fairly low helpdesk.)

R&D End-User: How do I file a new ticket?
High-Priv McMansplain: [menu item which doesn't appear for end-users] > [child of that menu] :)
AzureJaneL: @R&D End-User: So I'm assuming you're in the [terrible portal] which looks like [baby poo]? [utterly baroque drilldown process] and whatever you do, if you click the blue button at the bottom right, you've just introduced several hours of delay into the process whilst they triage your shit manually. @High-Priv McMansplain: AND AS FOR YOU, GUY, please remember that the vast majority of the poor saps who find themselves asking questions in this forum are R&D, and are subjected to a super-weak read-only view, and the shit to which you refer does not exist in our circumscribed little world. Unless you can impersonate an account with our priv level [I suspect he does not have that access] then we may have no reference for whatever the fuck you're talking about. Peace.

Except I managed it without swearing within the hearing of either of those two, though I did disturb a passing manager and offices at least as far back as my Overlady's, who heard the "...HAT!!" part of "I'M WEARING THE TACT HAT!"

In the course of my chocolate-based diplomacy tour, neither Mr. Zune nor my great-grandmanager's right hand were at their desks, but I did discover that our local desktop helpdesk is now composed of Sir Only Occasionally Appearing In This Film, and Chip!!! Chip from our old building!!!!!!! Chip who occasionally I run into and say, "I've missed you!" with great and heartfelt intensity. Competent and effective helpdesk are a boon to us as end-users. I expect the company to award them with decent pay, good benefits, and reasonable job satisfaction. I will do my part by trying to not be a terrible user, and opening my candy dish to them.

Fishlet is settling in at school. It is good to have other fish come by chat for a bit, also! It is a mark of the sort of community we have that nearly every conversation has the ability to devolve into homework.

Procurement has switched to a whole new system. I have thrown myself upon their mercy in asking what the fuck sort of category to shove such and such a requested purchase in, because of the terrible adventures I had in trying to find out on my own.

Purple and I were not late in getting out: it was still somewhat light outside! Which quickly went the other way. A mutual acquaintance came through the parking lot and showed us cat pictures. (She was the one with the rampant mint.) There are two strays who have claimed her. She's joking about naming the flame point ragdoll "iPhone 6", because it's very difficult to tell a "best of cat pictures" ooh-and-aah session from a "shiny new phone" one. We had a jolly good chat. (I agree: cat poop font would look great on a wedding announcement.)

My left knee is angry with me, for some reason. I got out to the parking lot with Purple, and it threatened to go out. I recovered by means of a very quick adjustment with my right foot, which involved a stomp. Purple eyed me and asked whether that meant something in chicken language. "It means, my knee hates me." Heh.

Beardwatch 2014: so it turns out that you can't actually usefully say "there's been some manscaping done on the beard" because apparently by definition manscaping is below the waist. This conversation involved Purple, Steph, me, and me going very pink. "Wait, who's pretending to not be gay?"

And now I am home!

time passes

Sep. 23rd, 2014 11:37 am
jazzfish: A small grey Totoro, turning around. (Totoro)
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The In-Laws are here. Well, not right at this moment, today they've taken themselves downtown to be touristy for the day. (Which I expect means "from ten 'til about three," but you take what you can get.)

They're not bad people, and they're not related to me by blood so there's not the decades of history. They're just ... people, in my space, requiring my attention, all the time.

We watched Totoro last night, which thrilled Mrs F no end. I am kind of surprised we'd never gotten around to showing it to her before.

As of today I am officially officially unemployed. I mean, they stopped letting me go to work a month ago, but as of today the four weeks' pay-in-lieu-of-notice is up. I have one more paycheck coming at the end of the month, and then I am free from the tyranny of regular and sufficient income.

I am of course displeased with how I've spent my sabbatical so far. This speaks less to how I've spent my sabbatical and more to my need to rejigger my expectations of myself so they line up better with what I actually want to do.

Also, as of today I have less than a year to go on my 101-in-1001 list. Several of these items are not going to happen; others are merely staggeringly unlikely. Ah well. I plow ahead regardless.

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