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The best things about carbonara are:
  • The sweet caramelised onion and garlic

  • The meaty texture and umami of the bacon

  • The creamy richness of the cream and egg

So how to recreate this with a vegan diet? Surprisingly easily. I saw a recipe for white bean alfredo elsewhere, so riffed on that - caramelised mushroom slices are amazingly delicious and great “meaty bits” substitute, and the white beans when pureed go surprisingly creamy. Add tonnes of garlic, salt, pepper and onion, and you’re absolutely set.

This recipe serves two people, or one very hungry person.


  • Olive oil

  • 150gm mushrooms - I used a mix of swiss brown and field mushrooms - sliced

  • 1 medium brown onion, finely diced

  • 1 can of cannelini beans, drained & thoroughly rinsed

  • 2 tablespoons of minced garlic (the jarred minced garlic is already pretty sweet and mellow - I find it perfect to add in huge quantities to things like this.

  • Vegan stock
    Savoury yeast flakes (optional)

  • Salt & pepper

  • Fresh parsley (garnish)


  • Blender

  • Frying pan


  1. Fry the onions and mushrooms in olive oil on medium heat until caramelised. This may take a little while (20ish minutes), but is so worth it.

  2. Blend the cannelini beans with the garlic and a splash of stock. I usually put in about half a teaspoon of Massel powdered stock and a dash of hot water.

  3. Pour the bean mix into the pan with the mushrooms. Mix well and simmer lightly for about 5 minutes, until it thickens up. Add salt, pepper and yeast flakes to taste.

  4. Mixed thoroughly with your cooked pasta and garnish with lots of fresh parsley.


Apr. 25th, 2015 12:42 pm
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My new PSP charger came. It didn't work. ; ; So it must be something wrong with the PSP itself. As of now I have 17 minutes of battery life left, so we're pretty much dead.

My life has already changed because of this. I've been going to bed really early (for me) because normally I would be on the PSP browsing FFXIAH but I can't do that now and there's only so much knitting and crocheting I can handle in a day. So I go to bed. But it's hard to fall asleep because I am effectively going to bed a mere 12 hours after I get up and I'm just not that tired yet. So I lay there for over an hour. Bleh.

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Apr. 25th, 2015 09:47 am
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 Interview with Clive Stanton about Rollo insights to read later. Could alter a few assumptions of mine.
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Despite it having been timechange weekend, I had got to bed early, and then woke up disgustingly early, fully perky and ready to get things done. I had a leisurely morning where I did not feel obligated to do any of the things, just get dressed and pack. It was fortunate that I'd woken early, as all of my alarms were set to only go off when I'm at home, and be silent when I'm elsewhere (like at work, but also at hotel). I hauled my stuff downstairs, checked out, and then realized that the valet queue was ridiculous. I promptly found a chair, parked my bags, and joined lobbycon.

I got a chance to chat with Wendy; that was nice.

I saw [ profile] ckd; the name on the badge didn't mean much to me, but the blue shark picture did. "Oh!" I said. I know that shark! You are a helpful person who I have known in passing for years! So that was nice. He passed along greetings on behalf of [personal profile] aedifica as well.

Having seen him sillydrunk and being a fucking perfect unicorn the night before, it was no surprise that Naamen was gloriously hung-over.

The next little circle over was having a fascinating conversation about Supernatural. I had thoughts and feelings. It was thus that I met [ profile] geardrops and [ profile] doriangrayscale.

For the record, my feelings about Supernatural season 5 episode 22 are as follows:

I was recommended "I Feel Better", by Hot Chip, which is … a bit surreal. I think this was around when lunch arrived, because Carrie had fries, and they were very very hot. There was basically nothing vegan on the menu, which is unfortunate.

Seanan had been Out of Town, but made an appearance for Lobbycon, in all her mantis shrimp rainbow hair glory. It was very good to see her!

We got around to exchanging twitter handles, and mentioned our strategies for dealing with some of the low-content sorts of people who seem to exist to recycle the same five links every three hours on Twitter. I was abruptly reminded of something I'd seen during an [off-topic] discussion of home automation.

"They're -- tweeting like a lightbulb," I said in disgust, and then had to explain.

Emma and Cynthia came back through, and that was great. Topics included Janelle Monae (yay afrofuturist art) and so many books and shiny things. There is a tool that will let you know when bands you like are going to be local to you, but I am not sure where to find it. I need to check out . I did not know that Ellen Kushner had written not just one but several Choose Your Own Adventure books:

At some point after the valet line had cleared out, I retrieved Vash to load most of the heavy things.

Shweta and husband re-appeared also, and I went fishing for mippos with my party cane. (I have a cane with a rainbow tie-dye scarf attached to the front, and I had added a little book of paper for the con.)

Eventually it came time for the wrap party. That included some review of what had gone well, and who needed to either be sat down with a sock in his mouth or shown the door.

So there was a panel (which I didn't wind up going to, but sounded very interesting if I'd actually been making it to any panels) about how Whitey Brings Civilization is a toxic meme in general, and maybe when we're writing we might not want to do that thing.

So Whitey McMansplain in the audience stood up and started talking, apparently. Read more... )

Eventually the wrap party too was wrapped. Wendy and some guy who also had some muscles carried some soda down for me, as I was willing to take some home, but was sort of limited in what I was willing to carry at once. We loaded it up into my car. The valet dude on duty observed that the car sort of felt like he was going to die when starting. This was a Known Problem.

I headed home, not being quite up for Dinner With People after such a delightfully social weekend. This is such a lovely fun con, and I'm planning to return next year.

I curled up in bed early (for me). Before I fell asleep, I remembered that Aahz had been wearing an "I Break Rule 6" button, so I googled the phrase to see if I could find out the backstory. The backstory is amazing:

My unexpected early rising schedule would continue for some time yet.

Dear Not Prime time

Apr. 25th, 2015 12:38 pm
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 Dear Not Prime Time Writer!

Hi, hi! I'm super excited for the challenge! All of these series are ones that I love and I'm looking forward to seeing the results! :D I know that I tend to get a little overly wordy when I'm excited, but please know that I'm fairly easy going most of the time, so feel free to play loose with the prompts, I want you to have fun if possible writing your fic!! The only things I really don't want are - I really don't want any underage fic nor do I want any character bashing. If your the sort who prefers to know more about the letter writer's preferences - I've made a more detailed list over here.

[ profile] Qem Read more... )
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    I decided to go with Himuro because he’s been on my brain a lot of late. But if you get stuck, you can use the prompts I wrote up about Kuroko, Kiyoshi, Alex & Nijimura over here as a back up - - As I’d much rather you have fun during the writing process!!!
    I’ve completed the main manga series, and behind of the jump special chapters and am very sporadic with the extra materials in regards to spoilers.
    I would prefer gen or slash for Himuro please.
    *_________* I can’t stop thinking about the sticker photo and story behind it in this translation here. What other memories may Himuro have built up with Mibuchi, what kind of feeling would be given if others in Kuroko no Basuke stumble across it! And oooooh! I love the idea of Himuro building up a sticker collection with other characters - although that’s probably a complete story on it’s own how it came about.

    + there’s also the expansion of other cultural differences Himuro may have encountered between LA and Tokyo. (If you wanted to explore that more seriously, completely separate from the sticker machine that’s AOK with me!)
    On the topic of cultural differences, maybe explore how things go about for him at school? He seems to have built up rapport with his team rather quickly. I enjoy him and Murasakibara being friends or something more. :D

    Or you could also play around with his relationship with Nijimura! According to the novels ( ) on the first day they met, they stop a kidnapping. Just imagine what other potential mishaps these two can get into! :D I also think they can also have a lot in common with being overshadowed by younger players that they helped teach.
    Finally, I love the relationship he shares with Kagami, and the way both of them are obviously super important to each other. Playing around with that in fun (bro jobs!) or more serious ways would be very enjoyable to me. (Although if it’s with Kagami - happy ending please!!!!)
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    Series wise - I fail and have never read the manga or novels for Kyou Kara Maou, and although I finished the main series I don’t think I’ve seen the ova’s either. /o\
    Murata!!!!! I love Murata quite a bit from this series. In regards to shipping, gen is good & I particularly ship him with the Shibuya’s (either Yuuri or his brother Shouri), although I don’t mind if you wanted to explore something else.
    I loved Murata from the moment I first saw him on screen. There was just something about the way that he made eye contact with Yuuri that made my heart go pitter patter. And the way that he came back to rescue Yuuri in a thought out kind of way made me happy - and then when we got to see the baseball stuff, at that point I really hoped that we would get to see lots of Yuuri & Murata being friends in the normal world kind of filler episodes. And ended up being delighted when it ended up going a completely different direction with Murata’s role in the series! (If you wanted to normal world friendship shenanigans though… :D? :D? :D?)
    You see, reincarnated characters with memories of their past are like catnip to me. Catnip. And the way that Murata has mysterious knowledge and tension with so many characters is *________* I love that he has a dark background but largely chooses to surpass it and try to stay positive in his life.
    I super, super love the way that he baits Shiori and how they are all brother of my friend, and friend of my brother.
    (And since I covered the topic of cats - Murata with cat ears is an image which just. *does things* to me, so if you wanted to play around with that idea - I guarantee it would make me super happy.)
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    I am happy to receive fic on either of these characters it doesn't have to be both. (The canon I know best is scanlations/fansubbing, but I'm ok if you use the translated names too, I've read / watched some of the canon that uses the English names, so they aren't completely alien to me.)
    I love Haibara Ai's attitude, even as a midget kid. I think even if given the choice to go back to being an adult or growing up, she'd choose the latter, and I think it would be very interesting to see a story exploring her motivations for such. I think also exploring the fact that she used to be a criminal would also be interesting to explore. Having her being genuine friends with any of the other kids would be A++ and I love seeing her interact with Conan/Shinichi, especially when they have a snark off.

    Another idea might be to explore her background - her relationship with her sister (that's obviously super important to her) or if you wanted to look to the future - having her grow up along side the other detective boys and them realising something being not quite right for Ai.

    Kaitou is hilariously fun with his antics, but he also has a much more serious side. Please feel free to go either way with the story, with a heist that he is pulling, pranking detectives, flirting in disguises or maybe having his motivations line up with Shinichi/Conan and working with them. Cross dressing antics are A++ I also love seeing how he and Shinichi are a like, and Kaitou taking advantage. XD

    Other ideas could be writing about how he came to be scared of fish?


    (P.S Kaitou kid stars in some of the movies, and there's a movie AU where Ai and Conan both grow up and are in high school, and most of the movies can be watched with little background, maybe a quick wiki for who the characters are, if you got matched with me on another series and need a back up prompt.)

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    • Any Character
    I’m happy to receive fic on any of the nominated characters for Hikaru no Go, and have left some prompts for them all.

    Isumi Shinichirou - I love the chinese arc where Isumi really comes into himself. I'd love to see the impacts of that with Waya, or having him go back for a visit to China once again / having his Chinese friends come to visit Isumi. Or maybe just having him commiserate with Ogata, over the torments that Kuwabara inflicts on both of them. (Or you could just settle for the torment Kuwabara inflicts. :D Hey I bet Isumi makes for a /great/ golf caddie!)
    Kuwabara Honinbou - and on that note, Kuwabara! :D Ahahaha, I OTP ship him with Ogata (it is totes canon!!!!) and love the way that he trolls other professionals in the Go Industry. I also like the moments which indicate that he has some spiritual awareness - he couldn’t see Sai but he sensed something and seeing more to explore that would be very cool. If you wanted to explore the history of Japan and changes Kuwabara’s witnessed that would also be A++ to me.
    Ogata Seiji - oh Ogata. I do enjoy watching Ogata suffer. :D :D :D He seems so prideful, then so utterly desperate in trying to find Sai, and watching him grit his teeth about Kuwabara makes me happy. But if you wanted to keep Ogata happy, that’s ok too. XD While I OTP Kuwabara with Ogata, I’m happy with any pairing for Ogata.
    Shindou Hikaru - I’m ok with any pairing for Shindou, but I’d rather it not be a focus on Hikaru/Akira. Sorry! It’s ok to have it in the background! I love the idea of Shindou interacting with other supernatural things – he’s seen one ghost, what if there were others that now become visible after Sai is gone? (oh man a Natsume style crossover would be brilliant.)
    Touya Akira - I’m ok with any pairing for Touya, but I’d rather it not be a focus on Hikaru/Akira. Sorry! It’s ok to have it in the background! I think it would be particularly interesting to see fic focused on Touya growing up, pre-Shindou. We already know that it’s a lonely life, but I think it would be interesting seeing ways that he’s introduced to Go / the Go world is introduced to him.
    Touya Kouyou - the gravitas of this man in the series is really impressive, and I love the way that he’s rejuvenated post his game with Sai. Seeing his adventures would be very cool to me! Or if you wanted to explore father bonding times with Akira that would also be enjoyable. I also think watching him and Hikaru hang out would be hilarious given how much he intimidates Hikaru at times. XD
    Waya Yoshitaka - Any of the following would be great: Friendship with the other insei, his weird grudges against random people, his confusion at Hikaru's weird ways, and the internet. I love internet and Waya fics. <3 I love seeing Waya connect with the Chinese characters, in particular Yang Hai (they can bond over the internet!) and Le Ping (twice the fun!), and also I enjoy watching Waya suffer with everything Shindou and the other go maniacs have to throw at him. I also would love the idea of Waya cosplaying – especially if it was Zelda. XD


    The only issue I have with shipping in this fandom, is I don't like underage explicit fic. I would rather it stay gen / chaste, unless they are adults (although I agree Gon/Killua is cute as well).

    Ging is a character I didn't really care about in the original anime, but with some of the recent manga arcs I'm finding him completely fascinating. I've tried to keep this more general, but it might contain spoilers - I haven't been following the dark continent saga though.

    I find it really fascinating with how everyone reacts to him in the election arc and how he's shown to be a complete troll. I find his relationship with Pariston Hill fascinating, writing more about that dynamic of trying to out predict the other would be awesome, and I want to see Ging's dream of exploring the world tree. (As I've said with a friend, it's a perfect crossover over opportunity, if you are so inclined XD.)

    I also find it fascinating seeing him briefly explain how he got into becoming a hunter and comparing and contrasting him with Gon. They have some similarities, but I think even in their similarities - it emphasises how different they both can be and exploring that in a character study, or plot fic with their contrasting reactions would be fascinating.

    Killua is my absolute favourite character in hunter x hunter. I love his cheekiness combined with sense of responsibility. I love how much he supports Gon and their really valuable friendship.

    His relationship with his family is also really fascinating with how much they dote on him ( and he struggles sometimes to be free of their grasp).

    I also think that his relationship with Ging could be quite interesting as they both play an important role in Gon's life.

    I also really enjoyed seeing Killua with Biske-chan, with their training. There were some interesting things Biske-chan observed and building off that would be quite fun.

    I also love his relationship with Alluka shown in one of the later arcs of the manga - backstories or future fic with the two of them would be quite awesome as well.

    Apologies to those who kept getting the broken cut version - not sure why it kept resetting itself. /o\

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    Apr. 24th, 2015 12:23 pm
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    So, does anyone feel up to proofing a character profile write up for me? I'm looking for any info I might be missing or anything I've written that might be problematic. This is for Shinatose Izana ([personal profile] garde723 ).

    what the hail

    Apr. 24th, 2015 12:06 pm
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    I went out for dinner with a couple of writer-type friends yesterday. There was a huge brown cloud hanging over downtown, soaking up all the light. It looked decidedly thunderstorm-y, which is not a look we get often out here. I picked up the pace and got indoors before any precipitation actually started.

    Steph and Kat showed up about ten minutes later, with umbrellas out.

    "It's decided to precipitate, then?"

    "It is *hailing*," Kat said.

    Today about an hour ago we had an actual thunderclap (just the one). Right now there's pinging off the window behind me which is most likely just rain, but could be tiny hail pellets. Chaos, who's sitting next to me, is a little perturbed by all the Weird Noises.

    Stupid weather. Bad timing for my parents coming to visit this weekend, too.
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    For reasons which don't need exploring at this juncture, I got to thinking about Barrayaran rites. There 's the one where the Armsbearer* takes oath to the Vor, and (like any reasonable binding rite) the Vor promises to do right by the Armsbearer. There's the one where the Armsbearer petitions the Vor for release and the Vor releases the Armsbearer.

    * Eventually, Barrayar will deal with a Herm, a Ba, or some other non-binary individual taking up arms.

    Armsbearers are only human, and in the course of everything that's gone down since the Time of Isolation, there have to have been enough who have scarpered or otherwise betrayed their oaths in a non-immediately-fatal way that they've had to be replaced. Barrayar being Barrayar, everything will need to be done properly, so I imagine there's some sort of ceremony for formally dismissing the absent Armsbearer from their duties, so the Count never exceeds his twenty at any given time. (And, Barrayar being Barrayar, there have got to be various machimi plays in which an Armsman appears to have betrayed his oath and then either comes back just in time before being formally cast off, or tragically comes back just too late and everyone suffers the consequences/regrets.)

    Likewise, Vor are only human. At some point in the great tapestry of Barrayaran history, some Vor has to have betrayed one or more of their Armsbearers badly enough to violate the standards of the most lackadaisical of Emperors. I'm talking full-on "march into this mutagen for no good reason" bone-deep abusive horror terrible. In the Barrayaran military, it would be well past illegal orders. And in the face of that, what's an Armsbearer to do?

    Some Armsbearers might well realize the limits of what a mortal ought to put up with, and call it quits. Some Armsbearers might take their oath deep enough to stand through even that, to the point where the Emperor might intervene and discharge them of their oath. Sometimes a Vor might betray an Armsbearer and then flee. In the absence of the responsible Vor, the heir would most likely hold the responsibility, or the nearest reasonable authority. The Armsbearer might have the choice of taking oath to the heir or choosing freedom.

    What form would all these ceremonies take? Barrayaran oaths are very hand-centric, the hands of the vassal between the hands of the lord. One does wonder how people with limb differences manage on Barrayar -- does a hand lost in battle affect the ability to take or give oath? How about arthritis?

    I could see an emperor having some terrible excuse for a Vor frog-marched in front of him, required to kneel. Perhaps the Emperor would hold the Vor's hands between his, looming over his subject and physically compelling obedience. If touching the erring subject was beneath the Emperor's dignity, perhaps two of the Emperor's armsmen take a hand each and place the Vor's hands around his Armsbearer's hands. The Vor would be made to recite the words of release, perhaps at the point of a sword or nerve disruptor. I think Gregor might take a grim pleasure in watching the Armsbearer's hands fly free, requiring the Vor to perform the last duties of a Vor before stripping him of his title.

    Without another Vor, without the Emperor, left abandoned -- what might an Armsbearer do, to lay down arms in defiance of a deserted Count?

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    Apr. 23rd, 2015 07:12 pm
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     Well, I've finished all present volumes of Sidonia No Kishi now (13 total) and wow what a cliff hanger. Very happy with some almost surprises with the direction of Izana's narrative; things I saw and loved but didn't think the author would venture towards. = ]

    Ach, I've got to wait until the end of September for vol. 14.

    And holy shit, how did I not make this connect before this? So in Vikings, Rollo is based on the historical Rollo, who becomes Robert the First, Duke of Normandy right? His great-great-great-grandson becomes William the Conqueror. I am distantly related to William on my mother's side. I am related to one of my pups?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    HTTPS everywhere + DW success

    Apr. 22nd, 2015 11:43 am
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    Mwahaha, my pull request to enable HTTPS Everywhere on all DW subdomains has just been merged. They were super nice and quick about it.

    (All the delay was on my part because I was travelling over the weekend so didn't submit the pull request until now).

    Just need to figure out when it becomes publicly available and then maybe I can post over on [staff profile] fu :)


    Apr. 22nd, 2015 06:29 pm
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    I am looking forward to tomorrow and the rest of my holiday. :)


    Apr. 22nd, 2015 09:43 am
    afuna: Cat under a blanket. Text: "Cats are just little people with Fur and Fangs" (Default)
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    testing https everywhere...

    The rename plague

    Apr. 22nd, 2015 03:18 am
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    I found the form to start the legal rename process.

    The part that's giving me trouble is the last name.

    My name is Azure Jane Lunatic.

    "Lunatic" is not the sort of last name that is great for a job application or a driver's license.

    All the other last names I try on have felt wrong. The worst ones are the ones that are closest to right. They look almost right but when I try them on and imagine my manager using it, or with an honorific, it's suddenly like wearing a high collared raincoat a size too small at 80°F with 80% humidity, and I can't breathe anymore.


    I don't want to do this twice.

    100 Poems: Poem 40

    Apr. 21st, 2015 01:59 pm
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    {Take the 100 Things challenge!}

    It's been awhile since I've posted for this, but since I'm currently writing a poetry analysis I thought I'd post. I actually found this poem by searching for background information for Gwendolyn Brook's 'the mother' poem. This one is called 'The Slave Mother' and it's by Frances E.W. Harper.

    Pimping! & stuff

    Apr. 21st, 2015 10:47 am
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    Every time I think New Dog is settling in, he does something... New. /o\
    Read more... )

    Read more... )

    Not prime time sign ups are now open! Lots of really fun fandoms! \o/

    I'll post my letter up once I've decided what I'm finalising - there's about 10 anime fandoms I like a lot. Tiger and Bunny is definitely one of them as I've got that burned on the brain at the moment. XD

    Since moving on to next pimp I'm doing a Tiger & Bunny pimp panel at Sinpozium which is a fun & small slash convention. @____@; It's still about a month away but I've pretty much memorised what I'm planning on saying at the panel, because Tiger & Bunny is super, super fun! \o/

    & final pimp

    The OTW’s looking for volunteers to create graphics for us & help tag wrangle at AO3. Click if that could be you, or help us by passing this on:

    Tag wranglers are the volunteers that work within the Archive to ensure that the varied forms of user-generated tags are sorted and filterable, without changing any of the specific tags the users choose, so that the archive users have an easier time finding the type of content they are looking for.

    Tag Wrangling is looking for volunteers in quite a few different fandoms, such as a variety of Video Games, Music & Bands, Celebrities & RPF Anime & Manga and Other Media (any fandoms >40 works on those lists I linked) + there are some more fandoms linked on the tag wrangling volunteer page here:

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    Apr. 20th, 2015 03:49 pm
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     I just want to take a moment to thank the folks who asked questions and commented on my thoughts as I analyzed Sidonia no Kishi and Shinatose Izana. I know playing someone who is both from a culture I know little of and who is gender neutral will be a challenge and I don't wish to walk into any pitfalls; to come off as harmful or annoying. Your comments have helped me look at problematic assumptions I've made and to look at the canon and character with different and hopefully more aware eyes.

    (no subject)

    Apr. 20th, 2015 11:50 am
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    Summary of most of the last 18 months:

    They adjusted my meds for one reason or another. It went badly. We undid the change, I got better. Just in time to try something new. Which went badly. Rinse and repeat.

    Latest change is an increase in my Lyrica (the one thing that's been any help with my sleep or the fibro pain). I didn't feel anything for the first day or two, but then spent most of Saturday too lightheaded to do much of anything. Yesterday, I still wasn't feeling right, but better than before. Sleeping more than usual, but that could be a sign that the Lyrica is helping me sleep more deeply. I hope that's it.

    At least I was well enough to make it to my cousin's wedding. Which is good in that everyone was glad to see me and the bride was very grateful I could make it and I got to spend a little time with my nieces and nephews.

    Only problem is that the band had their amps turned up to 11. My phone's (somewhat unreliable) sound meter app tells me they clocked in at 85 decibels, which is on the edge of what can cause permanent hearing damage. (I suspect the band has long since gone half deaf from doing this every weekend.) Fortunately, I carry a bag of earplugs with me wherever I go (hypersensitive ears, thanks to the fibro). Which is still not as well-prepared as my uncle was. He brought two pairs of high-end noise-dampening ear cup protectors. Wish I'd thought to bring mine.

    Managed to have a good time, though.

    Still waking up today. Kind of fuzzy-headed. But better than this time yesterday. I think my body is adjusting to the increased dosage. Then we'll get to see if there's any benefit to it. That would be a nice change.

    New York

    Apr. 20th, 2015 07:19 am
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    Via, hatman, are you still keen to meet up? My email adress should be visible on my profile if so.

    Anyone else want to catch up while I'm there?