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 I need to wrap up current OOMs I have in the works...well the ones that I have direct control over and aren't threads with other pups. I have too many in the air and I am beginning to feel overwhelmed, which tends to lead to me dropping threads out of desperation. I think about a third or half of what is on my to do list are things I can finish on my own, so I just need to get to it.

Fandom observaions

Mar. 5th, 2015 08:13 am
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 Things I've noticed by following Tumblr tags and fandoms.
1-Arguments will be redundant and will run in repeated cycles. Just when you think it's spun out, it will return.
2-No one looks at tags or content before posting things like, "Am I the only one that..."
3-Feuds can seem silly but you need to keep in mind that the person cares about what they are arguing/complaining about.

Also, I wish there were more variations on the name Spider-Woman so that Jessica Drew, Gwen Stacy, and Ult. Jessica Drew could each have their own space.
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'Today Is Your Final Chance To Get Free Delivery!' from The Works.

If you've not used them, it's rarer that they charge for it! About the only excuse is that they are talking about free delivery on any order... that's only sometimes the case.
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Did I mention I got more BPAL? I got more BPAL. I ordered myself some labels off Amazon, and two more little boxes.

Got in early. Was scared I'd calculated my calendar wrong, but actually hadn't. I arrived at a few minutes after 10, but the customer call wasn't until 11. The researchers did their thing, so I was off the hook as far as notes went.

Lunch was nice. There were only bell peppers in like two of the things, and those could be avoided. Thank fuck. I had a burrito.

I first got into a ticket war with, and then avoided, a helpdesk guy. (He closed it saying it was a dupe of another. I re-opened it because my symptoms were entirely the fuck different. He IMed me. I set myself to away after about 10 minutes.)

I mentioned to Purple a crush I may have started to develop, on an engineer with no known disqualifications. Purple teased me gently.

Helldesk apparently did not dump a load of ghost notifs on me today. I am sort of surprised.

I promised Carmageddon that I could come in for notes for the Thursday late-morning research. Yay.

I am so, so, so proud of fishie, who has been doing things that she might not have had the nerve to do even three months previous. Based on a little bit of experimentation with a lowball dose of her anxiolytic, she may have discovered a dose that is still effective, but she feels safe taking while in a public place.

Purple has now encountered the Men Explain Things To Me article, and IMed me with thoughts as he was reading through it. He identified the largest number of clue-averse, Pathologically 'Right' splainers in his life as 'Nutrition And Health Expert' women. We discussed Oblivious And Pathologically 'Right' Splaineyness as a cross-gender trait. Then I asked him whether he would consider me a misogynist. He wouldn't, but saw my point that hating women was not a man-only trait. Then I mentioned that despite not actually disliking other women, I had in fact discounted the technical expertise of other women, just because I am so steeped in a culture which undervalues and dismisses women's technical expertise. Hello unconscious bias! Then he hit the part where none of the men who had condescended their ignorant asses off to this woman had ever actually apologized. He was appalled, because saying sorry is his first step when he's wrong. Then he dug a bit into some of the body language based biases he has, and how that has the potential to go wrong based on other common things. I like this one and I should like to keep him around.

I told him about BJ vs. the Phone Cord. Fuckin' BJ.

Pi Day is approaching. I expressed my hope for pie. radius expressed his pie recipes. I tagged his wiki page helpfully.

Purple declared that he was thinking about escape around 7. Around 7:15, I pinged him to see where he was. He could finish that up at home, actually; he'd be right there!

Five minutes later, and no Purple. I puttered around putting little things to rights (hanging up a phone left on a conference line for two extra hours, re-doing my calendar, doing a checklist) and he eventually appeared.

I have learned that one of the inevitabilities of having a Purple in my life is that Purple has a lot of friends. Purple knows a lot of people. Despite his best intentions, he can have unexpected hallway conversations that last an hour. I am occasionally the beneficiary of these. I am lucky enough to be a person with whom he enjoys quasi-scheduled parking lot conversations. There's only so much time in his weeks. So how can I actually complain when someone else gets some time? This time it was only about 15-20. He was still sheepish.

One of my nails got a near-perfect coat of polish. Since it was some good polish, it dried before it could get scuffed, and the top coat dried before it could get scuffed either. Showing off nail polish in the low light of the parking lot is hard.

When I got home, I labeled BPAL and reviewed my step count. March 4th = bump-up. Whee!
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Came in early for the meeting between me and the helldesk people.

The meeting was not bad and now the vaguely project manager shaped person knows what the old ticketing system was like on a high level (High level overview of the security model: the person filing the ticket controls the "make this shit public/private" tickyboxes) and therefore why R&D feels this entitlement to see tickets related to public building areas of places that they inhabit. The engineer was sensible as always.

There are a few main problems:

* A lot of unrelated stuff is crammed into the same tower of responsibility because it's under the same management hat.
* Due to the back-end architecture, it is technically complex and perhaps unmaintainably tedious to grant public/private piecemeal amongst that tower of responsibility.
* Splitting them off into different towers at this point would be possibly fuckheadedly difficult.

Fortunately, the good engineer had a great idea.

Unfortunately, the next release is in April, and that release is jammed worse than the elevator at the Let's Ignore The Fire Code Fandom convention. So we're looking at May at the earliest, and of course it has a lot of possible things which could go wrong, so it needs extra testing.

Meanwhile, ghost updates continue.

I took notes for Carmageddon on his call with a small group of users.
Naturally, I was coughing while taking notes, until I punched a hole in the random lemon that was sitting on his desk and started sucking on it.

Then there was lunch, which Purple had called early, and I got to a bit late.
The cafe manager bought my lunch. She'd looked over the burrito station and gone a bit ballistic on them, because they clearly had not got the memo about not putting fucking bell peppers all the fuck over everything. I had, meanwhile, gone for whatever the wok was cooking. I could smell what the wok was cooking, and it smelled good. (I fished out the bell pepper chunks. You can fish bell pepper chunks out of stir-fry much better than a burrito.)

There was a meeting to discuss menu for conferences, which was supposed to be more of the committee, but wound up being just Madam Standards and me. Madam Standards was leaving a little later that afternoon for a road trip, so we made it brief.

No milkshake today.

Called helpdesk to complain about the 12 ghost updates which had just dropped in my inbox. Meanwhile, while I was on the phone, 6 more arrived.

Purple called time at a sensible hour. We walked out into the parking lot. We were nearly at my car (I'd parked nearer the building than usual due to my early arrival) when something whizzed past us from behind, quite close and very fast.

radius hollered at us from the bike, and circled us several times while making conversation and doing his best drunk bicyclist impression. We were amused. I giggled helplessly as he buzzed off into the night.

Earlier in the day, I'd issued what I'd felt was possibly an invitation to a flamewar on a mailing list. (Despite Purple's assumption, it was not [off-topic], it was an external list.) My feelings were that this one person had said basically 'hey you'll be working way over 40 hours on a regular basis PLUS you'll be pushed way past sensible performance limits, isn't that a great challenge?' and I thought this was a bad idea on par with giving Shawn a flamethrower in a barnful of hay. So I said as much, although phrased a little more tactfully.

That developed into a more serious conversation about overwork with Purple.

I called Dawn, who was having some family hard times. What is it with people's grandparents dying lately?

I came home to find that no one had taken me up on the possible invitation to a flamewar front, and there were several very thoughtful responses agreeing with me.
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Weekends always fuck up my sleep schedule. I did get six hours, and four hours of bonus nap on Sunday afternoon, but that wasn't enough, even though I did have nice clean laundry. That left me in a cranky as hell mood.

Purple worked from home, which is certainly a reasonable life choice for him to make (I didn't inquire as to why, and he didn't volunteer any information). That does make work a bit quieter and generally with a lower chance of hugs.

I popped into the cafeteria hoping that, having last week nearly actually started crying when one of the cashiers said something friendly about hoping I'd found what I'd wanted (I had not wanted a sandwich, I'd wanted a burrito, but there had been too god damn many bell peppers), that the message would have been passed on.

The problem with bell peppers:
Read more... )

The message had not been passed on. At the burrito station:

* Possibly-Spanish rice, garnished liberally with chopped bell peppers
* Light beans, garnished liberally with chopped bell peppers
* Dark beans, garnished liberally with chopped bell peppers
* Mixed grilled vegetables, with bell peppers as about 1/4 of the mix
* The meat I would have wanted, with bell peppers soaking in the juice
* The meat I would have settled for, if not for the bell peppers sprinkled over it
* The meat which probably would have had too much spice and/or tomato, but I might have tried, except that, too, had bell pepper all over it
* lettuce
* sour cream
* guacamole
* tomatoes, which I also need to be careful with Read more... )
* cheese
* various salsas, which, see the problem with tomatoes

At this point my blood sugar had started to do the thing. I popped over to the next line, which had chicken curry that I wasn't altogether certain about, but it was a short line and I was reasonably sure it wouldn't actually make me sick.

I stomped back to my desk and crankily picked at my curry. I knew that the bell peppers were not the thing actually giving me emotional flux, but they were certainly not making things any better. When I stomped off to the bathroom before declaring it time for a milkshake walk, I sobbed for about thirty seconds in the hopes that it would make me feel better. It didn't help much.

The helldesk thing is just complete escalating woe. At this point I've been getting like a few dozen ghost notifications a day, and the person who has been placed into a project management sort of role doesn't seem to understand why someone might want to be involved with someone else's facilities ticket.

Lunch being unsatisfying, I declared it time for a milkshake walk. radius stopped by my cube, and we went upstairs to retrieve Mr. Zune if he was about. He hadn't been about, but he was walking back toward his desk just as we approached. We waved him over, and he came with us.

There is still one peanut butter truffle taped to the local helpdesk door.

radius's weekend had included darning the little holes that a Macbook had chomped in his bright orange software-from-my-friend's-department t-shirt, and so he was wearing that. Mr. Zune and I admired the darning.

We greeted our faithful milkshake bunker commando, the one who knows me by name (but pronounces it subtly wrong in a way that no longer feels alien). I mentioned that I'd thought I'd seen him on Friday, but I wasn't quite sure. It had indeed been him -- there was a painful saga involving a malfunctioning trunk lift on a vehicle. There was bleeding.

I selected a cheese danish with a scoop of the chocolate-chocolate-chip ice cream, lactose be damned. (I believe I had in fact remembered to take my milk-pills this time.)

I related the saga of That Time I'd Not Recognized My Own Sister to Mr. Zune and radius. radius let me know that at some point in the future, "all of this" (his below-shoulder mane of mighty hair) was going away. He held up his badge for comparison/inspection. I studied it carefully.

Despite milkshake, I still had the headache.

I did hear back about the bell peppers. The cafe manager was apologetic and understanding. And then I told her about the various ways I had tried to give feedback. She became very apologetic, said she would get on the asses of those responsible, and could she comp my lunch the next day?

Purple's general understanding and patient qualities have been somewhat strained by the bell pepper saga. He is not actually sufficiently in the hospitality planning department of life to recognize that no, there is actually a problem when the same commonly averse/allergic ingredient is in all the dishes at one particular station. His position is that it's a common enough ingredient in the cuisine, it shouldn't be surprising that it's present. My position is: in EVERY GODDAMN DISH THO?!?!

There is research to be done, and believe me, I am still alive. I scheduled research participants. Yay.

At a reasonable hour, I decided it was time to pack up and go home, in part because I still had the headache. I said goodnight to Purple (who, happily for me, does show up on IM when he works from home) and went home.

Whatever I did to my hair, I regret it. I spent part of the evening brushing it out, with a spray bottle of oil to help the knots slide apart. I think part of the problem is that some of the ends have reached an awkward length.

Android update

Mar. 4th, 2015 05:51 pm
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And due to a perfect storm combination of UX fail and End User fail, my tablet actually hadn't switched to cellular to download updates, I had knocked the SIM card lose when I dropped the device the other morning. Why I had to go to several screens deep into the cellular setting before I saw anything that indicated it wasn't seeing the SIM card is beyond me. Yes, failure to connect automatically means the SIM card is loose in my book.

Of course had the celluar setting not lead to Data Usage and had Data Usage indicated it could mean either wifi or cellular (depending on which was active) could have lead to my confusion. Honestly, I'd like to take a ruler to the UX teams knuckles at this point.


Been enjoying Cucumber? (spoiled) 2

Mar. 4th, 2015 06:38 pm
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It's been two small steps forward, one giant leap back really. TW: sexual violence )

(no subject)

Mar. 4th, 2015 07:58 am
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 So it looks like the latest Android OS will use cellular when it can't find your wifi, even if you have your cellular turned off. Good to know. WOuld have been nice to know before it hosed my monthly data allotment for the month though.


I am never buying an Andriod tablet again. I've had nothing but problems with my Nexus 7, above and beyond buying the first wave of a technology, and most of it centered around its cellular. Only a few months left on my contract...
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I had been chatting with [personal profile] sithjawa on Friday night about weather. Specifically, we had been discussing the nature of "sleet" and "hail", in light of a SF Bay Area weather forecast about same.

The types of sky-water under discussion were:
Non-small and often irregular chunks of frozen sky-water
Small, round, frozen pellets of sky-water
Fluffy crystalline structures of sky-water
Half-frozen, half-liquid sky slushie

I held that sky-slushie is sleet, and small frozen pellets are still hail. No one was disputing the large frozen chunks being hail, nor the fluffy ones being snow. Apparently some places call the small round frozen pellets "sleet", and the sky-slushie "wintery mix". I hold that "wintery mix" is the worst kind of snack food, and involves some ungodly mix of different types of cold precipitation.

I woke up earlier than expected. This was good, because it let me get started. I had vague hopes we'd be able to actually get to the 2:30 movie in Union City. So I had breakfast, did some car-cleaning (including the long-awaited swap of foot mats and vacuuming), and I was out by sometime after 1.

Tif and I had tried planning our afternoon around seeing Jupiter Ascending, but the "wintery mix" falling out of the sky ensured that we would be too late to see the 2:30 showing where we wanted to go. So we went to Home Depot (across the way from our usual shopping pursuits) via Starbucks.

Now, the thing about seeing a movie that's not doing so great at the box office is, the box office stops giving it that many slots as things trail off. By now, Jupiter Ascending is at two usable showings per theatre, max. (By "usable", I mean that neither of us should be having with 3D.)

We discussed where to go next. She had some errands to run at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. We found one of those was just a few miles down the road. Then she got the idea to see if there was a theatre anywhere near that.

Not only was there a theatre near there, but it was showing the movie within a reasonable length of time. We hit the road, and it was not terrible, and Tif even had time to text back and forth with Fairlight a bit, teasing him a little about his upcoming birthday. (Happy Birthday! Hope it was good!)

We managed to get to the mall, find the theatre, get parked, get tickets, navigate the concessions, find seats, and take turns in the bathroom, before the movie started. I sat back down in my seat just as the screen wavered into the logos.

I went into Jupiter Ascending expecting the following things:
Read more... )

What I got:
Read more... )

Was it good? Well, there were two action sequences during which I could have easily taken a bathroom run with no real harm done to my understanding of the movie. Which is often a sign that the editor needs to take up a sawed-off pool noodle and wallop the nearest Wachowski with it.

Did I enjoy it? Heck yes.

We located BB&B, our reason for coming to the mall. By this time it was very dark and also rainy. The shades were sort of drawn and it looked very deserted. We sort of wondered if they were even open. They were basically deserted inside, but open. Unfortunately they did not even have the section she was looking for, but we only learned that after going around the entire store. Then the one open register closed just as I went up to it, so we checked out at customer service.

Tif did something terrible to her foot over the last few months. Recently it has progressed from kinda not good to ow kinda fuckin' broken. I assured her that she would be taking the little cart at our next stop.

The reason I do these shopping runs with Tif, besides that we always enjoy ourselves on them, is that Tif doesn't drive. The reason Tif doesn't drive is that she doesn't have a license. The reason she doesn't have a license? Well, that involves a little bit of a lack of depth perception, which is sort of a really bad plan at highway speeds.

Tif had a certain amount of trepidation about the topic of driving a store scooter.

It all went basically okay, though. Our usual hour of attack means that they're restocking the store and have made the aisles into a general accessibility nightmare, but either there's that or there are crowds, and at least giant pallets of god-knows-what don't give me the crawlin' freakouts. So there were a few tight corners and one place that she tried to back out of but stuff was in the way and eventually she asked me to clear the way forward and I did. But she drove the thing! And she did stunningly well at backing up for a novice.

Our plan was that we would eschew any frozen groceries until after movie and/or dinner, but Tif was tired enough after that round of shopping that she reckoned we could go further afield if we didn't have to come back for frozen stuff: she could get frozen stuff elsewhere. So we went in search of a Red Robin. There was one just down the way, Google said!

Google steered us to a really deserted-looking mall. The mall itself was very closed after 9pm. The parking lot was sparsely lit. There were some neoned-up outbuildings, but we saw a car maybe once every five minutes.

"This is where go to get murdered by lunatics," Tif said quite definitely, or words to that effect.

There was no Red Robin. Tif found another one, somewhere at the ass-end of the Bay. We thought we could get there before they closed, and we thought right!

Unfortunately, apparently movie popcorn has gluten. :( So Tif did not enjoy the post-movie time as much as she otherwise might have.

Having a character named Mike and having a buddy named Mike who occasionally shows up in work stories results in some really awkward namespace collisions. My character Mike, when his books are -- okay, Mike says that they're not his books, they're his wife's boo -- MIKE YOU FUCKER, THANKS FOR LETTING ME KNOW YOU GOT MARRIED -- ks, and he's just the chatty one one who can see me -- anyway, when I'm working on those books such that they're in my brainspace, he is the Mike, and all others are lesser. (He says thanks. And points at the terrible Mike in his class group.)

On the way back, we stopped off in a friendly parking lot in San Bruno so I could fish the ibuprofen out of my handbag, and a diet coke out of Tif's groceries in the trunk. Then we got stuff unloaded back at her place. I got annoyed enough by the rapidly cycling streetlight that I looked up how to report those. Because it's San Francisco, there's an app. Because it's a poorly funded local government dealie, it's got problems. Because I'm me, after I reported the streetlight, I sent feedback on the app via their very broken in-app feedback link. I'm not sure how they managed to do that thing, but it's amazingly broken.

Sunday: sleep, laundry, and sorting BPAL.

I have three little ammo cases mostly full of BPAL imps. I keep them alphabetized. I will be exploring certain means of identification.

I had played in perhaps a few too many of [community profile] synecdochic_decants' circles, so I had many things to file ... especially as I had just got a shipping notice of more on the way.


Mar. 4th, 2015 11:17 am
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So I sucked it up and did a food intolerance test, because I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Moral of the story is you'll probably be happier not knowing since food intolerances are almost always something you eat regularly and would find difficult to give up.

Mild intolerance to milk proteins and egg.
Stronger intolerance to wheat and yeast (strongest reaction was to yeast).

fff.... and I'm supposed to go on an elimination diet where I don't have those things for three months; where I have to be careful to rotate ALL food (as if I go overboard with a replacement I'm likely to develop an intolerance to that) and then slowly reintroduce on a rotation the other foods.

This is basically what they've told me to avoid:
Basically, bread, alcohol, stock, vinegar, fermented or ripe foods, most vitamin B tablets, vegemite and co;

In addition, although it's not on that list they said to avoid fungi and mushrooms.

Yogurt is a double whammy for both the milk and the yeast; as is a lot of cheese.

And looking for clarification on the "there is a form of yeast that is naturally present on ripe":
Avoid all fruit except green apples and berries.


They say when going on an elimination diet you should focus more on what you can eat as opposed to what you can't. And I was prepared for the first three, I was expecting the first two even since they're related and I knew I was having issues with milk specifically (probably lactose in addition to the milk protein). Those would of been kind of sucky but relatively easily doable.

But yeast. /o\

ETA: yeast is so common that even yeast-free recipes are not infrequently containing ingredients that should contain yeast. Like apple cider vinegar contains yeast remnants often - apple cider vinegar is good if your going on a candida diet - you've got a candida overgrowth and are trying to avoid feeding it as apple cider vinegar kills it. Not so great if your issue is avoiding yeast itself due to intolerance.

(no subject)

Mar. 3rd, 2015 10:18 am
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 Crap. Reading interviews and such regarding Star Wars Rebels and things, I realize I need to get rid of Ahsoka's lightsabers. I think I'll have her chose to leave them behind so she can truly leave being a Jedi behind her. Or something.

Deep Breaths

Mar. 3rd, 2015 08:25 am
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 I was riding the high of watching Big Hero 6 and the finale of Star Wars Rebels, then a mistake I made last year just came to light and it was a doozy. The joys of the print world where projects you are working on don't become reality until months later.
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I woke up and got online to the devastating news that Leonard Nimoy had died.

Some months ago, Purple and I had discussed the way that both of us, and a lot of weird nerd children, had had a particular alien who had helped us get through a fuckton of loneliness and rejection by our alleged peers. His alien had been Mork. My alien had been Spock. After I cried hysterically in #yuletide for a few minutes, I guess the brief idea of calling out grieving floated through my mind but didn't attach to anything: I knew without even having to think about it that the news would be bouncing through #cupcake and [off-topic] and I would be among fellow mourners. I grieve with thee.

While my fingers and eyes were working, my brain spent a good chunk of the morning before lunch curled up next to a friend.

Over lunch (pizza, because the burritos are contaminated this week) I happened to mention that I'd gone to bed without writing about the day on Thursday night. Purple asked how much I typically wrote. I made a reasonable guess. After what I reckoned to be smiling at the quaint measurement system, he was impressed, because 3-4 kilobytes of text is not a small amount to just dash off, and he would probably not generate that much text about what he'd done in a day (and this is why he doesn't keep a journal). I allowed as how some days were more than others, and I did things like foreshadow and put in running themes. I gave the SUV thing as an example of a thing that I would have woven throughout the day until it reached the culmination in the parking lot. "You wouldn't have even recognized that it was the same guy who passed us if I hadn't told you!" he pointed out. (Let alone the part where I didn't even register that someone had passed us.) Hooray faceblindness.

So tonight, after writing up Thursday properly, I checked to see how much text I'd generated. That one was a little over 9 kilobytes. Oops.

Purple and I had been having a quiet conversation about Leonard Nimoy, a bit, and I was feeling sad, when Lennon Glasses Guy and one of the other lunch crowd turned to Purple to ask them to solve a debate: what exactly did it fuck up when there were two copies of one mac address on the same network. That got Purple going. He's the guy that everyone turns to as an authority about many of these things. So he held forth. It turned out that he had in fact personally experienced the bad effects of a MAC address conflict at work. His not!boyfriend had said: "Purple, I just logged in to your dev box..." Turns out a lab machine had faked the same MAC as Purple's. Oops.

I asked Madam Standards how many colors black I was wearing. She had not realized that there was so much variation in the things that she had thought were just 'black'. This was apropos of The Dress. (She and I do not see eye to eye.)

Got a chance to chat with my manager on her way out the door. She's had the flu, and there were allergies overlapping; she said something about all the yellow dust. I made an Amber Spyglass crack. She giggled.

Between all of the things that were going on, there was no milkshake run. radius discovered that he was actually kind of hungry, and his side of the office had run out of M&Ms and no one had restocked them in the afternoon. There were also no gingersnaps.

I reckoned that I needed a walk to clear my head, and it was also time that I checked in with lb's Overlady, so I decided a supply run could be in order. I grabbed a few little plastic cups and got together some chocolate covered espresso beans, a ginger cookie out of my break room, and some M&Ms. That was a little more than was easy to carry, so I stuffed the espresso beans in a mug, balanced the cookie on a napkin on top, and carried the M&Ms in my other hand.

Going out doors is easy. Going in doors often requires a badge. So I swapped the M&Ms to balance them on top of the cookie, operated the badge with my right hand, and opened the door with my left hand -- and promptly spilled the M&Ms off the top of the cookie onto the floor. As I tried desperately to salvage the situation, the cookie toppled as well.

I picked up the scattered M&Ms, looked at them and the cookie sadly, and put them in the nearest compost trash. Friends don't give friends floor cookies. At least I had the espresso beans, protected within the cheerfully patterned mug.

radius was glad to see the espresso beans. I cautioned him against overenthusiasm, as caffeine poisoning often offends.

My next stop was lb's Overlady, who gave me intelligence that the new guy, the one who was taking over everything after the last three clowns had been shuffled out, was also not much longer for the company, and his last day would be ... Friday! Yay! She urged caution and diplomacy. She was also glad to see the chocolate covered espresso beans.

A friend in another department did some research. Now, there is always a small element of Musical Executives. It is a very small valley. Thus we learned a few things:

The incoming exec implemented something based on the same root technology as the helldesk program at his old place.
The incoming exec is therefore unlikely to discard the helldesk software out of hand.
The incoming exec may actually know what $SOFTWARE looks like when it's functioning properly.
The incoming exec, if we are very very lucky, may recognize the helldesk situation as being terrible.

Lannister has a helldesk derivative of her own to deal with. She did not escape unscathed.

I'd had to do my hours first thing in the morning, because this was the day that the Old Contractor Management Company was letting go of me, and therefore I had to do my hours ASAP so they could get them put in ASAP and get everything done in the coming week. So 7pm was my deadline. I'd be done by then. Purple pinged me about dinner. I assented. This time I would not do dumb car tricks!

Purple thought he saw a little white car behind him as he made the U-turn, but it was a different little white car. It's so hard to tell these things in the dark.

We wound up attempting to explain Cards Against Humanity to Ms. Antisocialest Butterfly. It was great.

I saw a guy who looked almost exactly like the guy who runs the Secret Milkshake Bunker, except he was wearing an orange headband, walking out. However, my facial recognition skills are dodgy at best, so Purple was not at all sure that this was the right guy.

Purple got something with a side dish of sour cream. So did Ms. Antisocialest Butterfly. Mine didn't have it. Purple had extra, and offered me some. My knife was covered with the very bright red sauce that was all over the ... cheese thing.

"Sorry for getting my sauce in your sour cream," I said.

Ms. Antisocialest Butterfly made the face that meant that she was thinking dirty, dirty thoughts.

I made the appalled face, and it was only a tiny bit forced. "Oh god no," I said. "I know we're very close, but we're not THAT kind of friends."

Purple didn't entirely follow exactly what she'd meant, but he knew it was entirely filthy. Heh.

I have been enjoying doing all the bill-related math in my head. It makes a fun exercise for me. It had been a while since I'd refreshed my cash on hand, so I retrieved some fives and rather a lot of ones. Ms. Antisocialest Butterfly stared. "Why do...?"

"Ice cream," I said. That didn't actually answer anything.

Purple clarified: when you get a $3-and-something serving of ice cream using decimal currency, you get a lot of ones. I'm not actually a stripper. :D

It came time to go home. I claimed a hug goodnight. "See you tomorrow!" Purple started to say, and then corrected himself. We both had plans. Mine involved shopping with Tif, and Jupiter Rising. He said I'd have to tell him whether he should watch it or not.

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Mar. 2nd, 2015 06:37 pm
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 Spoilers for the finale of Star Wars Rebels behind the cut.

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Mar. 2nd, 2015 12:40 pm
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 Brainstorming behind the cut for a story idea I have...

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Stress, interviews, children

Mar. 2nd, 2015 07:46 pm
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I could say this a million times, but anyone who is a stay at home parent of one child, let alone more than one, is incredible in my eyes. If they have mroe than one child then I really don't know how they do it. I found things hard on maternity leave with Sam, particularly as he got older and more demanding, and the return to work was a relief. Now back on maternity and things are even harder. Sam is more demanding than ever - probably due to the jealousy of little sister combined with the novelty of mum being at home all the time. Evie just feels harder to entertain (possibly because if I'm concentrating on Evie I feel guilty for not spending time with Sam, and vice versa) and I can't remember what I spent my days doing with Sam. And poor M has to do so much while I'm failing to cope with doing more than breastfeeding and cuddling. If I didn't babywear I really don't think I'd manage at all - it's the most successful way of getting Evie to sleep at the moment.

Things haven't been helped this week by Evie having a bad cold. She's a pretty good sleeper at the moment: 4-6 hours when I first put her down, then up every 2-3 hours until morning (so with morning being anywhere from 4:30 - 6:00 depending on Sams' wakeup time that's 2-3 wake-ups a night). But with the cold it's been almost impossible to put her down. The first night of the cold she wouldn't sleep without me holding one or both of her hands: I finally got an hour sleep when I got M to hold her while I slept on his side of the bed. The second night she wouldn't let me put her in the cot at all (the cot is sidecarred to the bed to make life easier for all of us), so she was in my arms all night: I actually slept a little better but she woke up more often and as I kept trying to put her in the cot I wasted a lot of time doing that. And then last night she was a little better, and I did get her to sleep in the cot most of the night but after long attempts to get her in, and finally gave in and brought her into bed. Last night was the worst in many ways though. I was tired and stressed out and had meant to be spending the evening prepping for an interview, but she refused to settle so I couldn't (and my much needed icecream had barely a spoonful removed before it was returned to the freezer). On various occasions I shouted out that I couldn't do it anymore and risked waking up Sam (who was now getting the cold and coughing half the night himself). And then today Sam was feeling so rough he wouldn't nap more than half an hour - the only respite M and I get during the day.

But tonight things seem to be better. Evie is sleeping beside me and has settled herself back to sleep a few times - something that wasn't happened the last few nights. I've done my interview prep (I'll do some more tomorrow before I head in), and Sam is also asleep. I've admittedly bitten my thumbnail right down and feel dead tired (but don't want to sleep yet as I've got the time to do things). Hell, I've even managed to express some milk for M to give Evie while I'm out at the interview.

I've chosen to parent in a specific way, well, not chose, it's just how I've realised I parent and I couldn't do it anyway. The gentle, attachment way, although in many ways I don't fit into other parents who fit into that category. I also call it the hard way. Sometimes I envy the sister-in-law who's chosen to formula feed and cry it out with her children, and who shoves one or more of them (she has three) on the in-laws whenever she wants a break or needs to concentrate on one cause he's ill, and who does naughty step and other things that I wouldn't do. But then I look at my amazing son and I know that our parenting style has helped form the boy he's becoming - it's helping give him a good emotional grounding that means he's hopefully not as fucked up as his parents. And I know that I couldn't live with myself if I parented in the more 'traditional' way - or rather the more modern way as breastfeeding, babywearing, co-sleeping, and even baby-led weaning is all the traditional methods. (The relatively gender neutral way I guess is slightly more modern and less traditional)

I'm not really getting anywhere with this post am I? Just rambling. But I think what I'm trying to say is that last night I felt a terrible parent because I just could not cope with Evie and the lack of sleep (which is so much better than Sam's was this time last year). But I know that that's just because I'm parenting in a way that makes life hard for me, but hopefully better for my kids, and I couldn't do it any other way.

Doesn't stop me stressing though, particularly when I have an interview tomorrow, a website to build for my doula, and no time to crochet.

another good weekend

Mar. 2nd, 2015 01:55 pm
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On Friday we went to the fish fry at our local VFW hall. This is the third time I've gone, and it was just as good as the last two times.

Saturday morning I finished my BAMCAL blanket, finally. Just in time for the end of round 1 of Nerdopolis, which I submitted it to in the Area 51 category. Saturday night was pizza, which we usually have on Friday, so that was a bit weird (but good!).

On Sunday I completed Final Fantasy XIII-2. I still have some achievements to unlock, but the story itself is 100% finished. I immediately went out to obtain Lightning Returns. Alas, my local GameStop did not have it. I checked Best Buy, too, since I was in the area but didn't expect them to have it (they didn't). I'm going to check a different GameStop tomorrow after my therapy appointment. I really hope I can find it, because XIII-2 ends on a bit of a cliffhanger and I want to know what happens next!

I also stopped at Joann to pick up some size 9 needles for a new ministry shawl. I'm doing 198 Yards of Heaven but continuing on in pattern to make it bigger. I started it yesterday and knit for about two hours. Then I was bored and went to bed early.

home again, with words

Mar. 2nd, 2015 11:30 am
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I am home from the Rainforest Writers Village retreat, where I coined a new-to-me word (thaumobabble, the urban fantasy equivalent of technobabble), saw some old friends and met some new ones, and generally had a good time.

The weekend is best summed up by this photo.

More seriously, I wrote some 2600 fiction words, interspersed with stream-of-consciousness plot noodling to figure out how I'm actually getting from point A (the opening) to points X, Y, and Z (the action/suspense climax, emotional climax, and aftermath), and whether any of those points will look at all like my original conception. (Spoiler: kind of but not a lot.) This is kind of a big deal: in the last three years I've noodled on a couple of stories but never got past the 'crap what happens now' point after the initial burst of inspiration. It'll be good to finish something and I think it's doable.

A couple of years ago I had the idea to start a story pendulum: write two, revise the first, write a third, revise the second, etc. At the time, with work etc, I'd thought a month for each swing would be reasonable. I'll start trying to get that but I'd really like to get it down to two weeks, or maybe three for writing and one for revising.

To do today-ish, in no particular order:
  • Write this post WIKTORY
  • Email: [personal profile] uilos, Karawynn, Sonya, others?
  • Deal with pile of mail
  • Call Long & McQuade re viola No sign of it yet. Bah. Should have ordered it myself direct from the manufacturer.
  • Writing: work out character motivations, which will I hope explicate plot & climax
  • Viola practice
  • Box game for shipping, get shipping quote
  • Sort through receipts from this weekend, wince at exchange rate