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Jul. 5th, 2015 12:58 pm
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 Wait, Sam Wilson is in Ant-Man?!?!?!? And confirmed at IMDB. \o/

Guess who made takoyaki today

Jul. 5th, 2015 05:24 pm
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(Technically it's not because we used sausage instead of octopus -- but it came out pretty well!)

So much disco in such a tiny box.

Jul. 4th, 2015 01:28 am
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12:13 PM * Azz ambles in a Silly Valley-ward direction
12:25 PM <Purple> hope Azz isn't going to work

Azz was, in fact, going to work. Partly because a conference week is not the world's most bountiful paycheck week (and therefore a four-day week the next week isn't the best choice) and partly because work has air conditioning.

I proceeded to turn on my disco lights and blast* Abney Park while catching up on the paperwork that drives my normal uncanny ability to remember arbitrary weird things.

* for values of "blast" that became nearly inaudible once you reached the bathrooms.

radius was also at work enjoying the air conditioning, as I learned once I checked in on IRC. He'd gone down to Curmudgeon* City to hack on some fun stuff, since it was a weekend.

* They're not jerks per se, but their group's team chat has an honorable history of being displayed in the team area using Microsoft Comic Chat.

The security guy came through and poked at the door, which was unlocking itself, accompanied by irritated beeping when you tried to lock it, again. He was seen on the phone, with some gesticulation. He went away. He returned with a buddy. They both poked at the door, which was no longer doing the thing. They went away.

Eventually it became closer to evening. radius and I made plans for dinner. Sensibly, he proposed that I drive us both, rather than having him go separately on his bike, as bike and dinner dress codes often differ. I was agreeable, but added that I would have to unearth the front seat of the car.

"I can sit on it," he demurred, not having seen what was in the seat.

"No, you cannot," I said, and proceeded to shuffle an amazing number of things out of my front seat: one of those fabric boxes that goes in the big IKEA cube shelves (filled with all manner of road trip snacks and less edible items such as alcohol wipes), any number of soft drink cups, cans, and bottles, a few used napkins, the empty container of blueberries that figured so prominently in Sunday's digestive misadventures*, a box of tampons, several cherry pits, an expended alcohol wipe, a household size fire extinguisher, and about five blueberries that had fallen down behind the snack box. The fire extinguisher wasn't exactly a surprise, because I knew it was there, but I'd sort of glossed over it in my mental accounting, which was mostly "all god's soda cans". radius helped by relaying a few trips to the bins. Mostly the fire extinguisher is in the car because you don't want a car to do something terrible without you have a fire extinguisher; not that I'm expecting him to do something terrible, but it would be just like a car to go ahead and do something like that if you didn't have one handy. So.

* 2 pounds of blueberries eaten over the course of about 11 hours of Saturday without actual solid food? after 2pm-ish? Not my best life choice.

We then went for dinner and gossip. I introduced him to the Book of Wholesome Hobbies. It's starting to get unwieldy, and I may have to start categorizing. There are an awful lot of prohibitions based on fire.

Eventually we traipsed back to work. I spent some more time whacking chunks of text around. The door started doing the thing again, of course when the other security guard wasn't looking. The first guy seemed frustrated. After he left, I went and poked at it myself. I went outside and badged the door, but didn't open it. The unlock window timed out, and the master door locked itself. Somewhat hesitantly, the problem door followed suit. So I may have figured out how to make it stop doing the thing. Next I need to figure out how to make it do the thing on command.

My notes are in better shape. Hooray!

My plans for tomorrow are approximately:

* Make ice.
* Fetch strawberries.
* Wait for evening to set in.
* Take ice, strawberries, liquid, and a lawn chair down the waterfront and set up.
* Watch other people let off fireworks.
* Share strawberries as appropriate.

words are hard. also worlds.

Jul. 3rd, 2015 05:22 pm
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It turns out that writing a novel from scratch is hard. Who knew? I mean, other than everyone who's ever tried.

process babble )

Game of the Week: Fluxx

Jul. 3rd, 2015 03:50 pm
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Fluxx at Board Game Geek

Fluxx is a card game of changing rules for two or more players. One of the fun things about Fluxx is that new players can join the game at any time. The game starts with each person being dealt three cards. One player then goes first. The basic rule is "Draw 1 card, play 1 card". In Fluxx version 3.0 (the version I own), there are four types of cards: (1) Keepers; (2) New Rule; (3) Action; and (4) Goals. Keepers are played face-up in front of you. New Rule cards are played in the center of the table. New Rules take effect immediately; for example, if a New Rule says you can only have 1 card in your hand, everybody must immediately discard cards until they have 1 card remaining. There can be multiple New Rules in play at a time, but if a New Rule contradicts an older rule, the older rule is discarded.

Action cards are followed as written when played. An example would be "Draw 2 cards and use 'em" in which you draw two cards and play them in the order you choose.

Goal cards describe the current goal of the game. One of my favorite goals is "The person who has both the Milk and Cookies Keeper cards is the winner."

Play continues, with each person playing a Keeper, New Rule, Action, or GOal card until the current goal is met.

Fluxx was featured on an episode of **Tabletop**, Wil Wheaton's board game webseries. You can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oj6C1CBXPvc
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Called [personal profile] norabombay this morning; she was driving through some spotty coverage areas and it was difficult to hear her cunning fic plans involving a Sherlock + Vanyel the Last Herald-Mage crossover.

The work QUILTBAG club has started up meetings again. The guy who was doing most of the organizing got super busy, yadda yadda, and I think this is the first time I've been able to make a meeting in over a year (and mostly because of lack of meetings). It was lunch and mimosas (bring your own lunch) in the milkshake bunker. I arrived a bit late and slid in at the end of the table. A little later a few other people showed up, making about a dozen of us, and two non-dudes.

We toasted around the table. My friend the usual organizer is nervous of champagne bottles, and somewhere along the line I seem to have become decent at popping the cork with only a little bang and a breath of vapor, given a nice sturdy table to put the thing on. I opened the bottle of strawberry syrup, which made some interesting variations on mimosa.

We talked about where we'd been when we heard about the decision. I'd been at Open Source Bridge, of course, and I'd woken up around 7:30 and I saw the news on Twitter, and I was delighted. [personal profile] kareila came in and told me there was good news. We squeed about it for a bit. That, of course, was the morning after Thursday night; on Thursday night after the code push, some of us had wound up in [personal profile] kaberett and [personal profile] me_and and [personal profile] woggy's hotel room talking until about two-ish, and I'd been up until about three-ish. So after chatting with [personal profile] kareila for a bit, I went promptly back to sleep.

I was not tight as an owl when I traipsed back down the hill, but I was a tad giggly.

I promptly found myself in the middle of the wrap-up meeting for the conference. I have proposed that the search for external speakers commence basically immediately, since that part takes the longest and caused quite a bit of angst last time around.

Readers, if you ever ask a group of which I am a member a question shaped like "What's the minimum amount of work I have to do in order to make my software 508 compliant? Asking for a friend!" -- please do not be surprised if you find yourself in receipt of a broadside from the Accessibility Cannon that begins something like "THE FUCK YOU SAY. HOW ABOUT YOU STOP TRYING TO DO THE MINIMUM AMOUNT OF WORK NECESSARY TO COMPLY WITH THE LETTER OF THE LAW AND START THINKING ABOUT 'HEY IF I'M A USER WITH THESE CONSTRAINTS, CAN I USE THE FUCKING SOFTWARE?' P.S. THINKING ABOUT IT AS IMAGES WILL DOOM YOU TO FAILURE, THINK ABOUT IT AS INFORMATION THAT THE USER CAN CONSUME IN A FORMAT OF THEIR CHOICE. ENJOY THE USER EXPERIENCE OFFICE HOURS." As it happens, I got a (public and somewhat defensive) response that they were doing things right really, it's just that they were in review phase and they wanted to know what to expect/brace for, and then I got a (directly to me, from someone else) response dancing around the concept that maybe I could be less of a blistering asshole about it up front.

I topped that off by running into someone who thought that the slide-video based training system was the equivalent of documentation, and wrote "$TRAININGVIDEOSYSTEM is not a substitute for documentation" several times on not!Facebook, with a few points which documentation has that $TRAININGVIDEOSYSTEM doesn't:
* Does not require registration
* Does not require completing a course
* Renders on a maximum number of browsers, ideally in plain ol' HTML
* Explains how to do various tasks without starting at 101 each time
* Doesn't require a title card, theme music, or (necessarily) images

At which point I paused, contemplated life for a bit, and then opened up the Aleve jar on the grounds that I was about to have cramps from hell, because clearly my period was about to hit. (And it did.)

Purple skived off early for the weekend when a friend of his wanted to do something. I didn't stay too late, and wound up back on the correct side of the Bay before Costco closed. I chatted with Nora again, who had made it home safely.

I have had various things from Abney Park in my head all day, because yesterday I introduced them to Mr. Sub-tle and the Dean. I have a long game in mind.

i do things!

Jul. 2nd, 2015 10:10 pm
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What a week, and it's not even over yet.

Mon thru Wed )

Today I finished reading Samuel Delany's Babel-17, which is brilliant and everyone should read it. The most recent edition (from Vintage) also includes Delany's story "Empire Star," which is written by a character in Babel-17, and is either brilliant or stupid and I cannot decide which.

Also today there was ziplining, which wants its own rant. But I'm tired and this is quite long enough already. Tomorrow.

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Jul. 2nd, 2015 09:53 pm
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A decade or so back, Marvel did a miniseries about Daredevil's early career. Daredevil's original costume was yellow, so the book was titled "Daredevil: Yellow." (And that really influenced the coloring of the comic. One of the little things I loved about the Netflix series is that they took a cue from that book and had a lot of yellow backgrounds, with the gradual introduction of bits of red towards the end.)

That became something of a tradition for Marvel. In the years since, they've done flashback miniseries about other characters, each named for a color prominent in that character's costume. Spider-Man: Blue, and so on.

More recently, Marvel made a big move by depowering Steve Rogers and having his longtime partner, Sam Wilson (The Falcon) take over as Captain America. You may recall the media buzz over a year ago about the new Captain America being a Black man.

Right now, Marvel is in the midst of what may be their largest event yet, resetting the entire multiverse to introduce a new, more up to date status quo. Spider-Man will be Miles Morales, the biracial teen who took over as Spider-Man in the Ultimate universe, there will be more emphasis on female characters, including an all-female team of Avengers, a spotlight on the new Ms. Marvel, a Muslim girl, and so on. On the other hand, while Logan himself will be dead, there will be two characters who go by Wolverine. Because you can never have enough Wolverine, apparently.

It's not clear yet what will happen with many other characters. The event is just starting, and Marvel themselves may not have decided. But they did announce a new flashback miniseries about Captain America's early days in WWII.

See if you can spot the problematic part of that.

I really wonder what they were thinking.


Text: Captain America
Image: Steve Rogers as Captain America shouts as he powerfully holds up his shield.
Text: WHITE)
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Today was another day of catching up. It started out not entirely well-omened, with the shadows of distressing dreams, and too hot, to the point that wearing one of the normal thickness cardigans was making me panic at the thought of overheating, badly enough that I wouldn't be able to leave. So I dug through the laundry until I found the thin soft black cardigan, the previously maligned one with the "drop pockets" which drop things out of them reliably. (Bare arms wouldn't have done either: sun, and I have some body-shyness with my upper arms. Though I'm becoming okay with going bare-armed around my team, indoors, out of the sun.)

The rest of Purple's crew had been delayed, so it was just us outside at one of the little umbrella tables for four that we usually cram with at least six, sometimes up to ten.

We'd run into R on our way out; she'd regaled us with tales of horror and woe. She's going to Colorado for a couple weeks to spend time with her ailing mother.

"No meetings this afternoon?" she'd asked Purple, indicating the onions on his tacos. That hadn't really been a consideration for him.

An irreverent onion-related poll )

One of the guys had been trying to poll for dinner soonish, and hoped to get some of the things hashed out over a milkshake. So we went up to the milkshake bunker.

This guy, the new guy, is one of the guys in that notable corner office with the mommy and daddy bananas, the minion, and ET. The office also has 7 of 9, and enough booze to intoxicate an entire Borg cube.

There are plans to renovate the milkshake bunker and add a genius bar. The locals are dubious. I inquired, and got back reassurances that the milkshake bunker will still be good for milkshakes during most of the swapping around, the genius bar is going into the now former catering office, and the catering office is moving into the nearby conference room (I think). They're swapping furniture around as well. We shall see.

There was various hilarity, including wireless networking problems, UK and Australia vs. US electrical woes, a new face comparison for the Australia plugs that is not horrible and is in fact the Scary Movie mask, and accidental desk hockey. Purple and Mr. Zune had been playing with their ice cream cups, and skidding them across the table a bit. Mr. Zune accidentally flung his across the table between Purple's arms. This was declared a goal, despite Purple declaring that he wasn't playing hockey. Then Purple licked his spoon, wiped it off on his pants, and began brushing at the table with it, declaring that he was curling.

I spent a good amount of last week laughing. Today's milkshake walk filled this week's laughter quota.

Shortly thereafter, the Dean showed up. He very nearly threw himself onto the table and slid down it, which would have been exactly perfect. I promptly lost the words that I was looking for to communicate that we needed to set up plans for the ... the ... I gestured a rolling ball, a hat, a whip. The thirteen-year-olds I was with interpreted it all as BDSM. Thanks, thirteen-year-olds. After the Dean headed off, I found words again. "INDIANA JONES." The "You perverts." was unspoken. <3

The guy from the office of the suspiciously gendered bananas has an implanted medical device, and therefore needs to avoid hobbies like arc welding, making tesla coils, and being in the vicinity of that former Hitachi magic wand of mine that interfered with that keyboard. We never did get the dinner plans nailed down.

The attempt to get my entire team on versions of Adobe Creative Suite from the century of the fruitbat continues. Still.

Rocky's father-in-law died last week. The Stage Manager sent a fruit basket, which will do a large part to help Rocky's wife survive the memorial, as her mother does not really keep fruit around and she basically lives on it. I expressed my condolences, and he talked about things.

The weather changed, enough that it could be felt inside. I felt much better, although still sticky.

In advance of the latest round of helldesk software improvements, I tried to order my thoughts onto a wiki page. It took me about fifteen bullet points before the lack of horizontal scrollbars (when content would otherwise get cut off by a narrow aperture) caused me to emit grawlix and promise to publicly embarrass myself and everyone else if it happened one more time. I shared this wiki page with main-channel of internal IRC, and that was when the usually patient guy on a friend's team (who has been watching this whole thing unfold and getting steadily less patient) apparently first got his hands on my wiki page of sortable grousing. I could see him going point by point down the list of tickets and getting steadily more frothy.

There was, at one point, a survey sent around. He expressed disappointment at not getting to see the output of said survey. "Oh, they posted it," I said. "It was a real $NAME special." Then I linked to the not!Facebook post about same, commenting that this was the one where Purple had re-balanced the survey, and everything no longer came up Milhouse.

Dude was not pleased with our now-ex C-level SaaSmonger. To the point where I started explaining the gospel of the Unimportant Fire. And the usual accompaniment of same, the importance of conserving one's water for the important fires. At which point some of the usual suspects started talking about mulch, and that if a certain ex-exec did not care for mulch on his head, well, he could file a ticket.

On that cheery and salubrious note, Purple emerged from the depths of his cave and swooped me off into the parking lot. We chatted about various things, including various people we had known who did not come to particularly great ends. Cheery topic. Also lunch plans for tomorrow -- the QUILTBAGPIPE group is meeting for lunch (bring your own lunch) in the milkshake bunker, and while Mr. Sub-tle couldn't be there himself, he did authorize the organizing principle to expense the champagne for the mimosas. All of which is to say that while Purple is getting lunch, I was going to be waltzing back down, tight as an owl.

"What does that even mean? I grew up in Ohio! I'm familiar with owls!"

Purple had never heard that phrase before. It is an old one, but not apparently super well known. http://freaky_freya.tripod.com/Drunktionary/T-Z.html#tight

So that was Wednesday.

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Jul. 1st, 2015 01:43 pm
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 I really need to get off my ass and thread. I keep getting political and advertising emails and having that little spark of happiness that someone is emailing me, only to be disappointed.

Honestly don't mean this as sad as it seems. = ]

Four Job Fiesta, day 4

Jul. 1st, 2015 01:36 pm
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When last we left, I had just finished World 1. I changed Galuf to Samurai as soon as I had control of him. He had no problem in Exdeath's basement, and beat Gilgamesh with just one hit!

Lost Galuf and Faris to Gilgamesh(2) but won on the first try.

Tyrannosaur almost killed me. I was left with just Galuf standing. He used a phoenix down on Bartz, my Berserker, who killed it.

The Killer Bow one-shot Dragon Pod! I was surprised, and happy. I hate that fight.

The fight with Golem went quick. I was level 24.

Beat Gilgamesh and Enkidu on the first try, level 26.

Now for the Barrier Tower. I bought 99 eye drops as the Neons there like to cast Flash. I fear I don't have enough phoenix downs for the fight with Atomos, though. The plan is to farm four Reflect Rings, then use the gil I earned while farming to load up on phoenix downs. Atomos is my least favorite boss, so I'm not looking forward to this fight. The good thing is that my party hits hard, which should help a lot.

too damn hot

Jun. 30th, 2015 10:19 am
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The temp broke thirty ("ninety") on Friday, and looks to do the same all this week. Thank gord we bought a portable air conditioner a few years back. That's enough to keep the living room bearable, mostly. It's also enough to make the lights flicker.

The real problem -- one of the real problems -- AMONG the real problems with this apartment are that its wall of windows faces southeast, so it gets all the morning sun. It's large enough that if there's a breeze we can open all the windows and get some airflow and it's not too bad... but it turns out that's a big If.


Turns out I don't function well, or at all, in the heat. Since sometime last week I've spent most of my time at home sitting/lying on the couch, reading or poking at the internet, despite there being things I would really like to do: write, viola, email, planning, applying for jobs, all that stuff. I consistently sit down for five minutes, and then end up not quite dozing off but unable to get up the energy to do anything else. And then eventually the sun goes down and I think "oh, wow, i was actually way too warm, i should do something about that for tomorrow." I can't tell when I'm getting too warm, is the thing. It creeps up on me and I'm vaguely uncomfortable and sluggish but that's about it, and it slows my brain down enough that making that connection becomes difficult.


Oh dear gods

Jun. 29th, 2015 02:03 pm
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The House of Ideas is writing Jessica Drew as getting pregnant when the main comics relaunch in the Fall.

Yes, the woman who has avoided holding babies because she doesn't like them is pregnant. I will of course withhold final judgement until I read the comic, but right now I am not very confident in the story. I don't know why given Marvel's wonderful handling of Carol Danvers getting pregnant in the late 80s or Rahne Sinclair's in the early 2000s. /sarcism

Four Job Fiesta, day 3

Jun. 29th, 2015 12:32 pm
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A few weeks ago I had a craving for White Fence Farm, as it has been years since we've gone. I didn't mention this to my parents, though. They must've had the same craving, as we went yesterday! It was gooooood. I was surprised there was no wait to be seated, as that place used to be packed every time we went (and it's a BIG restaurant!).

Onto the Four Job Fiesta, day 3!

When we left off, I had just gotten the fire crystal jobs. The job assigned to me, Ranger, isn't available right away, so I continued on with 1 Berserker and 3 Knights.

I was still level 15 when I got to the Library of Ancients, so I did some grinding in the forests outside it so everyone hit 16, to guard against Level 5 Death. We took on Ifrit at level 16 - I had to use the two hi-potions I had, but no one died. I lost Lenna to a Wind Slash from Byblos, and used an Elixir on Galuf, but won against Byblos on my first try.

Died to a pack of Mini Dragons while hunting Ramuh, grr. We took on Ramuh at level 17; I let my Berserker kill him while the knights tossed potions.

Then we took on Shiva at level 18, after I unlocked Ranger. It was an easy fight, thanks in part to the Flame Bow.

Sandworm - died first try at level 18. Won second try, but lost Bartz (my Berserker) and had to use an elixir on one of my characters.

Crayclaw went down in just three hits, thanks to the Coral Swords my knights were using.

Adamantoise at level 18 was pretty easy, but had to use !Aim with Faris.

Flamethrowers went down in 3 hits each, thanks to Coral Swords/Thunder Bow. Rocket Launcher killed Bartz and Galuf due to confusion, grr.

Won against Soul Cannon on first try, but lost Bartz and Lenna, and ran out of phoenix downs. This meant that I used tents at save points in the Ronkan Ruins to get them back.

Archeoaevis was a win on the first try - the second form went down easy, to my surprise.

Purobolos was fought at level 21. Ended up with just Faris (my Ranger) left, but won on the second try. Used 2 elixirs and 2 phoenix downs.

Won against Titan on second try. Took about 5 hits, lost Faris though.

Manticore - five hits, no one died.

Successfully raided the Jackanapes den at level 21, though was left with only 8 potions remaining after exiting the dungeon.

Then I went to the Wind Shrine to do some Elixir hunting. After about 30 fights I started keeping track of my battles:

* 16 fights against a Black Goblin, White Serpent, Moldwynd formation
* 17 fights against 3 Moldwynd formation
* 3 fights against a Mani Wizard, Moldwynd, Black Goblin formation
* 10 fights against a White Serpent, Black Goblin formation

for a total of 46 fights, and four elixirs dropped. All elixirs dropped from the 3 Moldwynd formation. Before I started keeping track, I had gotten a 2-elixir drop from that formation.


Jun. 28th, 2015 11:40 pm
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Feeling not quite as terrible but still under the weather. (poor thermoregulation, poor appetite, some pain)
Not allowed to attempt to pick up strange men at conferences.
Not socially acceptable to inquire about polyamory (see above).
I got into the Lem section at Powell's. Oops.
Still need to unpack car.
Still need to do laundry.
Moderators comparing notes and a strong bunch of them having the same problem with the same person is important.
Slack has pros and cons.
I pointed someone to Crystal Singer at the bookstore.

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Jun. 28th, 2015 06:27 pm
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I don't know how much this will help, but I'm going to try to clarify some things.

1. Drug testing welfare recipients is a bad idea. Florida implemented this law. Very, very few of recipients tested positive. The state ended up paying out orders of magnitude more in testing fees than they "saved" by withholding the pittance from the few who did test positive. And the tests are prone to false positives. Eat a poppy seed bagel a week before the test, and it will show positive because it can't tell the difference between lingering opiates from that and traces of heroin. It's just a further indignity and bureaucratic hurdle heaped upon people who are already having to swallow their pride and ask for help. The law has been a disaster for everyone involved except the woman who owns the company that does the tests... Who just happens to be the governor's wife.

2. The Confederate flag is racist. I cannot believe this is in dispute. The leaders of the Confederacy made it explicitly clear that they were fighting for the right to subjugate Blacks and keep them as slaves. The Confederacy were also traitors, starting the bloodiest war in American history against the legitimate Federal government with the goal of breaking the country apart. The flag itself did not go up on state capitols until the 1960s, as a direct protest against desegregation, and as a visible symbol of the entrenched power of Whites over Blacks. Oh yes, and in much of Europe, where swastikas are banned, the Confederate flag is used by neo-Nazis as a proxy. Just in case you had any doubts about how racist it is. And that attitude and the symbol of the flag itself directly inspired the Charleston shooting.

3. The rainbow flag, on the other hand, is a symbol of pride from an oppressed minority. People who are asking for equal treatment, protection, and respect. They're not out to hurt anyone or take anything away from anyone. Rights aren't a zero sum game. Giving them to others doesn't deprive you of anything.

4. Marriage is a legal contract. It's entirely in the government's hands. A church can preform a wedding, and that's within the laws of the religion. But a marriage is a matter for the state. And, in this country, we have separation of church and state. No one gets to impose their religion, especially not when it means taking rights away from others.

5. That your religion describes homosexuality as a sin is irrelevant. In my religion, pepperoni pizza is a sin. It is an abomination before the Lord to eat the meat of a pig. And even worse when you cook that meat with dairy. Guess what? I don't get to outlaw it. I can't tell you that you're not allowed to eat it because my religion forbids it. I don't get to impose that on you. My religion applies to me and those of my faith. No one else. And it has no place in secular law.

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Jun. 28th, 2015 06:26 pm
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A friend on FB was looking at all the happy rainbows and lamenting that the culture and laws of her own country are still so incredibly homophobic. This is what I told her. (The "posts just like this one" at the end refers to her OP about thinking her country should be more accepting, and wishing it were so.)

Here's the thing.

In the early 80s, rampant homophobia was so much the norm that I would not let my father kiss me on the cheek because I'd internalized how terrible it was for a man to kiss another male.

In the mid-80s, mainstream broadcast news was pretty sure that if a woman turned up HIV positive, it must have been because her husband had been hanging around gay bars. Anchors noted in passing that there were respected clergy who were convinced that AIDS was a punishment from God for all the dirty icky sinful things gay people did. And everyone knew that a stable gay relationship was one where you stayed with the same man for the whole night.

In the 90s, a major question in the news and in Congress was what to do about the discovery that gay men wanted to serve in the armed forces. On the one hand, there were those who didn't want to exclude anyone willing to fight, but there were many who felt it would be inappropriate and hurt morale and destroy unit cohesion. Eventually, over many objections, we got the compromise of Don't Ask Don't Tell. Which seemed pretty fair at the time. Just stay in the closet and no one needs to worry. Problem solved!

In 2008, on the same night Obama was elected, thanks to a massive ad campaign financed by the Mormon church, marriage equality (still a fairly new idea that only the most Liberal states were even trying) was repealed by popular vote in California.

And now, here we are. DADT is gone, and we have nationwide marriage equality.

But DADT was a hard fight. And it's only in the last couple of years that marriage equality gained a tenuous majority of popular support. It was passed by various state legislatures, but never won on an open ballot. It had to be imposed by the courts. And still there are many deeply opposed.

We've got a long way to go. But look at how far we've come. In one generation.

And I think a fair amount of that came from the Internet, which gave people a place to find support, make connections, build a movement... And expose the populace to a new narrative, new realities. To openly gay friends.

Change is possible. And it starts with posts just like this one.

Great win for England's women..

Jun. 28th, 2015 02:26 am
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.. against the twelve women for Canada.

I'd love to see a replay of all the decisions of the ref.

Four Job Fiesta, day 2

Jun. 27th, 2015 02:07 pm
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I finished day 1 just outside of Carwen, so for day 2 I started by heading to the North Mountain to battle Magissa and Forza. I was a bit nervous about Magissa, since I would have no way to silence her. I managed to beat them at level 9. If I recall correctly, I did lose Bartz during the fight -- I forgot to make a note of that.

Garula was no problem, beating him at level 10.

Being knights and a berserker is expensive. I had to do some grinding outside of Karnak to raise enough gil to outfit my characters with the best equipment. I was concerned about getting blinded from Crew Dust's Flash, but need not have worried - by now everyone had Two Handed, so took down enemies quickly.

Liquid Flame was a bit of a challenge. I did beat him on the first try at level 14, but lost Lenna and Faris to the fight.

I got most of the chests on the escape from Karnak Castle, but someone managed to overlook the Main Gauche and Elven Mantle (I think I tend to miss these, usually). I probably had enough time to get them. We beat Iron Claw at level 15.

I'll be offline tomorrow, so I went ahead and tweeted for both the Fire and Earth crystal jobs. I got Ranger and Samurai. I don't think I'll be able to take on Omega and Shinryu with this combo.
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The us supreme court decision on marriage! omg. omg. I've only read snippets but the ones I've seen have made me tear up with how strong and definite they are. No wishy-washy "well there's technically no legal reason we couldn't..." but just outright saying that this is the right way to treat people. Empathy? Love? Fuck yeah.

I've seen so much happiness today, feel warm and mushy.

The ones where it's like "two 80-year-olds who have been together x years" make me tear up the most because asdfhfhfh to have been denied that for so long but then to have it within their lifetimes. I don't understand being able to look at them and still deny that they love one another and have made a life together. They've already made the lifetime commitment; being able to go to the courthouse to have the government formally acknowledge that doesn't change anything within their relationship, but it changes so much everywhere else. (And I wish it could have come sooner, but I'm glad that it happened *now*).

(I am so looking forward to SF Pride parade this Sunday. First time I'm able to attend; seems like a good year to go! My brother is all "wave a flag for me" :D)