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Aug. 28th, 2015 11:00 pm
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When yo niece gets a hold of the balloon stash
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One of the great disappointments in my life is that [personal profile] uilos Does Not Eat Eggs.

I am a big fan of Breakfast Any Time, and over the last holy cow ten years I've more or less perfected my pancake recipe. (Although these days instead of "1 cup flour" it's "5 oz flour," because flour should be measured by weight not volume.) I make pretty good crepes, too, and my waffles are only okay but I blame that on having a not so good waffle iron. Real Breakfast is a thing that happens, at least one day a weekend.

I don't get to make eggs for two, though. Which is a shame, because I like eggs, and there's an awful lot of things you can do with them. So I only get eggs when I'm willing to cook for just me, and also to do the dishes from actually cooking something.

Scrambled eggs are easy: skillet on low-medium heat, a little butter in the skillet, beat the eggs but not too much and mix in some milk and chili powder, and go. (I am not a believer in "cheesy scrambled eggs," mostly on the grounds that it's a pain in the neck to clean up melted cheese and egg.) Omelettes are harder, but the failure mode of "omelette" is scrambled eggs with stuff, so that's alright.

I've tried poaching eggs, and I mostly end up with a mess. A few years ago I got a couple of silicone "poach pods," which hold the egg and float in a covered pot of boiling water. This makes something close enough to poached eggs for my taste. I can never get the yolks right, though. Either they're too runny, or they're solid and I might as well have hard-boiled them. What I'm looking for is something Lewis Grizzard described as "over medium": "The yolk shouldn't run out when you cut it. It should ooze."

A couple of weeks ago Shauna ([livejournal.com profile] idoru, not that she posts anymore) put up a link on Facebook to the basted egg. That's "basted," not "blasted" or "bastard," though I suppose [personal profile] uilos would disagree. It's sort of halfway between frying and poaching. I've tried it a couple of times, and their description of what happens to the yolk isn't really accurate. It doesn't so much "change colour" as it develops a sort of translucent skin of cooked egg-white over it. When the skin covers the whole thing, it's nearly overdone and you should have served it up about ten seconds ago. It's tasty, though. Served over toast the yolk sort of seeps in, and the whites aren't as crispy-crunchy as I get with fried eggs. It has replaced "scrambled" as my go-to egg.

I haven't tried the egg-over-tortilla-basted-with-salsa that the article describes. Maybe next week for lunch.

(happy birthday, sor!)

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Aug. 28th, 2015 12:41 pm
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This gifset of Rollo and Siggy from season 01 of Vikings just made me realize something with Rollo that I was having a hard time reconciling.

Vikings spoilers... )

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Aug. 28th, 2015 07:55 am
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I feel like I’ve been on a negative feedback loop for the past few...days? Weeks? Who knows. To counter this, I am going to list at least 5 things that are awesome or make me smile, which is awesome in of itself:
  1. I am still creative, despite the stress I keep finding.
  2. My daughter is awesome, as is my wife.
  3. My body is responding to healthier habits.
  4. I’ve been finding great books to read.
  5. The influx of strong, well written female characters in comics and how they are taking the stage.
  6. Hayley Atwell
  7. Sabine Wren
  8. Amazing things are happening with Star Wars.
  9. It’s getting darker in the mornings, which means Winter is coming. (I'm a weirdo who likes getting up before the sun during the week.)
  10. In a month, I get to spend a week at home with my daughter.
  11. I have awesome canon mates and folks I'm threading with.
  12. While my blood pressure has been high when I meet with the doctor, it has ben low when I test it during the day.
  13. Music.
  14. Crows, egrets, herons, and other water fowl I keep seeing.
Feel free to play this forward for yourself if you’d like.


Aug. 26th, 2015 04:51 pm
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I've occasionally recommended programs featured as part of Amazon's very long running 'Free (Android) App of the Day' promotion, especially when there were about twenty available for special weekends. A quick look at my list of available programs suggests it was going for at least three years in the UK, but it's now over.

The replacement is 'Amazon Underground', a program with a horrendous list of required permissions which enables you to download and play other programs for free, including not paying for any downloadable content.

Sadly, the currently available list of about 500 of them contains very little that is desirable and nothing that's essential, especially if you've been following the FAotD.

The slight upside is that the creators will actually get paid (per minute you use them, hence the reason for some of those permissions) rather than being expected to be part of the FAotD for nothing.

But there needs to be better content in the list. The FAotD wasn't always great - out of about a thousand of them, I currently only have about thirty actually installed - but I could only spot one of those thirty in the current lineup.

Fuckin' bodies, man

Aug. 26th, 2015 12:24 am
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So I get ingrown hairs/blocked pores/assorted woe, in and around my upper thigh area, generally as a herald that menstrual woe is about to rain down out of my very angry uterus. I have "adjusted", in that I generally no longer hit the ceiling and curse audibly when I notice this, I merely get cranky.

Medical shenanigans. )

Between the well-timed virtual hugs and lunch, I became usefully human, and set about stampeding through my inbox. Whee, work.

We'd been going to meet up with The Other Guy for happy hour or something, but it turned out too many of the assorted other dudes could not make it today. Therefore it was bumped to Friday, and Purple and I left at a not-terrible hour and chatted in the parking lot. A car pulled up; it was Mr. Tux, asking why we were here so late. We redefined "late" for him.

one year on

Aug. 25th, 2015 04:06 pm
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As of today I've been unemployed for a year.

I'm less unhappy than I was when I was employed. That... I think that's the only thing I have to show for it, that and one completed story and the beginnings of a novel. And the beginnings of what might eventually be "music" on the viola.

It's not about accomplishing anything. It's about rebuilding reserves. It's about no longer feeling crushed. It's about being able to find joy in more than just rare flashes.

Still hard to shake the sense that I've wasted the year.

It doesn't help that I'm less than a month away from the end of my 101 in 1001 project. I have thoughts on that as well but they can wait until late September.

101 in 1001 update )


Aug. 21st, 2015 10:18 pm
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oh wow. Every time I think to myself "tonight I won't be exhausted", I do something like miss my bus stop and end up with a longer walk home than expected, and still end up exhausted.

(It was nice though, detoured and got some useful stuff along the way)

Been in new job a month. I've been sort-of-deliberately sort-of-not been careful about how I dress: mostly tshirts, jeans, minimal makeup. But I think by now I've proven I can *rock* it. So on the way home today I bought some happy-colored nailpolish. It's time to femme it up!

(It's not that coworkers would have judged me; but I want to avoid adding to any potential unconscious bias, especially if I was going to fail at any point. You all know what I mean.)

flames on the side of my face

Aug. 21st, 2015 08:53 pm
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OK, the rabbit hole of web based, multiple provider IM clients is driving me nuts. Trillian and IM+ both are good, but Google doesn't want to play with them. Which defeats the purpose of this exercise for me as I want to be able to see both providers in the same place. Yet all the support for getting Google to play with the IM Cliets is out of date, like years out of date, and since Google switched from Talk to Hangouts this year (and from an open chat to a more secure one), none of what I am finding is working.

However, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel...almost. Playing on a hunch, I decided to see if Google Hangouts would play with AIM; since Google bought out Meebo, I figured it was worth a shot. Online searching seems to support this, but with the switch to Hangouts, the AIM contact importer that AOL so thoughtfully created doesn't seem to work. Supposedly though, you can manually add AIM contacts to your Google Hangouts and thus chat.

So, anyone with an AIM account mind playing guinea pig with me? Just want to try to add you and send a message.
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I'm not sure if using the manga as the primary source of canon will work. I love the manga as there is some really good exploration of what it takes to make a utopian society and about human nature, but Briareus isn't around for those talks. Plus, he would be bored with them and so I wouldn't be able to play with it.

He's still new enough that I think I will finish the manga before I have committed to anything, but it's looking like I will be doing a modified versions of the three movies which have been released in the past ten years.

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Aug. 21st, 2015 11:55 am
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 So does anyone know of a Chrome app that is somewhat like Meebo? In other words, one thing I can use to sign on with AIM and GChat? Trying to make myself more available to folks but trying to avoid signing into AOL.

ETA: And I'm giving Trillian a shot, though it only seems to be able to log into AIM and gets bounced every time I try to link my GChat ID. >:/

Game of the Week: Go

Aug. 21st, 2015 01:01 pm
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Go is a strategy game dating back thousands of years. It originally developed in China, and from there made its way to Japan where it became popular. Most Go terms are in Japanese today.

Two players, Black and White, battle it out on a board made up of a 19x19 grid. Stones are places on the cross-hairs of the grid, one stone per turn. Black always goes first. Since this gives Black an advantage, White gets a handicap (or komi) of six-and-a-half points.

The object of the game is to capture the most territory. This is done by surrounding territory with your stones. Players can capture their opponent's stones by completely surrounding the stones. The captured stones are then removed from the board.

One safe way of capturing territory is by making eyes - a group of stones with a hole in the center. You can learn more about how to play the game by reading The Way to Go, published by the American Go Association.

Those interested in Go would enjoy reading **Hikaru no Go**, a manga about the game (waves to Shady Cels). Hikaru is a sixth-grade student who discovers an old Go board in his grandfather's attic. He becomes haunted by Sai, the ghost residing in the board. To quell Sai's emotions (which are making Hikaru sick), Hikaru begins to learn how to play the game. The manga follows his progression in the world of Go as he battles his rival, Akira Toya.

Telepathy is bacon-wrapped tofu.

Aug. 19th, 2015 10:51 pm
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There's a love meme on, one of the self-nomination kinds that evades the third-person pronounery that I usually find so fraught in the nominate-others sorts. My thread: http://radioaches.dreamwidth.org/81108.html?thread=1190356#cmt1190356

Over last week the ant profusion at work was on the decline. I was cheered. I was still squishing them at a rate of about 4 per hour, but that was much better than previous.

Sadly, Polka-Dot Researcher has left the company; I'll miss her. She's been very sick for a while; she came back briefly with visible pain patches on her injured shoulder and then went back out again. I'm sure there's a story but I don't know much of it.

Rather a lot more of other things! )

hey, it's wednesday again.

Aug. 19th, 2015 09:53 pm
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The trick is to channel my perfectionism and sense of accomplishment/reward out of video games and into viola instead.

What are you reading?

Samuel Beckett: The Last Modernist, by Anthony Cronin. I am four hundred pages into this six-hundred page biography and Beckett has just started writing Waiting for Godot (1948 or so). It's been interesting but not 400pp of interesting. Mostly it establishes that Beckett was a giant misogynistic asshole. Given the attitudes inherent in what of his plays I've read/seen this is no great surprise, but it's still kind of shocking to have it all laid out like this.

What did you just finish reading?

Star Door, by Stephanie Charette. It's good. It needs a copyedit and the, mm, second quarter drags a bit (I would structure the middle half differently and cut some stuff, but I'm not Steph). But the characters are good, the voices are distinct, the conceit is not one I'd seen before or at least not taken to this logical conclusion, and the last half barrels towards an exciting and unexpected climax. With a little luck everyone else will get to read it in a couple of years.

Also I reread Scott Lynch's A Year and a Day In Old Theradane, because it's online and I couldn't stop once I started. I heard Scott read from this awhile ago and am pleased to report it's as good as I had hoped/expected. "And then I went back and stole all the death spiders!"

What do you think you'll read next?

I don't really know. Probably something off the To-Be-Read Shelf because I'm running out of time. That or something on the Unread tag so I can decide whether to keep it.

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Aug. 19th, 2015 12:37 pm
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 Pop Vinyl is finally doing Gotham figures! I can get Selina finally.

ETA: An dick. I seem to be suffering from either a heat head ache or something else. I've been drinking lots of fluids but still feeling somewhat like I've got heat exhaustion coupled with a head ache. Fun times.

life carries on

Aug. 18th, 2015 06:17 pm
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I've been doing a lot of complaining lately but life isn't all bad.

We solved the cat pee problem by going back to an enclosed litterbox. The trouble with this is that the litterbox no longer fits under the sink in the bathroom. So we're experimenting with where to put the box. Currently it's in the entryway, which may or not work long-term.

Chaos has had a delicate stomach ever since we nuked his thyroid last summer. Thankfully, he's also taken to singing the song of his people before he yukes anything up, so we have some advance warning. A few weeks ago it occurred to me to try scooping him up and pointing him at the kitchen sink, rather than cleaning up whatever gets spit up on the carpet, and that works surprisingly well. I'd rather he weren't yuking a couple of times a week, but at least it's more easily cleanable.

On Satyrday we watched Jupiter Ascending with semilocal J--, Kathy, and writer-Steph. It's ... very pretty, and crammed full of backstory, and still kind of incoherent. It would have benefited from being either substantially chopped down, or spread out over two or three movies. Very very pretty, though. I almost regret not seeing it in the theatre.

Turns out the flooding problem from a couple of weeks ago was a result of a grease fire on the twenty-sixth floor. The sprinklers went off, and can't be shut down until the fire department shows up and says it's okay to shut them off, so they flooded everything from twenty-six on down. Luckily we're on thirty-one. One elevator is running; the other might be up in a month or so as they apparently have to have a part custom-made.

I've read a story for a quick critique for [personal profile] okrablossom and am reading Steph's novel, and have been bearing slowly forward on my own. Viola continues, and maybe I'm better than I was a month or two ago. (Been too warm to practice, which sounds like an excuse and sort of is, but only sort of.)

No word on the job front. Eh. Something will come up. Or it won't.
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My Nexus 7 tablet has been getting slower recently. Clearly accepting the Android 5.1.x updates was a bad idea, not least because it meant a /system partition so full that there was no space for a trim command.*

So I have been giving serious consideration to replacing its ROM with a third party one that has less bloat and more speed. With something like the Nexus, there are plenty of options.

But obviously doing it just before BiCon would be silly.

It was working, but occasionally annoyingly slow there, but last night started to 'bootloop'. It crashes to a restart, shows its silly animated 'I'm starting up' display, gets to the initial 'swipe to use' lock screen and then... crashes to restart. Repeat until the battery gives up (or, as it was charging, forever).

Fortunately, I had long ago rooted it and installed a very nice recovery program, known as TWRP for short. This can wipe partitions and install new ROMs etc. Combined with the equally nice Nexus Root Tool Kit running on a PC, it meant that installing a new ROM should be no problem.

And, yes, it will happily wipe and reformat the various partitions and upload and write to them the new files... except that even though they appear to work, they don't. No matter how, or how many times, I wipe / reformat the /data partition for example, all my stuff is still there. (Obviously, I have backups of anything I need!)

What's the current 'one hand' Android tablet of choice? What's the modern Nexus 7, in other words?

* Flash memory works in an interesting way, and unless something is done, every so often its controller needs to sit and have a think about which bits are in use and which can be reused. Especially if the memory is fairly full - and in a tablet without an SD card slot and not much memory, it often is - that can make it seem very slow. Doing a trim says 'do that now' and thus avoids the delay for a while.