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Jul. 27th, 2016 03:52 pm
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 If Hatsune Miku were to come to Milliways, would she be like a sprite? Or a sentient hologram maybe?

Also, I may have to play Bjorn in a sandbox. The grumpy little kid version of him has been sitting in the back of my head all day.
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Last night my shower head sprang the kind of leak at the places where it screws together that you really can't ignore. I turned it so the leak was at least going into the shower instead of the ceiling, and determined that I was fucking going to Home Depot and getting some teflon tape and a goddamn new shower head thingy.

After the doctor.

My sleep schedule has been fucked up lately, a little more than usual. But I managed to get enough sleep in two chunks so that when morning-ish hit, I was vaguely well-rested, if rather more inclined to get chatty about stuff on IM than usual.

I can recommend tunic-length loose tops for ultrasounds where you don't have to take your shirt off. They give you a modicum of body-modesty that doesn't involve juggling a drape.

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The imaging techs don't get to discuss any of your results with you. That's for the doctors. So I was absent any more practical information about what was going on, but slightly less physically comfortable due to some of the joysticking about in my nethers.

I had changed back, left the department, and was nearly in the bathroom when my phone started ringing. It was an unfamiliar number, but also a 602 number, and so I answered it.

It was Dawn! I had kept trying to get in touch with her, but her phone kept going straight to voicemail, so I'd finally resorted to leaving a message on Facebook, where there were signs of life.

She had bad news. She'd intended to call me last night, but there had been a death in the family. I told her my twolocked biglocked items of news. And now I have her new number.

My phone has been chewing through battery unfortunately quickly lately, but I called [personal profile] norabombay anyway, and we chattered about things. Then I picked up a new showerhead and some teflon tape at Home Depot, and came home.

I'm having a bit of a hard time this week, and I don't think it's going to get much easier until sometime late next week, at which point it will be differently hard.

Purple and I discussed dinner, but he was kind of stressed (presentation, and he hates making slides) and tired, and I was just drained, so we called a pass. Tomorrow, maybe.

For the past couple days I'd not been using the bouncyball as my desk chair, and the lack of motion had been beginning to get to me. I've noticed that in part due to the bouncyball, stairs have been easier for me when I've had to encounter them! This is good, and I will continue to watch for improvements.

Purple continues to be a voice of reason to me on a good many issues, and I deeply appreciate it. He also refuses to serve as chaperone. "In my day you couldn't even talk while dating!"

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After that entertaining conversation, it was just about time for bed, at which point I remembered that I needed to fix the shower.

Fortunately, unscrewing everything, applying new teflon tape, and screwing it back together proved to fix all of the things. I could wish for such an easy fix on many more. I guess I take the unneeded new shower head back to Home Depot in tomorrow's errands or something.

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Jul. 26th, 2016 10:28 am
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 Eeek...a huge emergency project just landed in my lap. So much for playing today.

OK, maybe I can get a tag of two out but not likely.

Fact checking

Jul. 26th, 2016 10:12 am
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 So I'm fleshing out a story idea with faeries, changelings, and kidnapped children. At the end, a number of previously kidnapped children are rescued from faerie and not all of them have family living any longer. I already have a character in mind who will take them in, but I am thinking this isn't so easy a thing to do in our world any longer. The old "My distant relative died and now I'm their guardian" doesn't hold up without paperwork and a database entry right?

So maybe I need to get a local sherif involved who'd be willing to falsify records when it's the right thing to do. The character do not have access to forgers or hackers.


Stranger Things

Jul. 24th, 2016 08:41 pm
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 Holy shit guys, you have to watch this show if you have Netflix streaming. It has a wonderful story, great characters, a beautifully fleshed out mythos, and feels very much like a Spielberg/Stephen King mash-up that flawlessly captures the early 80s.

I want to play El, aka Eleven so much. I think am going to have to through her in a sandbox or the test drive meme. Getting her to fit in Milliways would be awkward but could work if she were brought in post-canon, as Milliways would break the story. Although with a second season coming, I'd worry about painting oneself in a corner.

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Jul. 22nd, 2016 10:21 am
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 It's bring your daughter to work day for me as there's a Twenty One Pilots show near my office we have tickets for. Slow day so far but I am still not sure if I have my mojo back.

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Via [personal profile] highlander_ii: http://www.katewillaert.com/ljstats/ will work if you substitute "dreamwidth.org" for "livejournal.com", as DW keeps its stats in the same place. This tool grabs about 5000 comments at once, so if you have more than 5000 comments in your journal, you can do some quick math to see where you want to put your startid if you'd like to see the most recent rather than the people from the beginning of time.

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Jul. 21st, 2016 08:24 pm
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 Sweet Christmas, but the Netflix MCU is looking damn good. It's enough to make me wish Agents of SHIELD would move there and that Sam would guess star some time. Hell, once Luke Cage comes out I may have to insert him in somehow, even if it's just for a drink with Luke and Misty.

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Jul. 21st, 2016 12:35 pm
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Overwatch is getting an ongoing comic.

As if resisting Symmetra wasn't challenging enough for me.
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Oh, uterus.

So because of reasons (mostly involving PCOS and my desire to maybe #bloodcannon a little less), I've been thinking about an IUD for a while. And since a few of my friends and I have entered into a mutual support pact about embodiment issues, it was well time for me to schedule an appointment for that.

Having determined to do the thing, I was rather in mind of doing it promptly, and since there has not in fact been any reason to suspect I might be pregnant (owing to not having been around any unchaperoned sperm since 2004-ish), sooner was better than later.

Unfortunately, the online appointment booking thing was down at the time I tried to get an appointment, so I wound up calling in; because I called in, I got an appointment with some random person from the office, rather than the uterus inspector I'd painstakingly picked out from the list. (The painstaking process went like: are they in this office? Do they not go on about how much they like babies? Does something about their profile strike me as friendly to me and people like me? OK then.)

Since it had been a while since seeing a uterus inspector when not in a highly traumatized and upset state of mind, and the state of the sexual health care art continues to change, I came prepared with a short list of questions whose answers I actually rather thought might apply to my current life. (I also have come to the conclusion that while I have no particular wish to get surgery which is super optional, I want to carefully monitor the risk & pain tradeoffs between keeping the uterus in and having the fucker OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT, and remove it as soon as it tips, rather than attempting to keep it around much past its best-by date.)

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That was about that. I collected my things and headed out, leaving promises to get the sex ed hat properly up on Ravelry someday. And I headed for home, a little disoriented and definitely feeling profuse bleeding, but not feeling kicked anywhere tender.

I came home to assorted encouragement on Twitter. Of particular note were the "uterus explosion" misreadings, and then a bit of sublime silliness with [twitter.com profile] atavistique.

[twitter.com profile] azurelunatic I think it will be time for tea when I get home.
[twitter.com profile] atavistique and indeed there will be time/ to murder and create/ before the taking of toast and tea
[twitter.com profile] azurelunatic Do I dare/ Disturb the uterus?
[twitter.com profile] atavistique I have lingered in the chambers of the womb/ by follicles wreathed with endometrium red and brown
[twitter.com profile] azurelunatic Till the speculum is lowered, in the gloom.

After the alluded-to pot of strong tea, I felt equal to dinner out with Purple, which was largely pleasant. I finally got to introduce him to the bread pudding, which was spectacular and my entire reason for bringing him. After dessert, I looked at my phone when Purple stepped away from the table, and found that I had received an emotionally jarring text. I showed Purple, and reached across the table to take his hand while I freaked out gently, and mourned the world in which certain terrible things had not yet happened. Eventually we repaired to the parking lot, to discuss the hardships of having been the kind of grownup who lost the rock-paper-scissors for presidency of the HOA board (this was the "bagsy not-it" game), pie that has tentacles, and the way he's *mostly* a well-behaved grown-up, but there are just moments when he has to fuck with people's brains. I have rather more of those moments, and mostly I let them off harmlessly, but every now and then there's something like the helldesk software, or ... other, less innocent forms of fuckery ... and I aim myself carefully before going off.

A good 12 hours on, and the bleeding's slowed to something more normal. And now, having written all this, I shall perhaps consider bed!
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I occasionally talk about Len Scigaj ("ski plus jive minus the V"), who taught me Modern Poetry, twice, and was one of my favourite university professors. Mostly I think of Scigaj in the context of The Waste Land, or of H.D. or William Carlos Williams. Rarely Yeats, who I'd devoured before ever taking the class; more rarely it's Auden, who I never did quite develop a taste for. Though I keep thinking I ought to revisit him, his "In Memory of W.B. Yeats" gets stuck in my head sometimes.

But Scigaj also taught me Wallace Stevens, whose poetry I rarely think about because it feels like something I've always known. Thirteen Ways Of Looking At A Blackbird and Anecdote Of The Jar and The Man With The Blue Guitar. And The Emperor of Ice Cream, "Let be be finale of seem" and all that.

I mention this because, as noted elseweb, whenever anyone asks you "what's the point of getting an english degree, hurr hurr" you can respond with "So that I can laugh my head off at things like this."

Encircling Meme!

Jul. 19th, 2016 10:16 pm
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After a long hiatus, one of my friends has returned to Dreamwidth, and I thought: what better an opportunity to throw an encirclement meme?

I think my circle are nifty people who might possibly get along with each other. Feel free to introduce yourselves in the comments, and get to know other potentially like-minded people!

My crowd includes a lot of people who are tech-ish, who are writer-y, and who love a bad good pun.

"total protonic reversal!"

Jul. 19th, 2016 09:28 pm
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Ghostbusters (2016), Paul Feig (dir.)

I'll be honest: I had mixed hopes for the new Ghostbusters movie. I liked the last two McCarthy/Feig collaborations, The Heat and Spy, but the Ghostbusters trailer looked ... questionable at best. Then again, I do enjoy getting out with friends, and Steph was super excited about it. So, what the hell.

Verdict: it's good.

Comparisons to the original first: it's more action-y and less witty, especially in the last third. It's also WAY less wincingly sexist (seriously, Venkman is just AWFUL for so much of that movie). And it's got great cameos by many of the original cast, which, yay.

What's good? Holtzmann, of course. Kate MacKinnon's off-balance-FOR-SCIENCE-AND-GADGETS schtick is maybe even better than Egon's was. Leslie Jones's Patty is good too, believable and respectable and a full character in a way that maybe Winston Zeddimore never got to be. (Sidenote: Ernie Hudson's story of the rise and fall of his part is heartbreaking and I would pay good money to see the Winston movie.) Chris Hemsworth as Kevin the himbo secretary is PERFECT. "Which of these makes me look more like a doctor... the one where I'm playing the saxophone, or the one where I'm LISTENING to the saxophone?"

What's not so good? Oddly, the leads. Melissa McCarthy is basically playing Melissa McCarthy, and when it works it's good and when it doesn't it's just kinda there. Kristen Wiig's nervous-academic, half Ray half Venkman, works but doesn't quite gel with the rest of the team dynamic. They're all funny and competent, don't get me wrong, they just ... felt not quite together.

CGI is CGI is CGI, it's very pretty and didn't do much for me. The extended ghost-fight in the third act dragged on a bit. Honestly the entire second act dragged. In the first movie this is when they're being the Ghostbusters and being super-busy capping ghosts and arguing with William Atherton's EPA agent, and here it's ... they take a couple of jobs and figure out what's going on and get low-key arrested by Agent Omar.

But it's funny. Not enough consistently low-key chuckle-funny for my taste, but a decent amount of laugh-out-loud funny throughout. And the most cringeworthy moments are in the trailer, so if like me you're considering passing on it because of the trailer, don't. It's a good time.

And safety lights are for *dudes*.

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Jul. 19th, 2016 07:13 pm
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 TFW you're listening to the Writing Excuses podcast and get inspiration for an Indiana Jones in a D&D world story. I think it's a short story but I've written down what's occurred to me so far.

I may not be in much of a head space for RPG, but I'm still thinking of writing. =)

ETA: And I think my half formed Belladonna Took I came up with a long time ago just became my protag.

Personal life!

Jul. 17th, 2016 10:43 am
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This is a very brief update that is deliberately light on details. Further information is probably not forthcoming in public. (If you want the story, try in person with coffee or tea; bourbon's not necessary.)

Very recently, someone I have known and I tried dating, to see if it could work. Upon further discussion, we have broken up, but remain better friends than when we started.

Mostly, this is to serve as notification that the matrix "my ex", having remained stable with [personal profile] sithjawa at the top of the stack, has been expanded; references to "my ex" with very un-[personal profile] sithjawa-like attributes are ... rather less likely to be [personal profile] sithjawa.

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Jul. 16th, 2016 10:26 am
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And seems to earn the respect of some Mandalorians for keeping the Mandalorian way!

Official trailer here.

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Jul. 15th, 2016 09:55 am
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 Well, I'm glad I sat on deleting Ahsoka from my roster. I had been thinking about deleting her and reapping Asajj since Ahsoka had been so quiet and Asajj was making so much noise since rereading Dark Disciple. Reading all the news today of the Ahsoka panel at Celebration Europe today has sparked my interest in play Ahsoka.

Thing is I'm not sure if I want to play her during the published Clone Wars show. It's all the new stuff that has me intrigued; the outlines of the three story arcs she would've had in season 07. I think I am going to wait until October, when her book comes out, to decide anything firm; though I may bring her into sandboxes to test if I really want to play the older Ahsoka or if I'm just caught up in Celebration fever.

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Jul. 14th, 2016 03:56 pm
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I got Sabine to the Ghost crew! \o/