Ahsoka fic

Dec. 18th, 2014 12:31 pm
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This started to write itself this morning as I finished Lioness Rampant.

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Dec. 18th, 2014 08:47 am
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 You know, I've been thinking of letting Jess go. I haven't quite gotten behind her characterization in Secret Defenders and she's a little too harsh in her new solo series, but I have to say Kris Anka's new design (and here's the model sheet with notes) has brought her back for me. He not only updated her look, he got rid of the crotch arrow and the look at my breasts triangle.

I can't wait to see the new design on page. = ]

Rain, with a side of DISCO!

Dec. 18th, 2014 01:48 am
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I remain un-Wham!ed.

I had grand ideas about how early I would get up. Then they met with my sleep schedule. I did arrive at work for the emergency lunch, which was enjoyable. One of the dudes there thought he recognized me from FOGcon. I mentioned a few people I knew via my professional life who were involved with organization. "And X, who is doing such notable work on [the helldesk software]!" I said.

The Emergency Class Clown (the clown from the emergency class, not the class clown who gets called in case of clown emergency) noticed that I said "helldesk software" in the same tone of voice which I'd said "Kipper/Llama", and remarked that "notable" is not the same as "good". Well-spotted.

Something in perhaps the ventilation system is squeaking. I filed a ticket.

Twitter introduced me to http://joshmillard.com/endlessjingling/ which I inflicted on various places, including #adventuresofstnono and #VirtualH, as well as passing it along on Twitter. Autoplay audio, which may be disturbing to some, although it matches up better than random snippets from 37 Christmas carols rightfully ought to.

Aside from that, it was a quiet day. It had started to rain harder when Purple came over, so we said a very brief and rained-upon goodnight. My car took him by surprise; he wasn't quite sure why I was stopping. Heh.

I got up with the early alarm, with no real idea of why I was getting up, just that it seemed like a good idea. I remembered while getting dressed: oh, today was the breakfast! I arrived to find that the food trucks were still there, and had been asked to stay another half-hour for the stragglers.

Rosemary potatoes in hand, I commenced on my inbox. The font vendor thing was going okay, and I sent various updates on that. The Stage Manager emerged from "our" conference room with a chairful of cruft: namely, a large box of mixed DIMM boxes and other rubbish. Most of it looked recyclable, albeit different kinds of recyclable. He declared that local-helpdesk had used the conference room as a war room some time ago, and that they hadn't cleared up their junk, so it was time to do that, and all this stuff was now my problem. So I shelled the manuals out of the DIMM boxes and put things in places. In between that, I had a delightful chat with a colleague also from Alaska who had worked in the shadow of the big blue dish antenna, and had almost certainly seen me, due to my association with the Duct-Tape Sword Guys. ("I was the girl.")

The bagel guillotine in the new building is also a "Smushy", and I should file a ticket.

The helldesk dev team has been inquiring on a number of tickets which have to do with the terrible "Portal" green and black UI, whether the proposed "Self-Service" view in the horrible blue and white UI will suffice. Some, yes. Some, on the other hand ... the phrase "Unless the Portal view is expected to be retired, this should remain a planned enhancement to it" was deployed. I shared the conversation with my manager, who had a many few things to say, and many of them less tactful than mine.

On one of them, however, the specific one which had nearly sent me sobbing under somebody's desk with vodka, my response was the politest possible under the circumstances:


Anything more elaborate than that would have run the chance of the out-loud swearing making its way into the text.

Later in the afternoon, I inquired as to the best place to hang the disco ball. There were a variety of responses. The best one involved the long bar of fluorescents above my head. (There's a diffuser; it's not just naked tubes.) Some shenanigans later, the unit was assembled and hung. The Stage Manager, whose superpowers include being tall, helped route the little power cord. I captured the switch in a fixed location and put up a little sign, reading "DISCO!" My variously amazed and amused co-workers gathered around. The Stage Manager threw a lightswitch rave. My manager looked at it in (slightly wobbly) giggly delight.

I went and fetched dinner. When I came back, I read my email. Separate entry to follow. Locked.

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Dec. 17th, 2014 02:33 pm
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 Well, another crazy busy day at work, leaving me with no spoons for playing. Either that or my stumbling into Ahsoka Tano feels this morning lead to my being side tracked. I might have even made a journal ([personal profile] jedi_interrupted ) and found some 100 icons. How the hell did that happen?

I do plan on waiting until Star Wars Rebels picks up and the book Dark Disciple is released, as I sort of assume Asaaj and Ahsoka have some contact post-Clone Wars and I want to see if SW Rebels has some hint of Ahsoka's story.

I've also gutted my icons since I am not going to doing a paid account for this journal (which is expiring in a couple of weeks) to I can shift the money to character journals. I really don't like how DW is 15 icons or 100. I miss LJ's different levels of icons. Some pups can work fine with 30 or so, really.

and now what?

Dec. 17th, 2014 01:26 am
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ABOUT fourteen years ago I fell into a career path of software testing and tech writing. I'm good at both those things and they paid well (better than minimum wage, anyhow), so I kept doing them.

It took me a long time to realise that being good at something that pays well doesn't automatically translate into enjoying it.

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I'VE BEEN out of work for coming on four months now. I've spent the time trying to figure out who I am when there's nothing I have to do.

I still have very little idea.

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Dec. 16th, 2014 01:16 pm
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 Well, I'm 360 words into a Mulan fic which I hoping will end with her and Aurora in Storybrooke, together again and honest with each other. I'm also hoping it will lead to some spoons for threading but I keep being interrupted with work. BAH!

The story is being resistant though. I know the events I want to happen but the setting/stage is proving problematic. I'll just keep reminding myself to keep writing, don't fix it. It can be fixed later, once I have it done and out of my head.

ETA: A few scenes for me to keep in mind, or things i wish to accomplish. Behind a cut in case it gets long, also since there be spoilers for the last episode and season of Once.

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Dec. 16th, 2014 10:39 am
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 I think I need to make a "family I read" list for FB. So sad to realize how many of my extended clan are teabaggers.

Dinner & fruitcake

Dec. 16th, 2014 12:27 am
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Friday -

Turned my alarm back on for the weekday. Got coffee, went to Costco, renewed my membership, grabbed pizza because I knew I'd be late for lunch and Purple would be Out, refueled.

Purple was Out because he'd given his backstage pass to Murraya, and she'd said that she owed him lunch somewhere nice. Then she'd rejected a reasonably nice place he'd had his eye on as insufficiently Nice. Apparently the lunch they did have was pretty fantastic.

Later in the afternoon, lb grabbed me for a hot chocolate run. We chatted helldesk among other things. He'd tried to prepare his gutters for the onslaught, but the corner of his roof where one angle met another turned into a waterslide with water flying down and missing the gutter entirely. Not much of his garage got soaked though.

I ran across some photos from workplace events past. There was in fact a picture from the Halloween party where I stood and talked to Purple for a couple hours despite how much it hurt to stand at that point, which was one of the first times I did that. It would be far from the last. There's lens flare, so we're standing under a rainbow, near a Princess Leia and a pair of Organa-Solo twins.

Purple negotiated dinner with Ms. Antisocialest Butterfly, then asked whether I was up for that. Dinner. )

I stopped by Sprouts on my way home to see if their brownies were as good as I remembered them being. Yes. Possibly better.

18:55 Sunday, 14 December, 2014
Fruitcake, which I may or may not make this year:

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23:03 Monday, 15 December, 2014
Today I fucked up. It was relatively minor and the situation is resolved. And I'm feeling secure about not continuing to fuck up going forward, and that it was minor and stopped before it got to be a big thing. But still I'm feeling like I ought to do some form of penance. Read more... )

In contrast, the rest of my workday felt like unexpected competence, with intermittent chocolate. Unless, of course, it felt like screaming frustration -- I did brave the helldesk training videos for the new features, and they were kind of fucking useless on the front of exactly how you duplicate the one thing in the other method. Also they broke direct linking, which is just great.

Tonight's iteration in the department of things which retail workers have mistaken for my name: Anne. (Don't call me Shirley. :-P )

Everyone involved has a bit of a busy week lined up.

There is a fuck o'clock meeting for my greater department tomorrow, followed by a "thank you for being awesome" lunch for the emergency response people.

Wednesday is Purple's team's lunch-and-Hobbitry excursion.

Thursday is a conference committee tour of some on-campus facilities, followed by my A-Team lunch-and-White-Elephant.

I haven't fully assessed Friday yet.

It's a wet, wet Thursday...

Dec. 13th, 2014 12:56 am
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Wednesday afternoon, it was made abundantly clear by my workplace and department that everyone who could stay home Thursday, should. Plus it was not the greatest money week, and I needed to refuel before another 60-mile commute. So home I stayed.

I am a little uncomfortable with being considered indispensable in the running of an event which is supposed to be infinite and not tied to any particular person. I suspect that in my absence, people could bumble through my notes about what we did. I still want people to be aware of this better.

That said, the meeting about the thing was good, and I called into it. Yay.

Helldesk software is being helly. Thursday was the day when my quasi-helpdesk-level access to the thing went away. I tried to follow the instructions to subscribe myself to arbitrary tickets, during the course of trying to sort the tickets from lb's Overlady's list. The process drove me nearly to tears.

And then, of course, I discovered that the high winds had at some point in the past 24 hours knocked out the pilot light on my gas fireplace. As a matter of course, I do in fact keep my patio door open a few inches and have an exhaust fan running while I'm at home. I didn't smell gas near the fireplace, nor did I smell a difference when poking my head outside, nor did I have a headache, nor had the CO alarm gone off, nor was my skin any redder than it ought to be. So I opened the panel under the unit, looked at the control, Google image searched for something similar, followed it back home, did some further search refinements, and eventually got it first turned off and then re-lit. Which was excessively exciting.

By the time that was done, I was no longer feeling up to the emotional ordeal of beating myself against the docs until I was in High Dudgeon and then calling helpdesk in that state. I had also had a conversation with Tay which in retrospect I should have seen coming, but the alternative was not taking her at her word, and I'm really bad with certain kinds of evasiveness. She'll be headed back to Seattle imminently. I'd been getting used to the idea of having her around, and I'll miss her.

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Dec. 11th, 2014 09:19 pm
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 Okay, watched the Librarians and I'm sold.

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Dec. 11th, 2014 11:08 am
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 The rain has started and the creek is starting to leave it's banks. I am likely clear of any flooding. The weather is making me want to wrap myself in a blanket and veg. Nothing on Hulu is grabbing me though. Maybe it's time to read Discount Armageddon.

what a morning

Dec. 11th, 2014 08:59 am
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Walter Jon Williams on the recent US torture revelations: "So we need to consider whether we are a rogue nation, unaccountable to any law of God or man." No we (you? we. alas) don't. The answer is obvious. The object of power is power, and the object of torture is torture.

On a lighter note...

Famous Author Bios: "Ernest is a writer and a man. He's writing this while eating a rare steak and parasailing."

This Old Man: a mostly-enjoyable, partly-stabbingly-sad exploration of what it's like to be ninety.

Restoring the American Chestnut: "Now here’s the deal: researchers from SUNY-ESF (that’s an environmental science college) have worked for 25 years to develop a true, non-hybrid blight-resistant American chestnut tree... and as of this month, November 2014, they’ve declared success."

My Article On Doing Something I Wouldn’t Normally Do For A Period of Time: "In conclusion: Doing Things I Would Normally Do is existentially horrible, whereas Doing Something I Wouldn't Normally Do For A Period Of Time has brought me great insight into What It Is All About These Days Anyway."

Patented harpoon pins down whale age: "The century-old harpoon fragment was found in May by an Eskimo whaling crew.... The metal projectile can be traced back to an 1879 patent and a narrow window of time in which it was likely to have been fired, indicating that this whale was between 115-130 years old when it died."

A Complete History of the Soviet Union As Told By A Humble Worker, Arranged To The Melody Of Tetris: "I am the man who arranges the blocks..."

And because I will still read anything about Robert Moses, Horrible Human Being: 'The Power Broker,' 40 Years Later. Apparently Caro has just finished work on an annotated edition. Hmm.
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23:26 Tuesday, 09 December, 2014
Things to do sometime tomorrow: sew more reflective tape on my nice black jacket, perhaps unpicking the stitches on the current bit. The current bit is a little crooked because I didn't take all the things out of all the pockets. The color blends nicely, but it would be good to have it not look like a random tag stuck on the jacket's ass.

02:05 Thursday, 11 December, 2014
The Bay Area is about to get hit by a ginormous fucking storm. I hope we get the rain we need. I hope nobody dies.

Feels. )

Purple went into a time warp Tuesday night, as the city council meeting lasted 2 hours instead of the expected 1, and he came out of it feeling as though 26 hours had passed. He was convinced through most of the day that it was Thursday.

I decided to move the large metal rooster that lives in my cube at work. This process was unexpectedly amusing.

2nd Thursday has already been called on account of December holiday travel. If it had not been, it would probably have been called on account of rain. Everyone who can work from home is being urged to work from home. My manager dropped by my cube to tell me that she was working from home and she saw no reason for me to be physically present in the office tomorrow. I loaded her up with three obscenely large blow-pops (one of each flavor) to see her through the storm. And at this point my grandmanager came up, and told me with delight that lb's Overlady had just told him that I was doing a great job prioritizing the R&D demands against the helldesk software, and he was delighted and also he'd had no idea I was working on that until she told him. For some context which he may perhaps not be aware of, at least two of lb's Overlady's various minions, including Beldorion and the Angry Tattooed Man, have been told to lay off the helldesk team because they were being too angry and aggressive.

I grabbed dinner, and invited Purple over; his brain had turned off, so the break was welcome. (Shepherd's pie, with real shepherds. Or real sheep, at any rate.) Dinner was also unexpectedly amusing.

Purple and I spent some time in the parking lot before the storm hit, being obscene (and, I hope, not heard). I mentioned the story of how Darkside can pick his friends and his friends' noses. Purple declared that actually under those circumstances, he might not have done anything differently than Darkside had. ("And that's why you're the second-best $NAME.") The unexpected amusement from dinner went from hilarious to obscene to developing little hand gestures and cat videos.

Purple headed home. I headed home, via Cheap & Easy, who seemed to be suffering a brown-out in the hella wind. All the fluorescent lights were strobing badly enough that I didn't want to go in. The sign on the front of the building had various parts blinking on and off. By the time I did nerve myself up to go in, things were coming back on and staying lit. I grabbed two cucumbers and some pastry.

Feels! )

Purple was mulling over the ways in which he could possibly be teaching me things. Being dirty-minded is out. Being wacky is out. We're about equal there. The only thing really is code. Heh.

Lesser, compared to whom?

Dec. 9th, 2014 10:59 pm
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One of the great things about fictional multiverses is that sometimes, their universe is your universe, and if you want to do a thing which would ordinarily be a crossover or AU, it might even fit into the canon without altering the world in which they are, merely altering the universe they happen to be in.

Thus it was that I explained my fabulous hat to [personal profile] morbane (Sophie Hatter would whisper "fabulous trainwreck" to this collision between an Easter bonnet and a Pride parade) and we started plotting a thing where Sophie Hatter winds up in a Pride parade. Howell Jenkins is from Wales. Certainly a village in Wales might have itself an organization which might try to throw a Pride parade. Heh. Heh. Heh.

It's almost always a quieter day than it might otherwise be if Purple is out of the office. I wasn't entirely sure I felt like locating team members for lunch, even though when I have lunch with them I generally enjoy the process. So I tiptoed upstairs in the building off thattaway and joined lb's lunch table.

Beldorion was in the middle of some long-winded story or other which wound up being about knowing some guy who had been heavily involved in like doubleclick or something. One of the people I know less well at this particular lunch table started asking, well, don't you admire him?

Beldorion did not admire this guy. Read more... )

So there I was in IRC. The guy who had built the main IRC bot left the company some time ago, and someone else built a new one and then there was a funky data center migration issue (nobody knows what VM the thing was on originally, so after the migration, no one knows what server the thing went onto nor enough of the VM name to find it again, and if it belonged to an alumnus it may have been deleted) so the Lumberjack (a friend to #cupcake currently working out of a home office in Japan, who was recently talking about his need to build something or split a bunch of wood lying around) is re-setting-up a copy of the first guy's bot.

One of the features of the bot is financial market prices. You say ".stock GOOG" and it gives you Google's stock. This is about how that went:

Lumberjack: .stock AAPL
arewethereyet_bot: [ERROR 259 at LINE 57465534511 / NO ACCESS WITHOUT STANDARD FCP/1 20/GM.]
devpan_snarker: lol
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I take it as a distinct item of success that I declared that I wanted a particular dish with a side of fresh cucumber pickle salad and then went right ahead and did that thing. All that needed preparing was the cucumber, but this time I had the energy to do it and get the other groceries put away promptly (not just the cold stuff) and that was dinner. So often I want a thing, but then the energy expended to get it makes preparing it immediately impossible, and then I eat something else so I get the energy, and then I don't want that anymore at the next meal opportunity. So yay me for energy.

Tomorrow, the Party Commandant starts the plotting process for the team conference, at least, the part where we're having meetings. The wheel turns, and ages come and pass.
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Woke up, had food, had coffee, got dressed, and then I managed to do something I hadn't done before. I'd submitted a ticket to have github added to the sites that are recognized by the user name tag. This weekend I've been cleaning out my inbox of email that I just need to read and dismiss. One of the emails was a checkin for an addition to the external sites recognized by the user name tag. "Huh," I thought. "Maybe I can just mangle some existing code to do what it's supposed to do." A little poking later, and there were some pull requests submitted -- my first for the project. For any open source project.

After that, I drove down to the appointed place for the team lunch (about a dozen of us, my manager's crew and aunt-manager's crew). The accessibility was not great. I later discovered that there was a ramp at the side, but during the lunch rush it would not have actually been traversible. The front door was barely traversible and I contemplated turning around.

Lunch was nice, not remarkable but a nice wholesome curry. I was at the brewers' end of the table with Brutus and the tall skinny blond bearded white guy with the pink notebook which says "BUTTS" on the front. Slightly remarkably, he's scornful of the 'real name' trend.

We popped down the block a bit for ice cream. My manager told us that we might get anything we wanted -- within reason, she wasn't going to authorize ice cream cakes. "But what if we wanted to share one?" I asked.

"If you want to, fine, but I'm not driving that."

"Do we need a designated driver for an ice cream parlor run?"

I wound up getting something involving coffee and almonds in a sugar cone, with a cupful of mini M&Ms, and went outside to dip my cone in my M&Ms and join the rest of the team. Sadly, and there is always one -- *PLOP*.

The guy behind the counter saw me carrying in my sad handful of ice cream and leaves, and asked me what flavor it was. He presented me with a new cone. I promised to be more careful, and went back outside.

We-all headed back to work, or in Aunt-Manager's case, back home with the baby. She will rejoin us sometime after the new year, easing back in.

I came in to find the word "solutioned" in my inbox, in yet another missive from That Incoherent Twit. #cupcake had words to say on that front; I contributed the ever-popular "efforting". Mr. Zune's monitor apparently really needed the caffeine.

My manager's husband is "handy". He claims the hot water heater is fixed. She claims it is not. I was vaguely reassuring, along the lines that the failure modes of an insufficiently hot water heater is generally less hazardous than the failure modes of an excessively hot and perhaps leaking one. This was so.

The night janitor came around after a while. He wished me a Merry Christmas. I wished him a Happy Solstice. So then I had to explain Solstice. Did I believe that God had made the sun? Er, that depends on what you mean by god. Did I believe in God...? ... Er. What did I do for Christmas? I must celebrate because I decorate? Oh, spend time with family? Did I have family? But no boyfriend? Well, I was young...

With my manager, I can describe Guide Dog Aunt as "a less militant atheist than Woodworking Uncle", heh. With the night janitor, our worlds are very different and I'm trying to not freak him out too badly.

Purple had to scram from work with some alacrity, but came by to walk me out. He picked some jellybeans. He hadn't been trying for cinnamon, but got some anyway. I could smell it from way over here. He said it was an improvement on garlic, as they'd had garlic fries for lunch. And they were delicious. I agreed that smelling like garlic at someone was only fair if the other party had also had delicious garlic fries.

He won't be in the office tomorrow due to an evil developer who is trying to develop some evil, and having to go to an inconveniently timed city council meeting to block it. This sounds similar to a meeting my manager had to go to. He'll be back on Wednesday.

chat log, with some minor insensitivity about some locale-based jargon )

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Dec. 8th, 2014 03:25 pm
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So I'm catching up on Once Upon A Time and had a thought/prediction...behind the cut for spoilers, maybe?
Read more... )

In other news, the catching up is reminding me I still have a Mulan fanfic to write. I may just gloss over how she gets to Storybrooke since that plotting isn't as important as her and Aurora reuniting.

The desired shape of my morning!

Dec. 8th, 2014 12:55 am
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Locate something to eat: yes, there will be lunch, but it's also the thing where you don't want to fall over before lunchtime.
Coffee is often a valid life choice. Rinse the tall blue cup and use the flat cap that is on the isthmus.
Choose one: coffee or caffeine pill. Both will leave you wired and possibly feeling vaguely ill.
Have food as soon as you have coffee. 10 out of 10 Lunatics recommend it.
Clothes are in a pile near the backpack.
Please bring the bag which is about to have that thing of chocolates and that safety orange safety scarf stuffed in it. Ecch. Caramel loose in a tote bag is so far from an optimal experience. Let's not experience that again.
There is a map to the restaurant in one of your bags. Which one is left as an exercise to the Lunatic who looks for it in the morning.
File hours as first priority once arrived at work.