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Oct. 22nd, 2014 12:11 pm
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 Okay, I am putting away Tumblr, reading the latest Catwoman (when she becomes the mob boss of Gotham!) and then EPing Tybalt.
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For some reason I can't stop thinking about this. It occurs to me that even when you don't bring gender into it, "screaming like a kid" is belittling to children since the whole trope is meant to make the big strong character seem weak for laughs. Kids aren't weak nor are they a punch line.

I think instead I will just describe the shriek and not use similes at all.

Still, I kind of like "he screamed like misogynistic expectations".

Tybalt head canons

Oct. 22nd, 2014 07:11 am
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Drove in today while listening to my Tybalt playlist since my iPod lost contact with Audible and, thus, couldn't log into finish my current book, Croak. This, of course, caused ideas since driving at high speeds for long periods of time seems to be great for my creativity.

Behind a cut for spoilers... )

OK, time to get the DE up.

adventures in the voice recognition

Oct. 22nd, 2014 02:00 am
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Settings > my device > language and input > google voice typing > settings > uncheck block offensive words.

Mother fucker.

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Oct. 21st, 2014 01:49 pm
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Things I will never do if I ever actually finish a story that is not fanfiction, use a variation of words to suggest a character screamed like a little girl unless they are in fact a little girl. I am tired of the phrase, “He screamed like a 7 year old girl” and its ilk. You can say the exact thing without bringing gender into it. “He screamed like a 7 year old” still works cause let me tell you, 7 year old boys have just as a high a voice.

This being besides the point that little girls kick ass and implying someone screaming like one is unmanly or such like is complete bull shit.

Breaker of Chains

Oct. 20th, 2014 03:02 pm
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For the second game on my Xbox I played Infinite Undiscovery which I finished yesterday. It's developed by tri-Ace and published by Square Enix.

I liked it quite a bit! The premise is that the evil Order of Chains has chained the moon so it stays in one place, which is wreaking havoc on the land. You are part of the Liberation Force which is going around breaking the chains. There's some nice character development as you start out as a reluctant companion and evolve into competent leader. All the characters are likable (except Edward, who starts out as rather a jerk) and have stories of their own.

The gameplay is action-based. Pressing A deals a quick attack, whereas pressing B deals a slower attack that has more power behind it. You can also hold down A or B to execute special attacks, which are as signed in the Battle menu. There's a neat system in which you Connect to other characters. During battle, you can Connect to them to perform special actions. For instance, Aya is a bow user, so you can Connect to her to snipe enemies from a distance. If you Connect to characters in town, dialogue with NPCs may change.

The game reminded me a bit of a western RPG because there are quests to be done. Many are fetch quests and require running about town a lot. There are also some killing enemies quests. Even with all the quests, the game is pretty short - I only put 40 hours into it. I started it again on Hard mode, lol. This time I'm going to spend more time on crafting, in order to get the crafting achievements. One thing I dislike is that shops change their wares, and in endgame there's not a lot of materials to be found in the shops, making crafting impossible. I've read that you can download vouchers from the Live marketplace that fixes this, but my Xbox isn't connected to the network, so that rules that out, darn. So I'm going to stockpile materials and do crafting as soon as possible to try to get around this issue. I also might skip the shop upgrade quests.

I really enjoyed this game, and wish I had more JRPGs to play. I do have Chrono Trigger for the Nintendo DS which I might play next, haven't decided. Otherwise, it will be a western RPG on my Xbox. I've got a playthrough of Dragon Age: Origins in the works, but I might restart it because it's been so long since I played it. I also have Mass Effect, which I barely got into.

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Oct. 20th, 2014 09:37 am
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 Well, if I ever decide to bring in Quinlan when he's old,  got some great gifs here to use.

13 years is a while!

Oct. 20th, 2014 02:02 am
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13 years ago Saturday, I pledged to be the friend who didn't fall off the radar for Darkside. It has worked out rather better than he thought it would so far. :)

Nepal hiatus

Oct. 20th, 2014 08:19 am
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Just putting a small hiatus notice until November, as I'm currently in Kathmandu Nepal and about to head to a rural village (which will have wifi because I'm setting it up for a school and teaching them how to maintain it) although it's still east Nepal so not that remote as far as Nepal goes). I should have limited access to email, but other things are proving frustrating. Definitely an experience so far - will blog about it later. Probably November. XD

nothing to fear except links

Oct. 19th, 2014 02:44 pm
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Quit The Day Job: "I've quit my job to be a writer at least four times." I love this so much.

Of the Genders there are sixe: "Ben Jonson, circa 1617, trying to bend English grammar on the anvil of Latin."

Because I will read anything even tangentially related to the terrible things Robert Moses did to New York and to American cities in general, 'The Power Broker' Turns 40: How Robert Caro Wrote a Masterpiece: "Caro is 78 years old. Gottlieb, who has edited every one of Caro’s books, is 83. 'He’s always saying, "Actuarially, you have to hurry up and finish this." It's a great remark!' Caro said."

How To Open a Wine Bottle With a Feather: a bit of worldbuilding that's mentioned a few times in the Dragaera books and that I always assumed involved sorcery or witchcraft. Awesome.

Trigger Warning: Life With PTSD: "It took years, and several diagnoses, to land on PTSD. My psychiatrist and I agreed that it was obvious in retrospect, but retrospect took decades to find."

Giant fish cannon shoots 40 salmon per minute, is actually saving the environment: "This isn’t the first time a massive cannon or vacuum has been used with salmon."

F.D.C. Willard, "Occupation: Rodentia Predation Consultant/Physicist." More details: "Dr. Hetherington did not relish revising and retyping the whole text, so, instead, he simply added a co-author: his Siamese cat Chester (sired by Willard). And for legitimacy, he tacked on two more initials, FD (from Felix domesticus) to create 'FDC Willard.'"

Why No One Used Camouflage Until WWI: "One cubist, Lucien-Victor Guirand de Scevola, was put in charge of a whole new department of the French Army devoted to camouflaging buildings, planes, cannons, trucks and installations. He described his task very succinctly: 'In order to deform totally the aspect of an object, I had to employ the means that cubists use to represent it.'"

Nimona. A (complete) comic / graphic novel about a self-appointed sidekick and her villain (kind of). Funny, clever, tense, occasionally sniffly. Worth reading. Out in dead-tree-form in May 2015.

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Oct. 19th, 2014 01:03 pm
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 I am snakered. Drove to Reno on Friday to visit my family and attend my nephew's first birthday and then drove back home this morning. My ears are ringing from the preasure changes and giving a middle schooler control of the music. Seanan definitely has the teenager and car stereo scenario down.

The visit was just long enough to be fun and not decent into judgemental comments. Now, I am beat and ready for a nap but I've a couple hours of Her Ladyship's water polo practice first.

I hope to have some tagging spoons tonight but I think Selina might have to miss the roller disco.
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Friday was a special work holiday celebration on account of Diwali. The event invitation said to dress colorfully, so I did -- the sea-blue print skirt, a screaming magenta top, a knit teal mesh scarf paired with a burnout royal blue scarf (both the same size of infinite), and yellow and blue ribbons in my loose hair. The Stage Manager: "It looks like you walked through a rainbow and it exploded."

I went early-ish; Purple also went early-ish; we failed to locate each other until much later. I sat down next to Mr. Sub-tle and chatted a bit while sewing square white buttons on a black shawl. The major challenge is to sew them on in a way that has them retain their orientation. I learned many things about the shenanigans which go into arranging certain events.

At length lb appeared, and then the Other Guy. They had a rousing discussion of events. Eventually things got louder, and lb and I headed over to a quieter side bench, which had the disadvantage of extra reverb. Purple came out to join us after a while, and there was lengthy and hilarious discussion, some of which was more appropriate than others. I got an appreciable amount done on embellishing the shawl. The buttons were sent in a large bulk bag. The manufacturing process involved chips of plastic lodging themselves in the thread tunnels of the buttons, so I had to ream them out. Meanwhile, Purple and lb and Dean Pelton (and Purple points out that our version is *much more* butch than Community's) all thought they looked like chiclets. "Manlets!" Purple declared. Whereupon I said that I was reaming the manlet. Hilarity, etc.

Dinner or something was briefly under debate, but declined on the grounds that Saturday was going to be sort of epic. Purple and I wrapped up, then walked out together. We nearly lost balance when hugging, but recovered. I was reminded of the gif floating around tumblr of the people dancing off a balcony, then demonstrated Tay's tango-punch. Purple had thought of a slightly different way to do that, which delighted me. And then we headed off, intending to have quiet and early nights. I did better at that than he did, as he proved to be coding up a storm on some personal projects, late into the night...

lb invited one of his other work friends back to #adventuresofstnono. Whee!

Big Damn Hangar

Oct. 19th, 2014 12:37 am
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The streams have crossed. I've now met two of Purple's good friends from non-work (tentatively dubbed Catboy and the Antisocial Butterfly) and they now know that I say "As helpful as a ferret in a bowl of packing peanuts" when Purple is being super helpy.

The event: an open house at the NASA Ames Research Center, attended by like fucking half the goddamn sf bay area.

Despite the woeful elements of my day, I'm feeling really pretty damn good about the whole thing, which is great -- the same series of events could have resulted in a really kind of terrible day. Happily, they did not.

long day is long )

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Oct. 17th, 2014 11:56 am
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 And now I seem to be getting sick again? Gah. Going to have to wash my hands often this weekend, as I'm traveling to my nephew's first birthday. Mostly I am just being congested in such a way as it could be allergies; no fever or runny nose.

reaction gif

Oct. 17th, 2014 03:47 am
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That moment when Troy-returns-with-pizza-and-everything-is-on-fire.gif is both most and least accurate.

Most, because you were just away for maybe thirty goddamn minutes and now nothing is the way you left it, and maybe how it had been contained the seeds of whatever catastrophic upheaval occurred while you were out, but it had seemed basically okay when you wandered off. And the process involved in getting from there to here could only have involved some forms of catastrophic upheaval.

Least, because everything is different but it is not on fire -- there may be a little smoke damage in odd corners but everything has been repainted, moved, and redecorated. This clearly took some time and effort. It doesn't seem to be in the middle of any crisis. (Now.) How did all that happen? You were only gone for thirty goddamn minutes!

Fucking sleep schedule.

Oct. 17th, 2014 02:05 am
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Today did not start out as the best day in the history of ever.

I tried to get to sleep. I did not get there as soon as planned.
I woke up groggy. It took an hour to get out the door.
I had to get gas before work. The line was long. (Costco.)
I needed the thing for the potluck. That line: also long. (Costco again.)
By the time I actually arrived at work, the table in the appointed place was empty as I drove past in search of a parking place, and I saw the straggling end of the parade of teammates heading back.
On the way in the door, I dropped my veggie tray on the team table, because at least I had that, and people could snag things from it all afternoon if they wanted. I checked the timestamps of the lunch ping on the computer, and realized that Purple wouldn't have been there that long. So I reset the status on my cube to "Undefined" (because "Lunch" was more than I could handle declaring just then) and walked in to the cafeteria, located the table, saw with some relief that Purple was at the end of a bench with an adjacent seat free, and sat down next to him.

"Hey, I thought we wouldn't see you today!"
I kept my voice as dead-level as I knew how. "That's what I thought too."
"Slept through the team potluck?"
"Well, good thing you're in a place where they've still got some food!"
"Yeah, I'll get some in a bit."

I sat there very quietly as Purple and Lennon Glasses Guy talked about the basic steps of troubleshooting some obscure thing involving network problems until I no longer felt like any sudden shock would be the final straw causing me to utterly lose control of the oncoming tearstorm. Then I got a burrito ("How are you today young lady?" "How about a burrito.") with, by some miracle, no bell pepper in the rice, and came back and ate my burrito and listened with interest and appreciation to Purple holding forth on what to do in the face of customers claiming impossible things about their networks (things which the logs don't bear out).

I am so deeply, incredibly tired of being, well, so deeply, incredibly tired. I know a few of the factors why I've been having worse sleep lately, but the plain fact of it is, I am not office-hours diurnal and that chafes. )

Purple waited until the rest of the table cleared out before saying a few quiet things to me, with a reassuring shoulder-bump. By that time, my voice had stopped threatening to wobble, but my eyes were re-lubricating faster than they could drain. When they spilled over, I shut them for a few seconds. The green wall at the end of the cafeteria -- the green stretched up above the partial drop ceiling, I noticed. Purple patted me on the back and said something funny as a distraction. (His style is somewhat like Darkside's, but distinct.)

We went our separate ways. My manager had one cupcake left. She dropped it on my desk, with some coconut bacon sprinkles on the side.


This is basically the uncanny valley of bacon. It is coconut shreds which have been toasted, smoked, and spiced like bacon. It is not quite as unearthly salty, which is an uncanny valley point. It has that crispy/greasy crunch like bacon. It also has cell walls, which don't break apart in the same way that the muscle/fat matrix of pork bacon does, but it's so close.

The pocket projector arrived! It was about the same footprint as my phone, and only about half again as thick. My manager was impressed. The Polka-Dot Researcher was impressed.

My Overlady gave the vague impression that perhaps I had not missed all that much at the potluck, and since I'd got a cupcake, I'd be just fine. Also she had swag which could be used for the good of the team. So an eBay-branded multicharger was fitted with a label which conveniently covered up the eBay branding, and left where team members can snag it if they're having a bad battery day.

I noticed that Designer Sparkles was grabbing veggies every time she walked past the team table. Perhaps I can start bringing in less industrial-sized bits of vegetables to leave on the team table -- I'll probably eat them more reliably than if they just sit in my fridge, and this way they'll get finished before they go off. I mentioned the phenomenon to Purple (that the veggie tray was getting the same amount of attention that cookies do) and he was about to say something about pod people when he thought about it and realized that yeah, he might do the same thing -- and more so in the case of chocolate chip, as proper caramelization is key.

Purple was ready to go just a little later than I was. We put the remains of the veggie tray in the refrigerator. He grabbed the bowl of former ice. I carried the tray -- on my head as per usual, a little off-center due to the floppiness. "I'm going to laugh at you if that spills all over," Purple warned. There were no incidents.

Yesterday's lunch discussion of delicious desserts recalled itself to me -- I'd brought one of the chocolates to Purple, who responded by giving me a dessert recommendation; my response included my delight that Purple was not likely to recommend me stuff which involved walnuts (as we have the same mouth-blistering adverse reaction). His exception was baklava -- he will, every rare now and then, endure the pain for the sake of deliciousness. (With vanilla ice cream, which softens the effects.) I don't make exceptions for that, but I will put up with it for the sake of Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk, which has trace enough amounts to be very minor.

It is fall, and Purple is starting to feel chilly in the parking lot in just a t-shirt (and jeans, but the proposed modification is a button-down worn as a jacket).

Weekend plans: there is an open house at Moffet Field. My crew will be there late-ish. Purple mentioned that he'd been reading the fine print, and he was amused by some bits which were being alluded to without being specifically spelled out: it is a federal facility, so federal laws apply, the thing said. Subtext: THIS MEANS YOU, YOU WEED-SMOKING CALIFORNIANS. And from thence the discussion about a semi-recent news piece about how the computer security bits of the federal government have a hard time tracking down computer security experts who are willing to work For The Man who also haven't been potheads in the near-recent past... not to say present. Heh.
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I've now got a Moto E too. Although Virgin haven't had another sale on them, someone was selling an 'as new' one on Amazon for basically the same price and there's somewhere I can sell the Desire to for not much less than that.

As Virgin were quicker in sending the micro SIM than I expected, I can say that it works very nicely and is quite remarkable value for fifty quid. My main quibble is that the on/off button is a bit small and - when in a case - isn't as easy to push as the one on the Desire (plus most third party ROMs also used the optical trackball as another 'on' button).

Next time, I'll try to wait until I have another microSD card because it looks like the backup of the one I reused from the Desire doesn't look as if it was complete. Nothing serious has been lost, but it's annoying not to have a complete backup of it all.

Hello network 2

Oct. 16th, 2014 06:32 pm
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Of course, while the USB-ethernet dongle works fine in Linux - just plug it in and it works - Windows wants to download a driver for it. And without a driver, it can't see the network. Repeat.

And there are people who say that getting hardware to work under Linux is a pain...

in memoriam

Oct. 16th, 2014 08:44 am
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Elizabeth Peña, actress. You probably know her as the voice of Mirage from The Incredibles; she was also disturbing in the eminently disturbing Jacob's Ladder. She was one of those actresses I hoped to keep catching a glimpse of in something interesting every few years.

And from [personal profile] rushthatspeaks I learn that Zilpha Keatley Snyder has died as well.

Snyder's books were among those I read and reread from the Cumberland County library from fourth through eighth grade. I never got into the Stanley family books, likely on account of never figuring out where to start... but Green-sky (Below the Root, And All Between, Until the Celebration) and The Egypt Game and Eyes in the Fishbowl and others I devoured, over and over again.

I read A Fabulous Creature when I was far too young for it. James Archer Fielding's teenage sex-obsession went right over my head. His efforts to deal with shyness and fear and inaction, though, that I picked up on. Later I'd watch him attempt to salvage a relationship that was never what he thought it was, and wince in sympathy. (It is not as powerful as Le Guin's Very Far Away -- praising with faint damns -- but it makes an excellent companion piece.)

And The Changeling, a book about imagination, and growing up, and having a best friend who's cool and mysterious and hates her terribly family and is convinced that she's a changeling... it's an early book, it's not terribly coherent, and I loved loved loved it. A few years ago I came across an overpriced print-on-demand-ish "Author's Guild Edition" copy and bought it, because it's one of those books that I just need to have my own copy of to remind me of who I am and who I was.

So it goes.


Oct. 16th, 2014 01:28 am
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23:56 Tuesday, 14 October, 2014
My manager and Rocky were at my cube at the same time. My manager was claiming some of the abominable pumpkin spice candy corn. Rocky said he might try one -- well, two. Because you can't just have one. He held them up to his mouth to demonstrate the vampire fangs.

I mentioned that there is, among my vacation photos from last year, a whole bunch of members of my family being carrot-walruses, with some of Mama's garden carrots. And furthermore, parts of the internet claim that walruses are vampire mermaids.

I feel that this goes best with the sea lion mermaid illustration. I should hunt these things down and put them together at some point.

I have upended the accumulation of various fabric items near the cable box. So that's where my gloves got off to! Have sent other fabric items back to the wash due to dust and such. Have hung up others. I am due another round of nightengown construction.

Once upon a time, my family had a rooster named Gong Ji and a hen named Ida Red. They were the lead birds of the flock, so it was natural that we would occasionally see Gonkers hopping on top of Ida Red. It so happened that there was an opportunity to hatch some chicks, so we stuffed some possibly-fertile eggs in the incubator. (This may or may not have been in a classroom; this wasn't the clutch that we got Clam-clam from.) And one of the chicks out of this clutch was a lovely little black chick with red trim here and there, clearly the son of Gong Ji and Ida Red. His name was Nightingale. (After the "Daisy" incident, where my sister's dear fluffy wee allegedly girl chick grew up to be a very large, gentle, gallant rooster with an incredible tail, we went for bird and flower names with no particular gendered association while the chick was too small to start presenting adult traits.) We were not the best spellers at that time. As many of our chickens did, Nightingale took on some nicknames. For reasons which made sense at the time (he was black and orange and ran fast!) he was dubbed "Steaming Football". (I can explain that one, actually. One of the boys in my grade, either Kerry or Nick, had a black and orange nerf football with twirl grooves in it. There was a certain resemblance when the young rooster ran.) Another, just for the sake of silliness and because he was so very soft and fluffy, was Nightengown. And ever after that, the garment is occasionally called the nightengown...

00:05 Thursday, 16 October, 2014
Woke up earlier than planned. Got coffee. This lipstick is really working out, due to the number of compliments I get.

Brought chocolate with me to lunch for Purple.

First thing in the morning after he got in (I got in first today) Purple pinged me to apologize for not having realized earlier, but yesterday after he'd picked up his pass for the concert portion of the Halloween shenanigans, he'd read the fine print and realized that contractors would have to come as one of the +2 of an employee, and he hadn't thought to pick up a guest pass for me while he was picking up his. And had I already made an arrangement with someone on my team, or should he try to get one for me? After having learned what the situation was with passes and such, I'd been wavering on whether I actually wanted to go or not; I'd decided that I wasn't going to get my feathers in a muss over it. But, you know, under the circumstances...

So I asked him if he could give it a go. After lunch we walked together to the divergence point between my building and the security building, then he came back via my desk, with a neatly packaged little yellow rubber bracelet, hair fluffed wide in triumph. *fistbump* Somewhat later, I learned that Mr. Zune had a spare, which I claimed in honor of [personal profile] ryan. Yay Teshipants! Yay, introducing Teshipants to further members of #cupcake! (Teshipants already knows [personal profile] jld, one of the original members.)

There were little helpdesk-related things, and rather a lot of transcription. Eventually I fetched dinner. However, at the point when dinner might have been nice, Purple and a colleague were busy stopping terrible woe with some internal tools. By the time that was all over, Purple was not so much prepared to sit down for polite dinner with a co-worker, and more ready to grab some takeout and become one with his couch. (Which I was entirely prepared for; my approach at 6pm was a fairly assumptive "Hey, got food, ping me when you're hungry"; once the repairs had stretched until 8:30, it was more like "how much work you got left? and if you're up for dinner the bag's still in the fridge.") Nonetheless, we did remain chatting in the parking lot for some time...

While Nora's re-adjusting to the physical demands of a job with a substantial commute again, our schedules are a bit mismatched. I called her for a few minutes on my way back from fetching dinner. We discussed, among other things, what a fucking crime it is that a university is apparently legally unable to exclude weapons from an audience of an event which has received terrorist threats (from someone going by the name of the shooter from the École Polytechnique massacre; this particular terrorist is making his feelings about women very, very clear).

Non-Boring Manager examined my candy dish and found the pumpkin spice candy corn. "These look like a witch's toenails!" he said.

"My toenails don't look like that," I pointed out.

"I didn't say a Wiccan's toenails!"

"I'm not a Wiccan. They're too peaceful. ^_^"

Discussions with Purple sometimes head south pretty fast. This time, a simple discussion of "Please don't bang on my couch/floor" circumstances resulted in the idea of a Clippy popping up to tell your friends(?) to please not do that thing. This resulted in the mental image of Clippy popping up in places where no animate paperclip ought to be, which resulted in turn with a conversation about how exactly to phrase the parallel of "Touched by his Noodly Appendage" when it comes to animate paperclips appearing on/beside/under you when you're banging on your friend's floor.

Beardwatch: the beard has started to watch back.

Tomorrow is the team potluck. I have a checklist.

checklist )